The greatest college football analyst of our time

Just shoot me now.  Please.

ESPN’s SEC Network, which debuts on August 21, 2014, is planning its own version of ‘College Gameday’ and has settled on three names: Rece Davis (an Alabama grad) would be the host, the voice of the South Paul Finebaum would play the role of Lee Corso, and Tebow would be the show’s Kirk Herbstreit. A source says ESPN is currently searching for another former SEC athlete to fill the final spot.

How about Aaron Hernandez?  He’s out of a job right now, too.


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61 responses to “The greatest college football analyst of our time

  1. Will (the other one)

    Well, this is one way to encourage people to leave their TVs behind and actually go to the games, isn’t it?

  2. MountainDawg

    “And boom goes the dynamite”

  3. Dante

    Sadly, it would still be step up from College Gameday.

    • Not in any way, shape or form.

    • David K

      Corso is fun. He’s a goofball but his enthusiasm comes across in a good way in my opinion. Herbstreit is an Ohio State homer and led the 2007 lobby against the Dawgs so for that he can suck it, but aside from that he’s a very good analyst. I like Desmond Howard more and more every week. I think I would rather watch those guys any day over Finebaum and Tebow.

      • David K

        What really, really, really sucks on ESPN is the awful studio duo of Mark May and Lou Holtz. I can’t watch a single second of those two. When they do that horrible court segment with Rece Davis dressed up as a judge and the other two retards plead their cases I can’t change the tv fast enough.

      • AlphaDawg

        I wonder which poor bastard has to clean Holtz’s mic after each show?

      • Rock and Roll Rebel

        Desmond Howard makes insightful comments, to be sure. However, I cannot stand to watch him for the simple fact that he is gainfully employed as a professional broadcaster and cannot pronounce any word beginning with “th” such as “the, this, these, those.” He uses the lazy slang version of these words which sounds like, “da, dis, dese, dose, etc.” I can stomach this from a student-athlete but not from an adult who presumably makes his living by using the English language. He needs to be coached in speech/diction IMHO or find another job. Sadly, the American public accepts this debacle.

    • Doug

      Finebaum’s sole purpose is as a ringmaster to round up the circus freaks of the Auburn and Alabama fanbases and fling them at one another. He brings nothing of value whatsoever to “Gameday.” And Tebow…Christ. I can’t imagine that even Gator fans are interested in hearing any more out of him at this point.

  4. Not at all a fan of Corso, but even I think he should be insulted by the comparison to Finebaum.

    • Bright Idea

      Finebaum understands the politics but knows absolutely nothing about the actual game of football. Write it down if you ever hear him make a legitimate coaching or playing point. His specialty is throwing gas on the fire when things are going badly for some coach, player or team. If he uses that approach only one state will watch SECN beyond live game action.

  5. BulldogBen

    Hear that, that’s the sound of people turning to ANYTHING other than this abomination. BLECH.

    The best personalities usually have that rare combo of being highly qualified to speak on the subject but also humble enough to not take it too seriously and have fun with everything.

    I’ve read several stories about Mark May. Complete ego-maniac asshole.

    Corso needs to go. I appreciate his contributions over the years but he is like a needle scratching across the vinyl version of Exile On Main Street right during “Loving Cup”. Just ruins the whole broadcast and, at times, brings it to a screeching halt.

  6. Makes me want to go poison the trees in front of the ESPN headquarters.


    I do not watch/listen to anything Finebomb.

  8. Hmm… Wondering if Pulpwood is looking for new gig?

  9. Bulldog Joe

    They need someone who can bring coaching experience to the show.

    I nominate Lane Kiffin.

  10. TomReagan

    I have to say that I’ve never understood the ESPN hatred. They aren’t perfect, and might not even always be good, but for God’s sake, have any of you people ever seen the garbage that FOX puts on the air? I haven’t watched more than 45 minutes of any single Gameday broadcast in well over a decade, but I’ve seen enough of it and of what the other folks put out to know that ESPN is leaps and bounds ahead of what anyone else broadcasts other than CBS’s special extended coverage they do for the SEC Championship.

    Sure would like Stinch to get a shot with this program. He does a good job.

    • Russ

      Agree Fox is horrible at CFB. Just awful. That said, I believe Fbomb could give that grating a-hole Papadiculous (or however you spell it)a run for his money. Safe to say, I won’t watch either studio show if this happens. I’d rather watch Pam Ward call an 11 a.m. Indiana – Illinois game.

