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Final regular season Coaches Poll: I’m Number Two!

It’s always fun to pour though this.  FSU is a unanimous number one.  What may not be noticed is that Auburn was close to being a unanimous number two pick, with only two coaches voting otherwise – in this case, Michigan State.  The two?  Dana Holgorsen… and Mark Dantonio.

Also, don’t miss where Mike Gundy ranked his team and Oklahoma.



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My early, yet final, national title game prediction

Florida State is the better team, but it won’t matter.  I’ve never seen anything like this run Auburn’s been on for the last month.  Football gods, for the win…


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Congratulations to Jim Delany!

I have no doubt that the TV ratings for the Big Ten championship game more than make up for getting shut out of the national title game.

Best wishes for continued success in your role as head programmer for the Big Ten Network.  And enjoy the Rose Bowl, sir.


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The saddest thing I saw yesterday.

Sometimes, a man just wants to be left alone with his mediocre pizza after losing a shot at the national title.

There’s a Papa Johns commercial lurking somewhere in there, Corch.


UPDATE:  Delicious.


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The scariest thing I saw yesterday.

From yesterday’s Pac-12 championship game, this is the most astonishing example of a defensive player timing the snap count I think I’ve ever seen. It happened on a third-and-goal from the one-yard line, to boot.

I swear, that’s like watching a jungle cat pounce on a hapless target. Incredible.


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