2013 All-Southeastern Conference Coaches’ Football Team

You fellas left Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley off the first and second teams?  Wow.

You’re all dead to me now.


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    • lamontsanford

      This is exactly what I was thinking. Clearly none of these clowns has witnessed the sheer joy of Gurley throwing a stiff arm at a hapless defensive back. I could watch that shit all day.

  1. Ben

    This stupid football season can go to hell.

  2. ARDawg

    Jordan Jenkins made it? Really? Equally confused with that one. Here I thought his year was pretty invisible.

  3. SouthWing

    Can someone explain to me how Arthur Lynch is a FIRST TEAM, and Todd Gurley doesn’t make the SECOND TEAM?

    That’s downright ridiculous.

  4. truck

    The minimal amount of post-season love for Aaron Murray is really starting to piss me off. What the hell else does a kid have to do? He’s everything you want your son to be, he’s never sniffed trouble with the law in five years, he’s tough as a pine knot, and, oh yeah, he’s the most prolific passer in SEC history. No reason for coaches to love a kid like that.

  5. Macallanlover

    Gurley is the back most/all coaches would draft if they had a “pick” of the running backs but he missed several games in 2013. If based on contribution, you can make a case for leaving him off. Mason is a terrific RB but was a last minute selection based on the SECCG. If Alabama didn’t choke in the Iron Bowl, he may not have made 2nd team. I think Gurley and Mason are the two best backs, in that order.

    AM is/was the best QB, but Manziel is a strange, but clearly valuable QB for A&M. I don’t get McCarron being rated that high but I guess all things Bama must be worshipped. I thought Connor Shaw was the 2nd best quarterback in the SEC this season.

    • I hear what you’re saying about TG and contribution, but in response, I only have two words: Jadeveon Clowney.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Yeah, but the WWL made a big deal out of Clowney. That’s important…

      • AusDawg85

        Only thing I can think is Davis of USCe was a sympathy pick since he’s the only other Chicken selected and only one on offense…?

      • Macallanlover

        Yes, it shows that being highly compensated doesn’t mean SEC coaches are above making a dumb decision and rewarding a guy whose attitude and effort was exactly what they all would hate their players to be like. It makes no sense for Clowney to get any positive recognition while AM is snubbed. It is a travesty this award wasn’t voted by the media boobs but the very people it should bother most.

  6. The984

    So of the 16 post-season All SEC teams Aaron Murray was eligible for (media and coaches; first and second team), he only made three. The most prolific passer in SEC history only made it on 18.75% of the post-season All SEC teams.


  7. JRW7

    How in the world did Arthur Lynch make 1st team SEC tight end? Did he even catch 5 passes all season?

  8. zutadawg

    So Allburnt doesn’t catch the fluke pass and Murray’s comeback against the barn is completed, where would his legacy be then? First team or second?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If UGA doesn’t lose the Auburn game in the flukey manner it did and the refs don’t call that BS “targeting” penalty on Ramik opening the door for Georgia to lose the Vandy game, UGA is 10-2 and Gurley and Murray are probably both first team All-SEC. Also, Mason wouldn’t be named to either All-SEC team (either first or second team). Why should how the defense plays or how the refs officiate have any effect on offensive players being named to all-star teams? While I’m in my bitching mode, does anybody else out there on the intertubes think that college football, especially in the SEC, has stopped being about the players and become more about the referees? I, for one, am absolutely sick and tired of refs determining the outcomes of games with BS penalties. A RB runs for TD–but wait, there’s a flag, play called back because one of the linemen on the other side of the play was lined up a yard behind the line of scrimmage. “5 men in the backfield” and 5 yards/replay the down. At the same time the refs WON”T call penalties that really affect the play, like holding by OLs at the point of attack. And the “targeting” calls–every time some defensive player makes a hard hit on a QB or receiver out comes the flag. More than half the time it’s reversed because replay shows the call was BS but the penalty still stands. Idiots are ruining CFB.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. I’m glad Murray, who got treated badly by the coaches in that BS poll, was recognized as an ACADEMIC All-America. +1,000 to Aaron Murray for that!! You have more brains than the entire lot of ’em.

      • jollyrogerjay

        Auburn wouldn’t have needed a flukey td pass if those sorry ass refs had called Aaron Murray’s “go ahead td run” correctly in the first place. I agree with you, the referees in the SEC suck, especially the replay officials.

        • Silver Creek Dawg

          Do I really need to point out the face mask on that play that wasn’t called that would have given UGA a 1st and goal inside the 1? That would have allowed UGA to run more clock and Aubie likely doesn’t have enough time for the miracle play.

          See, I can play woulda, coulda, shoulda just as well as you….

  9. Ellis

    Murray laughing all the way to the record books. I want to know who the dumbasses that vore dor these teams are? Did they even watch college football games this year?

    • AusDawg85

      Ummm…that would be the coaches who vote in the coa….never mind.

      A coach can’t vote for his own players. Saban probably put Manziel first, wonder who he put #2…Marshall? And I wonder who Richt voted for? Or for that matter Sumlin and SOS? I suspect the SEC West coaches favored their own (Mett might have even gotten a vote or two) and that watered down the consideration for Murray.

      It’s probably all grad assts doing the voting anyway.

  10. Tom Slicker

    Gurley may have been left out because of the all the games he missed. Yes he is the best back in the nation but missing 4 games did not help postseason honors.

    Murray was just plain shafted, some in the media yes Saturday Down South podcast I am talking to you, still harp on the he doesn’t win big games. Which is total BS since FLA last year.

    Why is Ray Drew not on this list? Didn’t he have more sacks than Clowney? I would like to see the ballots of the coaches, curious about those who played against us and those who did not and how they voted.