    • Biggus Rickus

      Which is why I don’t watch Fox either. Cable sports coverage, like cable news, is all shitty. It’s just a matter of degrees of unwatchability. At least I understand people enjoying the red meat of their Fox or MSNBC coverage of politics. I don’t understand what anyone gets out of watching anything other than the broadcast of the games on ESPN or its “competitors”.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Seconded on Stinchcomb. He has been excellent on everything I’ve seen him on (and, unlike Pollack, he doesn’t go out of his way to avoid showing affection for his alma mater). Unfortunately, he probably doesn’t have the “personality” that ESPN is apparently looking for.

  11. Tronan

    “A source says ESPN is currently searching for another former SEC athlete to fill the final spot.”

    How about Aundray Bruce? He’d actually sound intelligent in this proposed lineup.

    • Will (the other one)

      I think James Brooks would sound intelligent and literate in this lineup (other than Rece, who is one of the only good things ESPN has going for CFB shows.)

  12. cube

    Another ESPN College Gameday show that I’ll never watch.

  13. I’d rather nail my dick to the middle of a 2×4, set both ends on fire, and try to get loose with a butter knife than suffer through this.

  14. How about Marcus Howard? Tebow would run for the hills if he was part of the broadcast.

  15. Irishdawg

    If there is anyone who could make Tebow mutter “fuck” on the air, it’s Paul Finebaum, so this not without merit

  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    Paul Finebaum representing the SEC? We’re a disgrace.

  17. Russ

    It’s like some horrible experiment where they are trying to see how shitty they can make college football and we’ll still watch it. I think this would cross my line. I guess there’s always soccer.

  18. stuckinred

    No one wants to mention what a dork Pollack is?

  19. AusDawg85

    Charles Barkley…he’d be the antidote to Finebum and Tebow. This I would watch!

  20. Timphd

    Poor Rece Davis! He’s a legitimate college footbal broadcaster who despite his Alabama ties keeps a pretty level perspective. It would be an abomination to set him up with Finebaum and Tebow. Gawd that would suck.

    • Russ

      I agree. Rece Davis gets it. Unfortunately, he probably also knows how bad his cohorts are and can do nothing about it.

  21. Cameron

    Tebow and Finebaum would be the worst. Jesse Palmer would actually do fine in the Herbstreit role, if that’s what we’re calling it.

    As for the SEC version of Lee Corso–its got to be Phil Fulmer. Or Tuberville if he weren’t still coaching.

    Y’all would hate this, but I’d pay big money to watch Steve Spurrier host a show in the vein of Lee Corso.

  22. ASEF

    General rule of thumb on TV: just be the least crappy option on at the time. Usually a low bar on Sat mornings.

    SEC Fan is a caraciture. I hope ESPN isn’t building a network aimed at cartoon viewers. Beginning to sound like it.

    • Macallanlover

      Yes it does. You wonder if ESPN thinks all SEC fans fit the mold of Tammy and Updyke. I can say I will not pay a extra dime to have the SEC network with Finebaum as a feature. I hope they fall on their faces as they wait for the trailer park crowd to come up with additional cable dollars. Embarrassing, you would think Slime would pick up on this. Although, they will get the low end Alabama fans with FBomb, and the entire FU group with Timmy (no way to distinguish low end with those fans, that is all they have..)

    • stoopnagle

      Here’s the deal: you already get all the football that the SEC network is going to have, only you pay less. The only way SECN is something anyone on this forum wants is if you want to watch college baseball all the time or see more volleyball. SECN is just squeezing the fan. And there are some SEC-first type fans who are going to parade it around like some accomplishment like a Texas fan with his LHN. Dude, the jokes on them.

      All of that to say that, yeah, pretty sure that’s what ESPN thinks they are catering to.

  23. Dubyadee

    In the immortal words Dr. L. Powell, “I’d rather watch a stranger take a shit.”

  24. uglydawg

    I want to see Pat Dye on with Fbomb.

    Did y’all know that Bear Bryant is buried in the endzone at Grant Field?

  25. Scorpio Jones, III

    I don’t actually HAVE to watch any of this shit, do I? 🙂

  26. Cojones

    We can all hit the mute button and laugh at Finebaum’s ears. Many times he makes me think of an old Alabama mule. Watch him when he smiles and then frowns and vice versa. The ears actually move