My early, yet final, national title game prediction

Florida State is the better team, but it won’t matter.  I’ve never seen anything like this run Auburn’s been on for the last month.  Football gods, for the win…


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Marshall will throw an interception with 15 seconds left to go in the game down by 6, FSU will return it to the 1 yard line fumble it into the endzone and an Auburn O-lineman will pick it up and run it 99 yards for the game winning touchdown.

  2. Dolly Llama

    My prediction: A game that will be known forever as the nastiest, dirtiest NCG ever.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Football Gods, indeed…Destiny’s Darlings…the Bitches just love them some Auburn, an amazing season…and don’t let anybody kid you Auburn is pretty damn good, too.

    A wide open offense with SEC muscle and speed…

    • Will (the other one)

      On offense, sure.
      But WInston will get 450 yards against that secondary if it’s close throughout. Surely FSU can play better D than Mizzou did, right?

  4. Bulldawg165

    We had just as much luck in 2012

    • Dawgfan Will


    • BWAHAHHAAHAAAHHAHA… wait, you were serious about that?

      • Bulldawg165

        Our toughest opponent during the regular season turns the ball over SIX(!!) times, the last of which on the 5 yard line, is pretty much as lucky as our tipped pas against Auburn, especially considering how Florida dominated the turnover battle in pretty much every other game they played last season. We don’t win that game without all those turnovers.

        Further, our blocked field goal for a touchdown in the SECCG was way more lucky than Auburn’s field goal return for a TD against Bama. If our guy’s hands are six inches in either direction then they make the field goal and it’s a ten point swing. The tipped pass at the end of the game doesn’t mean a thing because the score would have been 35-21. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t we dodge a bullet on the last drive too with what was probably an AM interception?

        Yeah, we had just as much luck as Auburn. The difference is that they are coached up well enough to take advantage of it this year. All we could do last year was watch Bama jam the ball down our throats with Eddie Lacey once we got our lucky break.

        Their luck happened two games in a row, ours happened in the middle and at the end of the season.

        • If that’s how you define luck, you’ve essentially made it meaningless. There are countless plays that are decided as a matter of inches.

          You’re trying too hard, man.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Well, in his defense, I’ll give you luck in our favor from 2013–when Pig Howard fumbled the ball trying to extend it into the endzone during OT in the UT game. If the ball comes out before he extends it UT is first and goal inside the 1. If he has control of the ball as it crosses the goal line it is a TD. Instead it is a touchback–no points–and we win easily.

            • Bulldawg165

              I almost mentioned that but I was trying to keep my argument limited to national championship game appearance type luck, which we had last year just as much as auburn did this year.

            • Nobody’s saying Georgia hasn’t had its moments. But Auburn’s current run is freakish.

              • gastr1

                It’s the end of the games and their importance that makes it freakish. If the tipped pass last year had floated into an OL’s hands and he walked into the end zone, maybe I’d agree about last year for us. Yet, the season ended on a terribly unlucky play.

                • It’s not just that. Last night, Auburn gets the break that eluded Georgia in 2002. That’s how close a call this whole bullshit argument about Richt’s record rests on.

                  • Russ

                    Don’t cloud the issue with facts, Senator. People want to bitch regardless.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Right, because a 1 loss UGA team wouldn’t have gotten into the national championship game last year. Give me a break. I point out a few simple facts and you guys start ganging up on me. We HAD our lucky breaks and didn’t take advantage. End of story. Ad hominem all you want but it doesn’t change reality.

                    • Facts. I do not think that word means what you think it means, my man.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Auburn’s season this year is better than ours was in 2002 anyway. Their best win is better than ours and their one loss isn’t as bad as ours was.

                      And I consider it a fact that a blocked field goal gets returned for a TD at about the same rate as a missed field goal. I also consider it a fact that a team committing 40% of its turnovers for the entire year against you to be as rare as a tipped hail mary TD pass.

                      Yeah, laugh and make excuses all you want but the reason they are in the big game this year and we weren’t last year has nothing to do with luck.

