Name that caption, PAWWWWL edition

It looks like his finger’s stuck.  Either that, or he’s trying to keep his brains from leaking out one side of his head. But what do I know? Help me out in the comments.


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31 responses to “Name that caption, PAWWWWL edition

  1. La la la la la la la la… I can’t hear you… Bama Bama Bama Bama Bama… la la la la la.

    Or maybe he is saying, “In protest, I’m gonna keep this finger in my ear until Bama gets invited to play in the National Championship Game because they are always the best team.”

  2. Flukebucket


  3. Dog in Fla

    “While undergoing a field test, Paul reports on Jameis’ contributions to scoring.”

  4. mwo

    Does anyone besides me hear a total dumbass shill for Alabama talking?

  5. A digit goes boldly where no digit has gone before: into the empty head of the self-proclaimed most powerful media member in the SEC.

  6. AusDawg85

    This is exactly how ET had sex.

  7. rampdawg

    You know Dari, the way my picks have gone this year. It’s like I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, but you know what? I can still talk and pick my no…………well shit! That’s not my nose.

  8. GossDawg

    …but I ALWAYS give myself a wet willie…regardless!

  9. Rebar

    Suicide snort

  10. Bulldog Joe

    “I’m a little teapot…”

  11. Bulldog Joe

    “Are you saying it didn’t bother you that they lost?”

    Too soon?

  12. Hobnail_Boot


  13. X-Dawg

    “I can’t hear you, my whole TV audience is in the stands behind me making too much of a ruckus!”

  14. uglydawg

    If you look real close you can see the end of his finger sticking out of his right ear.

  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    Looks like a skinny Uncle Fester.

  16. John Denver is full of shit...

    “Duh?, radio personalities from Alabama always wear pocket squares.”

  17. Comin' Down The Track

    “Okay, bear with me. Let’s assume for a second that penises had ears…”

  18. Mudcats Impala...

    pull the trigger…

  19. Mayor of Dawgtown

    A penis wearing glasses and a necktie with a finger stuck in its ear.

  20. Nashville West

    Eric Von Zipper strikes again

  21. gastr1

    “Normal people ears come down to about HERE.”

  22. Mayor of Dawgtown

    SEC Championship game: Mizzou can’t stop the run; Auburn can’t stop the pass.

  23. 202dawg

    ‘Tammy? TAMMY?? You’re gonna have to speak up, honey. We can’t hear you… Damn, we lost her.’

  24. Noonan

    “Well I am just a modern guy; of course I’ve had it in the ear before.”

  25. SilverBritches34

    “All that money! And I STILL can’t get a suit that fits!

    Someone help me with my ear bud! I can’t hear a word that Corso is saying!”


  27. What do you mean they can see me? This is radio, right?

  28. BackDowntoEarth

    Fuck, I still live in Alabama ?