The Winter of Muschamp’s Discontent

So, Tyler Murphy joins the exodus from Gainesville, leaving Boom in something of a pickle for next season.

With freshman Max Staver also transferring, Florida will now have just two scholarship QBs on its roster. It does expect to sign top recruit Will Grier, ESPN’s No. 2 QB prospect in the nation, in January.

The Gators’ other returning quarterback, redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg, started the final three games of the season when Murphy aggravated a sprain in his throwing shoulder. Murphy first hurt his shoulder against LSU on Oct. 12. The Gators lost that game and the final six on their schedule.

Once again, it’s Jeff Driskel and a cast of thousands hundreds tens two.

Muschamp insisted the job would “be an open competition” in 2014, but many believe it will be Driskel’s to lose. Muschamp has made it clear that he is tweaking the offense — he’s adding hurry-up aspects and might use more spread concepts — to better fit Driskel’s skill set. Of course, those changes also would seemingly fit Murphy.

The school did not make Muschamp available for comment or release a statement, an indication that the coach wasn’t on board with Murphy’s choice.

I can’t imagine how much fun Boom’s gonna have making the booster club rounds this offseason.



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38 responses to “The Winter of Muschamp’s Discontent

  1. The other Doug

    Nothing like the warming glow of a dumpster fire.


    • Russ

      Boy, you’ve got that right.


    • FisheriesDawg

      Unfortunately, I thought that exact same thing about Auburn this time last year. Here’s hoping Muschamp isn’t going to get ahold of the rabbit’s foot that Gus kept up his ass since the LSU game next year.


      • Dawgfan Will

        I would say that Muschamp already had his rabbit’s foot last year. Maybe he lost it and Gus picked it up at SEC Media Days.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    2014 Florida Gators football hype video


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      The best part is the ad at the end that says “Your arrest record is on line.” although that may have been more about Meyer than Boom.


  3. Timphd

    We got 13 inches of snow here yesterday and the temp this morning is -5 but I feel all warm inside somehow. Dumpster fires at FU, Tenn, AU etc tend to do that for me.


  4. Let’s hope Boom guarantees another victory in Jacksonville at the Atlanta Gator Club. A man can hope, can’t he?


  5. Ben

    If they’re set to sign the #2 QB prospect in the nation without an offensive coordinator, that’s some pretty stellar recruiting chops. Or a guy who really just wants to be a Gator.


  6. Gravidy

    I wonder how solid Grier’s commitment is at this point. The OC he wanted to play for is gone, and the team is a very bad place now – to put it kindly.


  7. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Let us hope that the rumors of Florida trying to hire Stacey Searles is true. Boom really sucks at the head coach thingy, he was a much better head coach in waiting. If he brings in Searles, then the secret agent for UGA rumor may be true.


  8. uglydawg

    The Swamp has been drained.. Not much left except muck and a few struggling lizards trying to wallow out a hole to survive in. Let the wise learn..after coaching changes at a successful program, there are usually years of wandering in the wildernesss that follow.
    Enjoy the blistering Sun, Gators!


  9. Given the exodus, I don’t see how Florida keeps Boom. He has obviously lost the team. This worse than Chitzik’s last year. Mushcamp’s problem is not schemes. Tweaking the offense will not stop continued damage at Florida. As we all learned from Jeremiah Johnson, a warrior is only as great as his enemies. Ravaging Florida does not help the Dawgs or the clout of the SEC.


  10. Scorpio Jones, III

    Can Murphy play DB?


  11. Otto

    I hope he rebounds well enough to keep his job a few years. However, I said he would not see the end of yr 5, and at this point……


  12. Sanford222view

    Maybe Boom should call his brother for help? He just won a State Championship over the weekend at the Dome.


  13. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I cannot shake the feeling that these players were runnoft as part of an oversigning strategy. If anyone ever needed evidence that Tyler can’t really help the Gators win, last season would be it.


  14. Spike

    This is so “Snortalecious”! No joy in Hogtown lately!


  15. Dog in Fla

    Roster depletion promises that the Fall of Boom next season will have more of these than there will be at the 11foot8 in Durham


  16. Normaltown Mike

    It’s too bad that Weis left FU, so that the winter of Boom’s discontent would include travels with Charlie.

    As things stand, I would call his recruiting season the wayward bus.



    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That’s what I meant by my post above NM. Looks like FU is jettisoning the bad players brought in by Weiss et al to make room for more new signees, probably in the ’15 class. That decision had to come from Foley. So much for the “no oversigning” pledge from FU. That will leave UGA as the last school in the SEC that doesn’t oversign.


      • Macallanlover

        I don’t see this as over signing, if they have available scholarships open, there is nothing wrong with filling them. Having to “cut” players to make room for incoming commits after NSD is over signing. I don’t think Florida will break their pledge, these players seem to be jumping ship voluntarily. not thrown under the boat.


  17. Bobby Fenton

    Not a single player that has transferred so far figured into UF’s plans for 2014. That’s why they are transferring.