                  • Macallanlover

                    Exactly, this isn’t about being the best. Good, or bad, fortune determines who gets the faux title every year. To crucify, or deify, coaches based on every detail of what happens in over a thousand football games they have no control over every season is a little over the top. Our guy has us at the door most seasons, we just need some of what happens to the some of the teams to happen to us once, twice, and everyone will shut up about the strange run of fate we have had. Auburn is just another case of a team, far from the best or most deserving, getting their chance for those of you who lust the hero du jour.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      “we just need some of what happens to the some of the teams to happen to us once, twice…”

                      We had it last year. We just didn’t capitalize on it.

          • Bulldawg165

            Your argument about inches and countless plays can go both ways.

            Florida turned the ball over 15 times last season through 13 games. 40% of those happened in ONE game. I bet blocked field goals are returned for touchdowns about as often as 50+ yard missed field goals are too. I don’t think I’m stretching the definition of luck too far.

            • Your argument about inches and countless plays can go both ways.

              Of course it can. That’s the whole point. Sometimes it’s luck. But sometimes it’s about outexecuting the other guy. Tell me, which category did Jarvis’ final play against UF fall into?

              If you don’t see a difference between that play and what happened in the Auburn game, you’re trying too hard not to.

              • Irishdawg

                You’re missing his point, Senator, which is not really about any team’s luck. It’s about knocking UGA’s coaching staff, which is really a flat tune we’ve all heard before.

                • Oh, I know.

                  I’m just bored right now, with a little time to kill.

                • Bulldawg165

                  Right, me saying that auburn earned its spot in the BCSNCG is an indirect knock on our coaching staff. And I’M the one reaching for straws. Give me a break dude.

                  • Okay, maybe it wasn’t an indirect knock…😉

                  • Cosmic Dawg

                    Um, did you not totally, directly knock our coaching staff above?!

                  • Charles

                    “Yeah, we had just as much luck as Auburn. The difference is that they are coached up well enough to take advantage of it this year.”

                    Can you hand me that straw over there? Thanks/’preciate ya.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Ah fine, ya caught me. And you disagree for no apparent reason and all you can do is attack me isntead of my argument. Tell me how auburn wad more lucky this year than we were last year. Thanks/preciate ya.

                    • I must have missed the time last year when the national media fought to come up with special names for Georgia’s lucky breaks. Maybe you can remind me. Better yet, do you have a link to the ESPY clip that showed them as nominees for plays of the year?

                      You’re not winning here.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Just because they didn’t happen st the end of the game doesn’t mean they weren’t lucky. Auburn’s plays are being gushed over because they won the games they happened in.

                    • But Georgia won its lucky game against Florida, right? So where’s the gushing over the plays in that game?

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Case in point: if we score on the last drive against auburn, nobody replays the tipped pass play ever again .

                    • Bulldawg165

                      There’s no media gushing because there was no national championship run. Just like the tipped pass wouldn’t be all over tv if we score on our last drive to win. The missed field goal returned for a TD wouldn’t be replayed either if all it did was force overtime where auburn subsequently lost.

                      Regardless, ESPN declaring something a miracle suddenly makes it true? This coming from the guy who frequently mocks the worldwide leader for their Tebow gushing.

                  • Cosmic Dawg

                    For what it’s worth, I agree that Auburn earned its way in, simply because I think blaming luck is bad form and sour grapes in general (although seriously, dudes have got lucky this year – c’mon). If they won the games, fair and square, then they won the games, period.

                    But I don’t agree that Auburn’s success sheds any light on CMR’s coaching ability – especially given the injuries and the closeness of the games for both Georgia and Auburn this year.

                    • WF dawg

                      “But I don’t agree that Auburn’s success sheds any light on CMR’s coaching ability.” No kidding. But it seems like between last night and now, a lot of people have decided it does.

              • Bulldawg165

                I agree with you about the last one, but what about the other 5 turnovers Florida made that game?

                • What about ’em? Most of them came as a result of Driskel flopping against a Georgia defense that chose that game to make its first real appearance of the season. Is that what you mean by luck?

            • uglydawg

              165…you are equating someone making a good play with “luck”. Blocking a kick is not’s part of the game. These kids practice every day to block the kick and when they do, some bozo calls it “luck”. It’s not luck when you stick someone and they cough up the”s making a play. “Luck” is when you underthrow a ball and don’t even know where it is and then…there it is being handed to you …but even then, you have to be athletic to grab it. What is REAL luck is playing the team coached by (arguably) the best coach in America and his defense doesn’t know you can return a FG attempt. That’s luck. Auburn’s had more luck than all the Leprucahns on all the Lucky Charm boxes ever printed put together.
              Equating Auburn’s luck with anything that has ever happened at Georgia is ridiculous. They’re lucky. They even lucked out in who they faced last night. Had UGA been healthy they would have re-matched…Or maybe they would have played SC…Oh..they’re lucky as shit. Believe it.

