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“I’ve learned a whole lot.”

Another dismissed Georgia player makes it back to D-1 football.  At least he’s not playing quarterback in the SEC.

Seriously, it’s good to hear he’s straightened himself out.  Best of luck to him.


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So near, and yet so far.

One thing I can’t help wondering about after reading this piece by Bill Shanks – okay, one thing after I wondered why the Macon Telegraph can’t find somebody who writes better than Bill Shanks – is would people be moaning about an 8-4 season in 2013 if C.J. Mosley hadn’t tipped that pass and Mitchell had come down with it to put last year’s Georgia squad in a national title game?

My point here isn’t to play woulda, coulda.  I’m simply asking how much Georgia making a title game after winning the SEC would have changed your current perception of the program and Richt, assuming your feelings are similar to those of Shanks’.  If your position is that it wouldn’t have and that 2013 reflects not so well on either, I respect your intellectual consistency.  If, though, you admit that you wouldn’t feel nearly as harshly about both had Georgia faced Notre Dame, are you really saying that your disappointment boils down to a tipped pass?

Again, I’m not asking if you agree with Shanks’ arguments.  I’m sure many of you do.  I’m just curious how much you’d be complaining if Mosley hadn’t made a great play.  Tell me in the comments.



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“Excited about being on the dark side.”

I don’t think it’s worth reading too much into this, but the coaches are using bowl practice to take a look at Tramel Terry at safety.

On the other hand, this is an interesting development:

Meanwhile, safety Shaquille Fluker was not at practice on Monday and an announcement of a transfer could be coming this week.

The junior college transfer was away from the team to return to his home in Meridian, Miss., near the end of the regular season. He has not played this season. He’s been listed on the injury report during the season with an undisclosed illness.

Damian Swann’s indicated he’s not leaving early, so if that holds up, almost all of Georgia’s secondary will return next season.  There isn’t much of a numbers game, then, which makes you wonder if this indicates the coaches are seriously exploring other options.  Lord knows the safety position could use whatever help it could get.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Start digging in…

  • Mark Richt on Todd Gurley“I think he’s one of the best backs in America. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. I think most people that have seen him play would say that as well, and I’m going to leave it at that because I’m really not going to be interested in talking too much about next year.”
  • Doesn’t sound like Pete Fiutak’s interested in talking about Gurley’s 2014 season, either.
  • Again, with all the injuries this season, it’s impressive to realize that Georgia will enter the Gator Bowl averaging 38.2 points a game, which is slightly ahead of last season’s school-record clip of 37.8.
  • Everybody at GTP loves a little Lexicon action, so you might want to give Holly Anderson’s a good look.
  • BCS to Fiesta Bowl:  all is forgiven, fellas.
  • You can probably guess what a bunch of head coaches who have done it in the NFL and at the college level say is the biggest difference.
  • Sure, there’s a certain shooting fish in a barrel aspect to this, but it’s still a fun read.
  • Can’t wait to hear Bo Pelini get asked about this at the bowl presser.
  • Chris Conley, on that 87-yarder in the Cap One Bowl:  “I was definitely out of breath when I finished that run. It was fun,” Conley said. “Anyone could have scored right there. There was no one within 20 yards of me. If I would have gotten caught there, I would have been ragged on by all the guys.”
  • And whatever else Conley has planned for Todd Gurley in his little movie, I sure hope there’s a scene with Gurley giving Darth Vader a stiff arm.


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