How you know yours is a football school.

Alabama is now spending more money on Nick Saban’s salary than the combined expenses of all its other sports outside of football and basketball.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Athletic revenue at Alabama has increased 43% from 2009 (the 1st NC) to 2012 up to $144 million ( I’d say he’s worth it.

    • Oh, believe me, I’m not saying it’s a bad investment.

      • South FL Dawg

        Not to take anything away from him but athletic revenue has increased for a number of reasons. And even with all that revenue, as a % of revenue that is a big chunk for one person. By comparison Sean Payton is the highest paid NFL coach at $8M but his employer has double the revenue at $276M. Of course, there are some advantages to the collegiate business model.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Tail…meet dog.

        • Macallanlover

          Don’t even have to see the numbers to bet the Saints have much more than double the expenses. It does leave Little Nicky enough to add more staff though, can’t let Auburn close that gap.

  2. Beer Money

    U of A probably spends more on Nick Saban’s salary than the state of Alabama spends on public education, obesity and diabetes counseling, and meth prevention combined. Glad to see priorities where they should be.

  3. Priorities… Think we all agree that CF is all the State has as a claim to semi fame. There are government Agencies that take care of the things you mention, Beer Money.

  4. Bob

    I would say Nick is doing pretty good. Nice chunk of change for 2 SEC titles (you know..the ones actually won on the field😉 ) in 7 years. Les has the same number.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CMR has the same number– over a slightly longer time now, but they were originally won in a 5 year span. Just sayin.’

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m not a Title IX fan but imagine what those numbers would look like without it.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    You mean there are sports outside of football….oh, and basketball?

    • Hackerdog

      You should see the dozens of fans who attend soccer games, or swimming. They should make a Youtube video about it.

  7. James

    Maybe a stupid question, but: What is the actual revenue impact of winning? Maybe I’m big ten bias, but when you’re splitting all bowl revenue, TV revenue, some ticket revenue…what’s left? (How is merch revenue split in the SEC?)

    I know there are softer (but real) benefits to the institution at large, namely in application numbers and thus higher acceptance criteria, but I know know how much money that actually earns you.

  8. Will Trane

    ROR. Rate of return on your investment is the driver. Would you buy stock in Bama with that management and board of directors? Heck yes, as a shareholder what do you think you growth and income would be on that investment. UGA, not so. Why? Just bad business people in charge.

  9. Will Trane

    Duke a football school. Would think so since they have a better records, played in a conference championship game, and they decided where the Dawgs would spend their holiday bowl experience. If I was the head football coach, AD, and Athlectic Board, I would be royally pissed about this.

  10. cube

    I wish the powers that be at Georgia had half the vision and initiative that those at Alabama have.

    Cue the attempts to try and put Georgia on the moral pedestal and make Alabama seem backwards. Maybe we should join the Big Ten.

    • That’s BS and you know it. The Big Ten my ASS.

      • cube

        Our attitude would fit in perfectly in the Big Ten. They love talking about how morally superior they think they are.

        Do you get it now or do you need more explanation?

    • I hate to break in on another’s quasi-religious experience, but you do remember who Saban’s two predecessors were, right? And that Saban wasn’t the school’s first choice?

      • cube

        Right and how long did those guys last? They didn’t keep them around for years hoping that things would get better just b/c it was less risky than moving on.

        • Shula was there four seasons. So was Dubose… and it’s likely he would have been there longer if he’d have kept his Johnson in his pants. Mike Price? Franchione? It’s not like the school made thoughtful decisions to let those guys go after they weren’t getting it done on the field. Circumstances dictated what happened, as they did when RichRod said no.

          Saban was a fantastic hire and Moore deserves much credit for making it happen. But Alabama wandered in the wilderness for an awfully long time before then.

          • cube

            Goff was at Georgia for 7 years. Donnan for 5. Richt for 13 (the last 8 of which have had no conference championships). I don’t think I’d say that the track records for keeping guys around is the same.

            As for their time in the wilderness, Alabama had 1 conference championship. Georgia has 2 and they supposedly aren’t even in the wilderness.

            There’s also a lot more behind my point than just coaching decisions. Like all the spending and reserve stuff that you point out quite a bit.

            • That championship was in Dubose’s first season, right? After that, what was there before Saban’s second year?

              No question they’re far more willing to spend dough than Georgia is… and I wish that weren’t so. I’m not sure I’d call throwing money at a problem until it goes away “vision”, though.

              • cube

                It was in Dubose’s third season.

                I would definitely call being willing to take risks – spending, coaching, or otherwise – “vision”. That is in stark contrast to sitting on your hands and feeling giddy about an account balance.

                • stoopnagle

                  Albert Means thought they were risk-takers, too, but I suppose he (and they) learned their lessons.

                  • cube

                    Nice of you to bring up a rogue booster.

                    When you want to talk about the people running the university, athletic department, and football program, I’m here.

            • Comparing Apples with Oranges you are…..No, I do not need any futher explanation. Do not talk down to me.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Well, as everybody can see, Cube is absolutely right. Alabama has so much more vision than Georgia has. I wish we had Alabama’s vision. I mean gosh, we’d have eleventy seven national championships by now if we were just more like Alabama.

      There’s just no arguing about if. Everything would be perfect if we’d just listened to Cube.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        And, the brilliant Cube made his judgment without benefit of hindsight.

      • cube

        Nice logical rebuttal. Incredible.

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          You’re asking logic? I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but the proposition that Bama had superior vision, even in hindsight, cannot be proven or disproven on a blog. They could have come to this point on sheer luck and stupidity, or lost 50 games in a row with the most discerning judgment since Arnold Rothstein.

          These are just opinions. Yours is no better or worse than anybody else’s. Somebody can always think of a reasonable sounding rebuttal.

          So, get with the spirit of the proceedings.😉