              • Bulldawg165

                “Bozo.” Really? How old are you? Six?

                Blocking a kick is luck. Period. Even if it weren’t, what about returning it for a TD? I also like how you ignore the other FIVE turnovers that Florida had that game that weren’t the result of a Jarvis Jones strip.

                • Hackerdog

                  Good point. Driskell getting the snot knocked out of him by our OLB, forcing the ball out of his hands and into ours sure was lucky. Why, I can’t remember the last time I witnessed a sack/fumble. Those plays happen once in a generation, right? Lucky.😉

                  • Bulldawg165

                    Typical. I’m fuzzy on the details for all of the turnovers in that game but they weren’t all forced. Describing one of them that was does nothing to negate my point as much as you’d like to believe so.

                    But sure. Georgia’s underperforming defense was somehow 100% responsible for 40% of Florida’s annual turnovers. I know you want to believe this and I know it’s the only way you can avoid coming to terms with the fact that we were lucky, so I’ll give it to you.

                    Oh, and it wasn’t luck that caused your long lost uncle to win the lottery, it was perfect skill and he executed the correct numbers flawlessly, just like he always practiced😉

                  • Bulldawg165

                    But for the record, the senator posted a linkto a study awhile back that said that sacks lead to fumbles recovered by the defense about 1 out of every 18 times. So yeah, still pretty lucky😉

                    • Dawganova

                      1 in 18 is a liiiiiittle better odds than 1 in a million (vis-à-vis the Auburn catch at the end of the GA game in the last forty seconds of the game, the return against AL in the LAST second of the game) . It’s odds, not luck…at least until you hit 1 in a million and we are dealing with numbers that are difficult to fathom. To have that happen as the game deciding play not once but TWICE…that is fucking insane and no team gets that amount of grace from the gods of football except Auburn in this the year of our Lord 2013.

                      Like the Senator said, when you compare 1 in 18 to 1 in a million and call them the same thing, your definition of luck is absolutely meaningless.

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Dawganova, that is the most epic fail in reading comprehension I have ever seen. We are talking about one single turnover out of SIX that we received that game, from a team that only turned the ball over a combined 9 times in their remaining 12 games. Yeah, the odds of that ONE SINGLE TURNOVER happening are 1 in 18, but the odds of ALL SIX happening in one game are pretty damn close to one in a million, regardless of whether or not our defense “contributed” to one or two (but certainly not all six) happening.

                      My definition of luck is the same as yours. You just like to pretend that things that fall Georgia’s way are due to skill and things that fall in other school’s favor as luck.

                      Twice last season we had instances similar to Auburn’s, except ours happened in the middle or throughout a game as opposed to at the end and therefore *appeared* to have less of an impact. Timing is actually irrelevant in terms of luck, though. What difference does it make if you switch Auburn’s first and last touchdown in our game or Bama’s? None whatsoever because the end result is the same. The only thing that can possibly be luck is if something with very low odds of happening, actually happens. Beginning, middle, or end of the game is irrelevant. In a close game, every single TD can be viewed as the one that won it for them.

                      With all of that said, a blocked field goal for a TD is just as “1 in a million” as a short FIFTY YARDER returned for a TD. Seriously, who wouldn’t have a return man back there just in case? And who seriously keeps anything but your best blockers (read: not best coverage) on field goal units?

                      Your toughest opponent committing FORTY PERCENT of its annual turnovers for the year in one single game against you has the same or similar odds as the tipped pass play.

                      Go ahead though, pretend I’m comparing a single turnover to Auburn’s pass play, it makes your argument against me easier😉

                      Holy cow though! I really cannot believe there is so much angst over my position. You guys just cannot accept that we’ve had things fall in our favor just as much as they’ve fallen against us or in the favor of other teams throughout the past 10-15 years. Perhaps we might have had it a *little* worse, but to act like there’s a huge discrepancy of luck is quite frankly ridiculous.

