Is the BCS a victim of its own success?

In a very good piece about the national title format that’s about to bite the dust, Roy Kramer offers something of an early obituary.

Kramer can’t help but wonder: If Oklahoma State had not been upset by Iowa State in 2011 to help create an All-SEC championship game, would the BCS still be alive?

“Deep down,” Kramer said, “I always thought the more logical way would be to take the three highest-rated conference champions and a wild card.”

That actually makes more sense to me than the selection committee does, but I suppose the new format has the virtue of giving the big conference commissioners more control over the selection process.

As for Kramer’s question, I think all the absence of a rematch would have accomplished would have been to postpone the inevitable.  Between the greed and the freakout over the recent decline in viewership, the jump to a four-team playoff was coming no matter what Oklahoma State did.



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11 responses to “Is the BCS a victim of its own success?

  1. Irwin R Fletcher

    The one thing that I think some critics are overlooking is that in many ways, the new system will be a de facto 5-8 team playoff depending on conference championship matches and rankings. For example, looking at the BCS rankings, Mizzou or Auburn is out with a loss. OSU is probably out with a loss. Etc.

    The two big ‘controversies’ that are going to come up with the playoff are:
    (1) The Big XII not having a title game. At some point, the Big XII is going to be in a position to get a second team in the playoff, which will send the conferences with title games through the roof.
    (2) The committee choosing a non-BCS team. For example, what if the selection committee took Northern Illinois over Bama to square off against SEC Champ, undfeated OSU, and undefeated FSU.


  2. SCDawg

    No, the BCS is a victim of the SEC’s success.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The entire raison d’etre for the new 4 team playoff system with the committee is to keep 2011 from ever happening again.


      • James

        Totally disagree — it’s to keep 2012 Notre Dame, or almost FSU-OSU 2013 from ever happening again. SCDawg is correct, if the SEC wasn’t so strong 1-3 every year I think the BCS survives just fine. The thing about the rematch is that there was actually very little real anti-rematch discussion.


  3. Cojones

    The number has been and will always settle on the top eight BCS-ranked teams. I can selfishly see two SEC teams with a chance for a third every other year using the present attributes in the judging system. To me, it’s a large reasoning leap to go further because that dilutes beyond the true candidates.


  4. I have always been for a 4 team & only a 4 team playoff. (remember 1966)?
    I also think the best team in CFB any year can be found in the top 4 BCS vote getters in any year. Those 4 should be the ones that are in the 4 team playoff. Top 2 does not get It but top 4 always include the true BCS Champ.