Saturday morning buffet

A few things to nosh on while you wait for today’s slate of games:


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30 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. Bulldawg165

    They shouldn’t have blurred out the faces in the Forced Sex U pictures

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Chris Petersen is a west coast guy, so it makes sense that he would take a job in the PAC 12. He’s from California and, except for a brief stint as an assistant at Pitt many years ago, has always lived and worked out west, most recently in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a really nice town (reminds me a lot of San Francisco) and really isn’t all that far from Boise. He’s already familiar with that whole area in recruiting. U Dub is the perfect fit for him. Look out PAC 12–Washington was already on the verge before Petersen arrived. The Huskies’ trade of Sarkisian for Chris Petersen clearly favors Washington, IMHO.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Also, Re: Auburn and the strength of schedule analysis of BCS Champions looking backward, in 2007 LSU played a tough schedule according to the chart in the link. However Georgia played a more difficult schedule that year and was ranked ahead of LSU at the close of the regular season. Look it up. 2007 was the biggest screw job UGA ever got. I remain convinced that UGA would have won the BCSNCG that season if allowed to play in the stinking game. Georgia, at the end, was the best team in the US.

  3. Careful Brad

    Random comment Senator, a few weeks ago you mentioned not being able to recall a senior being recognized out of alphabetical order. Thanks to some Friday night drinks and looking back at past UGA seasons I found another example, David Jacobs. Go Dawgs!

    • Yep – the patrons of Sanford Stadium were on their feet for that introduction as well. When he came out in full uniform, that got the crowd ready for the 6:09 beat down.

  4. Slaw Dawg

    Can’t blame Petersen for taking the Washington job. Based on ESPN’s reporting, sounds like there were legitimate family considerations that helped keep him at BSU, and they aren’t so critical any more. Personally, I’ve always liked the guy and wish him the best at Washington; will be interesting to see how he does there. Had CMR moved on from UGA, would’ve loved to have Petersen here.

    On the other hand, I wish only doom and defeat for Malzahn, cause I hate Abuurn. And one year’s excellent work, aided by the gods, is not necessarily a representative sample. (For the record: Go Mizzou, and no way am I an SEC homer if AU lucks into a nat’l title game. Screw ’em yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.)

  5. Bob Sackamano

    Bit of a sharp barb at JHC there Senator.

  6. Dog in Fla

    Mr. Cook lays down the law at mgoblog where some guy “dug in to fight the battle of the Somme.”

    Elsewhere in related World War news, today was not a good day for Campbell Soup to take a moment to remember

  7. Bulldog Joe

    Academic spending. Another win for The Reserve®.

  8. cube

    Should we be frustrated or glad that UGA’s cheapness doesn’t just affect the athletics side of the house?

  9. AusDawg85

    Mark Richt has lost control of the Georgia Legislature spending more money on students.

    Now, is that snark or smarm?

  10. sUGArdaddy

    I’m becoming convinced that the Malzhan deal reminds me of Fish Fry down on the flats, fitting for our two longest standing rivals. Fish Fry rode that ’08 victory over UGA and a gimmick offense no one had really seen to a payday, goodwill among the faithful and a contract extension. The next year they won the conference. Well, they won a game played in early december against a division champion, but there is no ACC champion from that year.

    Anyway, people caught up with Johnson and the offense. The ACC adapted, and now he can’t score against VaTech, Clemson, Miami and UGA, the 4 teams with actual athletes that he plays every year. Recruits also don’t want to come there, especially QBs. Nick Marshall was a get for them. But recruits that run it that much will get killed in the SEC (and Marshall was banged up this year) or they’ll never make it to the league, which will have effects longterm on recruiting. But Cam! Cam was a once in a generation player, and I speak as a fan of a team who waited 30 years for the next Herschel. We finally got him. They don’t grow Cam Newtons on trees, and the Nick Marshalls of the world are going to have to choose between QB or the NFL. Then, when defenses do catch up to it, they won’t be able to pass competently to compete.

    All running offenses can be stopped. All of them. Nebraska’s option finally gave way. Tech’s doesn’t work anymore against elite talent. UF’s spread died with Timmy’s graduation. There’s a reason NFL teams don’t run those offenses. They can be stopped. But…you can have perfect coverage and the perfect blitz called and Tom Brady can still put it on the money where only his guy can catch it, and if you wanna beat good teams, you better be able to do that consistently.

    Florida’s defense does not approve this message.

  11. Hobnail_Boot

    I love the theme song article. It reminds me of this:

  12. Macallanlover

    Stewie Is right, of course the Halfway House on the Plains deserves a shot at a national championship, when and if we ever get one, if they hold the SEC title. Anyone who owns a credible conference title should have a ticket to the playoff, especially if that conference title is an SEC title. The SEC has never been given an opportunity to play for a BCS that they didn’t capitalize by winning it. Hard to argue with that performance, and it makes you wonder how many more the SEC would have won if they were given the opportunity. That doesn’t mean I feel the Plainsmen should be given a pass to the faux title game, I think FSU and Ohio, if they win, will/should go given the flawed way the BCS title contenders have been chosen in the past, I don’t really believe the Barners are even in the Top 10 best teams in America, I think they are third best in the SEC West, barely. I hope Mizzou lays the wood to them today and explodes this subject for the Cheaters because I don’t want to hear the whining all year (s).

  13. Will Trane

    Auburn wins it all. Damn they are good on offense. Now we know Mizzou is somewhat overrated on defense. Is that the most points given up by a team in the SECGC. I would say the East teams had better get their asses in gear. The West has kicked the East’s ass for a long time and it does not look like anybody in the East can play like Champions.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Sorry to bring this up Will but if CMR had just spiked the damn ball at the end of last year’s SECCG, UGA would have played “like Champions” last year. Did anyone bother to watch the end of the first half of the Big 10 Championship game tonight? Now THAT is how you handle the end of the game/first half when you are out of timeouts. You spike the damn ball. CMR and Bobo are screw-ups. The way they handled the end of last year’s SECCG is exactly how NOT to do it–and Homer Smith would say so himself if he were still alive.

      • Macallanlover

        Sorry about your head injury, hope your brain recovers one day.

      • Cojones

        Gee, Mayor. Think we should have stomped C.J. Mosely’s hand before the game? If that pass had fallen to the ground there was plenty of time left for another play. The loss of two more seconds didn’t impact the play and wouldn’t have prevented the leaping tip that fell into Conley’s hands. Careful, Bluto sent a message through Brian Cook’s article.

  14. Governor Milledge

    I think your patience, Senator, has never been tested the way Brian’s has because you don’t run a message board. This site would quickly become the Dawg Vent if you ever decided to add that feature