                • uglydawg

                  Didn’t mean the “Bozo” remark personally. My bad. Most of the posters on here are kind of thick skinned. And, no, I’m not six years old..although sometimes I act like it. One thing’s for certain..this discussion isn’t worth nuttin’-up over. You can call things whatever you want.

                  But you’re still wrong. Blocking a kick is making a good play. Find a player with a big whelp on his body from a blocked kick and ask him if “luck” put it there. There are times, however when the kick is low and it’s the kicker or holders fault. I guess that could fall under “luck’.

                  Georgia has been lucky sometimes…but NOTHING like the run Auburn has had this year.
                  That’s my entitled opinion and I’m stickin’ too it.

                  • Bulldawg165

                    blocking a field goal is a *good play* but standing at the goal post and having a short field goal fall into your lap is somehow *1 in a million*? Since they both were returned for a TD, I’m assuming this is your opinion as it’s the only difference between the two plays.

                    • Dawganova

                      “My definition of luck is the same as yours. You just like to pretend that things that fall Georgia’s way are due to skill and things that fall in other school’s favor as luck.”

                      Sorry there, bud. I am very simply commenting that turnovers (even six of them in a game, holy shit!!!) and blocked punts happen more frequently than the two freakish plays that essentially gave Auburn a NC bid. A little to a lot of luck can be found in any game, but its really difficult to see how big of a (with all due respect) dipshit you have to be to not understand that what Auburn was gifted this year is nothing short of a miracle (with some great coaching and talent there too).

                    • Bulldawg165

                      Who said anything about a blocked punt? I didn’t see one of those when we played Bama. Are we making up plays now too?

                      I’d say that blocked field goals like ours in the SECCG in 2012 happen about as often as 50+ yard field goals fall short. Since both resulted in a TD for the defense the only real difference is how they came to have possession of the ball on the play. Blocked Field Goal = Short Field Goal in terms of odds/luck/skillz/etc.

                      You people keep saying “blocked field goals require skillz derrrrr” and you ignore the fact that WE ALSO RAN IT BACK FOR A TD. Just like Auburn did. Yep, we outran Bama’s fat men for a TD. Just like Auburn did. Blocking a field goal is just as lucky, if not moreso, than standing at the goal post and catching a short field goal. Again, since THE EXACT SAME THING happened after each occurrence, the only thing you can really argue is that catching a short FG is more lucky than blocking a FG which is, quite frankly, ridiculous and, with all due respect…. Well, I’m sure you know where I’m going with this😉 The only reason anyone cares about Auburn’s play against Bama (or us for that matter) is because it actually made a difference in the game and whereas ours didn’t (at least in the SECCG).

                      Anyway, it isn’t JUST turnovers, but it’s the fact that they happened so many times by a team that so seldom turned it over that year, in such a close game for us. I’d say a team committing 40% of its turnovers for the year in one single game is just as odd and infrequent as a receiver catching a tipped pass. Heck, it almost happened to us again against GT! I know you don’t want to acknowledge that though, so we’ll pretend it didn’t happen😉

                      Anyway, you can make all of the personal insults you want, it just makes you look childish. Maybe one day you’ll be able to argue effectively without insulting someone. But if Georgia received the breaks that Auburn got (and they did in 2012 IMO), we still wouldn’t win a NC. 2012 is a perfect example.

        • Kdawg

          Interesting point. I didn’t think of it like that but after your post I would have to agree with you. Your point of our team not being coached up to take advantage of the breaks and luck is spot on in my opinion. I have been saying for a few years that we are missing something with our coaching and I couldn’t ever put my finger on it. It seemed to be preparation or something but our team is not coached up to take advantage of the breaks that go our way. In long, I agree.

          • Let me be the first to lobby for a ‘coach up to take advantage of breaks that go our way’ assistant coordinator. I’m hoping he can teach us that Auburn tipped pass reception.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              That play wasn’t luck either good or bad. It was as a direct result of 2 UGA players fighting each other to pad their personal stats with meaningless INT when simply knocking the ball down wins the game. That’s not luck–that’s coaching. No consequences=no fear, just do what you want to make yourself the hero.

              • I see your point. And to add to that, one wonders if we would of put a man deep to receive that Bama field goal attempt. A‘coach up to take advantage of breaks that go our way’ assistant coordinator would of thought of that….I keed I keed…

                • Carlton Thomas

                  No, we definitely wouldn’t. We don’t even put a man back there to return punts.

