Pity the poor Gator beat writer.

Ain’t much fun covering Boom’s team right now.

Bowl games are considered a reward for a successful season. What they really are is a primer for the next season, with all those extra practices playing a role in player development.

Unfortunately for Florida, there will be no bowl experience this year coming off the school’s first losing season since 1979. So, getting ready for the 2014 season is on hold until the spring.

But the Gators’ inactivity in December doesn’t mean we can’t start looking ahead to 2014 and projecting how the Gators might look at each position.

Which leads to a discussion about… the Florida receiving corps!

It just goes to show that there are worse things than being threatened with banishment to Seat 37F.



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8 responses to “Pity the poor Gator beat writer.

  1. shane#1

    Poor gators, worst season since they invented football in 1990.


  2. Timphd

    Seems now that the major headlines out of Gatorville are the defections. Is it “roster management” or just rats leaving a sinking ship?


  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    I thought I read that 6 offensive players were transferring. I assumed it was “roster management.”


  4. gastr1

    Can’t wait for Ed Aschoff’s annual espn.com pronouncement of the Gators being the sleeper pick in the East.


  5. DW

    What is Seat 37F?

    I see it referenced occasionally but have no idea what it means.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Well done, Agent Muschamp. DGD.