“I’ve learned a whole lot.”

Another dismissed Georgia player makes it back to D-1 football.  At least he’s not playing quarterback in the SEC.

Seriously, it’s good to hear he’s straightened himself out.  Best of luck to him.


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20 responses to ““I’ve learned a whole lot.”

  1. JAX

    I’m somewhat surprised to see him not ending up at Auburn. I get the fact that everyone deserves a second (or third) chance, but accepting other’s rejects is the Auburn way of doing business.


  2. Gravidy

    I hope he really has straightened himself out. If so, that that’s the most important result of all of this. But it surely is frustrating being the fan of the team who takes the slings and arrows for the rest of college football. Georgia does the right thing and gets slammed in press for supposedly having “lost control of” any number of things, but the teams who quietly slip the rejects in the back door end up smelling like a rose.


  3. BulldogBen

    I don’t begrudge 2nd chances either but it’s sure as hell frustrating being the moral compass in a league where there aren’t many compasses.

    The most frustrating thing has been watching the media slobber all over the Nick Marshall “redemption” story the past month and never mention the actual reason he was kicked off the team. It’s always “after leaving” or “dismissed”. I never heard Verne or Gary even once mention the actual reason.


    • Dog in Fla

      That’s probably because Verne can’t remember it and Gary has been told not to mention it.


    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      I recall Verne actually stating the reason for his dismissal during the SEC Champ game … I remarked to my wife that I was stunned that they actually said it was related to a theft from a teammate.


  4. BulldogBen

    Also, why did we NEVER see a sign that said “Nick “IPAD” Marshall” on Gameday?

    Kids these days. They’re slipping.


  5. ScoutDawg

    Kicked out of GMC as well? What was that all about? Also, isn’t he another of the reasons our defensive backfield sucked so much this year?


    • Gravidy

      If he and Nick Marshall had managed to keep their noses clean, they would have been two additional experienced warm bodies to be used in the secondary. That couldn’t have hurt the situation.


    • The984

      Definitely. Marshall and Sanders’ both getting booted led to a dearth of experience a few years later. Mostly because they decided to get kicked off the team AFTER Signing Day, so we didn’t have any chance to prepare for what would be a problem a couple of years down the line.


  6. SCDawg

    Perhaps he should not said he was happy to join the Baylor “gang.” Still, I wish him luck, but like others I’m tired of UGA being thought of as an “out of control” program, while guys we kick out of school land at other programs and no one every raises questions about that program;s lack of control.


  7. Satan

    There was a comment on that page that said: Note to Baylor- Play him at QB.

    Good stuff.


  8. Russ

    What I got from that article is that it’s apparently against team rules to steal from your teammates.


  9. Irishdawg

    As frustrating as it is to watch ex UGA players go and contribute to other programs, I’m glad we’re a program that doesn’t tolerate that crap. It’s worth it to not be a team that condones stealing and other bad behavior that would give any amount of credibility to Tech fans’ mouth foaming nonsensical ramblings.


  10. Keese

    Wonder what happened to Montrez Robinson. Last I heard he was trying to enter supplemental NFL draft