                  • In a previous thread somebody claimed that the Auburn kid talked Malzahn into letting him stand back there. If that’s the truth, then it was luck. Or you could say Auburn recruits kids with high football IQ.

                    It was luck.

              • adam

                Wrong. It was luck.

                But keep blaming those 2 players and calling them “selfish” if you want. But you’re wrong.

              • Russ

                Bullshit. That Hail Mary play is intercepted just as much as it’s knocked down. I saw it twice in games the following weekend. I know the right play is to knock it down, just as well as they know it. However, in the moment, things happen. But I’m sure Chris Connoly is just as selfish for trying to catch the ball last year in the SECCG and score the TD, when everyone knows he should’ve knocked it down.

                It’s a reaction play. But if you feel better ragging on two kids trying to make a play, go right ahead.

              • RocketDawg

                Is this the drum you are going to bang this offseason? Cause last year it was the spike vs not spike the ball. Just preparing so I can skip all of your comments between now and next August.

          • AusDawg85

            (Yawn….). Well, it’s the day after the SECCG…one the Georgia did not play/win…so the entitled masses of Bulldog fans begin anew their chant to FIREMARKRICHT!!11!11!!

            Such solid, deep, informed insight. At least the Senator is assured another 5 million hits when Auburn beats FSU. Man I hope you’ve got this site monitized.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              +1. Very few posts about what CMR does well…in all his time at UGA we’ve only had the one losing season, I believe, and the program has never had the dumpster fire years that pretty much every other program in the conference has endured.

              The fact that year in, year out, Georgia has a solid chance to win every stinking game it plays, regardless of the competition, seems lost on some. I’ll take our consistent “A minus” program over the rollercoaster and upheaval at other schools any day.

              And yes, the moral victories, too.

              • I would much rather have the occasional losing or dumpster fire season if it meant we could win a national title more than once every 50 years.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  People erroneously think that “mediocre” means “bad.” That’s wrong. The definition of “mediocre” is “neither good nor bad.” UGA under CMR has become mediocre, i.e. doesn’t win titles but doesn’t have losing seasons either, for the most part (’10 excepted).

                  • Bulldawg165

                    but, but, but, 2005! Back to back SEC East champs in 2011 and 2012! Boom! Mediocre teams like South Carolina can only claim one SEC East championship.

                    But, but, but 5 yards away from playing for the NC! Nevermind that it was only close because of a **fluke play** blocked field goal returned for a TD.

                    But, but, but Mark Richt is such a nice guy! I would rather be mediocre and keep Todd Grantham than get one of those meanie head coaches

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      All that said, UGA is still only 1 championship season away from reclaiming its position as an elite team, IMHO. We have a lot of really good players coming back on O next year. Mason is going to be a lot better than most people think and may play up to the level of Murray. Gurley is the best RB to play for Georgia since Hershel. The O-line looked better in the second half against Tech, we have a lot of OLs coming back with game experience and, with luck, problems with it will get sorted out next year. The D should be better with the return of almost all the starters. The D-line and LBs played well, I thought, last year.The DBs were really the only weak spot on D and they looked to be getting better, the Auburn game finish notwithstanding. I’m optimistic about next year. First order of business is to whack Nebraska in the bowl.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Feel free to disregard any future comments I may post, as it’s obvious I am living on a different planet.

  5. mg4life0331

    Its almost like GT. Except they have athletes, a stadium with fans, beat legitimate teams, well I suppose its nothing like that so never mind.

    But it is a variation of the Triple Option.

  6. And the burning question at Stingtalk is “can amybody on either team do business calculus?”

  7. Irishdawg

    I just want to watch the world burn

  8. Dawgfan Will

    I’ll root against ’em, but I sure as hell wouldn’t bet against ’em.

  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It’s not the football gods, Kharmic Bitches or anything like that. It’s…the Devil. How else can you explain a program that is so inherently evil, that cheats all the time (and gets away with it) and has players that intentionally try to hurt opposing players, consistently getting all the breaks? God doesn’t care who wins a blasted football game. He is preoccupied with weightier things. But because God has no interest, that opens the door for the Devil to meddle. How else can anyone explain why they consistently beat teams that clearly have superior personnel doing so in such an obviously lucky manner? They need to change the name of Auburn University to Hell University and Malzahn needs to start going by Coach Beelzebub. Maybe CMR can arrange for an exorcism. He is the only coach in the SEC on speaking terms with the Almighty.

