Now that’s more like it.

The John Feinstein bashing may now commence… er, re-commence.



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  1. Heathbar09

    Cliffs please? The site is blocked at work……


    • It’s a then-and-now look at things JF wrote:

      2013: …..but their spectacular victory was only good enough to jump the Tigers from No. 4 in the BCS standings all the way to No. 3. Why? Because Ohio State is 12-0 and Auburn is 11-1.

      Won-lost record should certainly be among the criteria for ranking teams and deciding who plays in the title game. But it shouldn’t be the criterion.

      2009: I am writing to urge you — no, implore you — to cast your final ballot of the season with one team and one only team ranked No. 1: the University of Utah.

      I say this not to demean the performance of Southern California, Texas or the winner of Thursday’s Oklahoma-Florida game. All are fine teams that have had outstanding seasons. They have, however, one thing that Utah does not have.

      A loss.

      All of us know that in competition anyone — whether an individual or a team — who does not lose once is the champion. It’s really pretty simple: If no one beats you, then you are the winner. You are No. 1. You go home with the first-place trophy.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s sad to say that the 180 degree flip hypocrisy only rates about 6 out of 10 these days. Too much trolling out there.

    But the logical faults elevate Feinstein to full scale dimwit:

    “If no one beats you, then you are the winner.”
    What? Pray tell, have you beaten everybody else?


  3. Rex

    Sweet, sweet duality.


  4. Timphd

    Bashing Feinstein is like picking on a special needs child. Feels awful because its too easy.


  5. Nashville West

    What a tool…


  6. Feinstein

    It’s easy to bash professional writers, especially when you’re an anonymous snark on the Internet, without need for sourcing, fact-checking, working a beat or making deadlines. It’s easy for you idiots to make fun of real writers. I’d love to see you try it for a day.