    • mwo

      +1000. You forgot to say Auburn and anyone who likes them:
      1) are nasty
      2) their feet stink, and
      3) they don’t love Jesus.
      I didn’t think they had any soul left to sell after the Cam/Cecil debacle, guess I was wrong. We truly are living in Hell.

    • Rex

      I have always felt someone made a deal with the Devil to get Herschel to sign. He started collecting the next year and hasn’t stopped. Auburn has only benefited from this.

      • BCDawg97

        My Clemson boss tells me they missed out because they only offered him 1 Trans-am and we gave hime 2…

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ahhhhh no, it would be incorrect to say Mark Richt is the only coach on speaking terms with the Almighty…Coach Beelzebub is quite interested in that relationship, his own self…quite the preacher.

  10. BCDawg97

    Apparently we didn’t get the same deal for Herschel that Auburn got…

    I didn’t watch ESPN for the month of December 2012 and couldn’t stomach to turn on the natty until half.

    It will be the same this year…

  11. Timphd

    Go Noles! Auburn Sucks. And I like trucks. Where is Squidbilly when you need him?

  12. SouthGaDawg

    Heard this morning on Sirius XM that 90% of SEC fans would root for AU because of the SEC SEC SEC mantra. I’ve long since jumped off that bandwagon (Now AU vs OSU would be tough). FSU has always been one of my favorite non UGA teams (maybe because of their hatred of UF). Go ‘Noles.

    • WF dawg

      At the risk of grossly insulting those who disagree, I’ve always thought the SEC loyalty thing is for people who don’t love their own team enough. A strong AU works against having a strong UGA. It’s a zero-sum game in this conference.

      • mwo

        Exactly! I will not root for a team my team plays and recruits against. Especially the barn. If they played Al Qaeda, I would put Osama’s picture in my yard. I wouldn’t piss on an AU fan if they were on fire. I gave up deer hunting because the game wardens made me wear orange. Screw all the teams in the SEC excpt UGA, and screw Auburn twice!

      • Dawgfan Will


      • Will (the other one)

        Yep. I didn’t mind LSU in 2011 or when they played OU in 2003 because we rarely go head-to-head with them for recruits (though I still say we were better than them at the end of 2007 and had many a drunken argument with LSU fans that new year’s).

  13. Will Trane

    There is a lot of disgruntled UGA fans and alums this morning. As our season was sinking, Auburn’s was taking off. Strange how two QBs out of the state of Georgia come on the scene at Auburn in one season and make them world beaters. We need a RB like Tre Mason!. He beat the hell out of Missouri

  14. Will Trane

    Thanks Auburn for exposing Missouri’s vauted defense. After last night they have gone from 2nd to 9th in the conference. Missouri took their defensive strategy from the defensive gurus at Tennessee. Explain why they went with 3 down linemen and stacked their LBs almost to one side. Practice session for Auburn.

  15. AusDawg85

    Man, this is going to be an epic game between two schools with a deep and storied history of excellence in college football! One, led by a coach anointed by a beloved legend and led on the field by an amazing young man and Heisman Trophy winner despite having to overcome some off the field issues. The other team arrives coming from worst to first coached by the offensive mastermind behind the Cam Newton national championship season and returning to restore glory to a proud institution, knocking off the favored past champions, and led by an exciting young man with tremendous drive and determination after transferring from Georgia.

    /Verned #ESPNmeme

    …simply nauseating.

  16. Macallanlover

    Those of you nonbelievers wallowing in pity and wondering how we got cursed while AU got blessed should go back and chart the fortunes of the two teams AFTER $180K was delivered to the shepherd of one of God’s Houses of Worship to keep it open. Two SEC championships and oodles of good breaks in the last 4 years.

  17. Bulldog Joe

    Not going to blame our failures on Florida State or Auburn. We own them.

    Congratulations to both programs. It should be a helluva BCS matchup.

  18. Skeptic Dawg

    I hate Auburn. I really do. By the past two weeks of football have been awesome drama to watch. Bama goes goes on a flukey play. Ohio State falls from the ranks of the undefeated. And a few weeks prior to that you have Stanford and Oregon falling. Just awesome for college football fans across the country. Sad to see the BCS and the drama it brought year in and year out go away. It is even more sad that I have to now watch this craptastic Auburn team play for all of the marbles yet again. I have never been shy about my feeling for Richt in the past and openly calling for his head, but this is not the time. It is never good to fire a coach just to keep up with the Jones. While Richt has his many faults, he does not need to go just yet. No, I am not satisfied with the guy nor with the overall performance of his teams. But this is not the year. Richt has tied himself to Grantham for better or worse, so next year will be the deciding season for me. Improve the defense and points allowed, produce a consistent, cohesive O-line, and show up to play hard tough football for 12 games. If that happens good things will follow. If not, then it is time to begin the coaching search and wish Richt well.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I agree, SD. By not replacing Grantham with a competent co-ordinator CMR has placed his own job at risk. If things go badly next year Grantham won’t be the only one gone. See Tuberville, Tommy.

  19. ASEF

    I think FSU has the talent on defense to get Auburn behind the chains. Their LBs and DBs will minimize the yards gained on second-level runs, giving them more cracks at it, and they have the right kind of athletes to set the edge and then contain when Marshall starts improvising. When Auburn doesn’t get 5+ yards on first, it becomes a very ordinary offense prone to turn-overs. I think Auburn gets blown out.

    Alabama’s D was not good on the back-end this year, and their outside LBs were not great either – and they had enough D to beat Auburn. Offense and special teams gave that game away. FSU is better at those position groups than Bama, much better in the secondary. And FSU has more tools on offense to beat Auburn through the air. Again, looks like a two TD win for the Noles from my perspective.

    • Doug

      Excellent analysis…what team in the country doesn’t become ordinary after failed first down plays. Auburn ended the season with the same number of take aways as turnovers. Alabama’s D was the best in the land; MO was 2nd best against rush…AU combined for over 800 rushing yards against those 2 teams. FSU will not be able to contain Auburn’s rushing game…no one can. Nobody has better tools through the air than Missouri. Get a grip; Auburn is really good.

      • ASEF

        Get a grip – I’m saying that FSU is a poor match-up for Auburn. Guess who was also really good last year until they ran into a really poor match-up? Notre Dame.

        FSU’s defense is better than Alabama’s this year. Not a knock on Alabama at all, they are just a bit down from their usual standard. Auburn isn’t the first team this year to put up some historic numbers on them.

        Auburn’s offense is quite good and has been historically good the last two games. Fine. But this idea that they are unstoppable is a snap reaction to beating Bama and then Missouri’s disaster of a defensive game plan. Fact: UGa and Bama had them beat. Kudos to Aiburn for finding a wy. I don’t see it happening a 3rd time.

  20. rampdawg

    FSU will win by two TDs

  21. uglydawg

    I think FSU wins. But Skeptic’s Karma Factor may loom too large for FSU.

  22. 69Dawg

    Dr Lou said it best with FSU v Auburn you really have 2 SEC teams playing again. HE said FSU was built and played like an SEC team because Jimbo was a product of the SEC.

    • Dog in Fla

      Sure, Jimbo is the first spawn of Saban to have made it big without having to face a SEC schedule but the important thing to remember is that Granny can’t be trusted with anything

  23. RocketDawg

    I just posted this on another site but I thought it was pertinent to the conversation here, the difference between Auburn being in the BCSNCG and say the Outback Bowl at 8-4 are:
    1-A last second TD pass to beat Miss St
    2-A fluke bounce against us for the win
    3-The most unlikely play in the history of CFB to beat Bama.

    Sometimes it’s just your year…..

  24. Will (the other one)

    If I’m correct, the last time Auburn was scheduled to play FSU, they pissed their britches and bought out the contract.

    • jollyrogerjay

      Over 15 years ago, when Tub took over. We had no players, and Tuberville didn’t want to deal with a game that was supposed to be between Diddy and Terry, who quit the previous season. I don’t blame him.

      • uglydawg

        Is that a fancy way of saying Tubberville didn’t want to take an ass beating?

        • Cojones

          Yep, and it put him on my shit list (almost). He secured his shit list position with his snark advice to Richt as they were leaving the field after Auburn beat us in Richt’s first year.