‘All right, this guy can play.’

I can’t guarantee a win over Nebraska in Jacksonville on New Year’s Day – in a game featuring the 97th and 120th ranked teams in turnover margin, it’s prudent to hedge your bets – but one thing I feel pretty certain about is that Hutson Mason will make sure Georgia doesn’t suffer from complacency.


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4 responses to “‘All right, this guy can play.’

  1. mdcgtp

    As the founding member of wanting Park and Ramsey in 2014 (and heck it sound like Bauta may be a part of the process), I have been very happy with what I have seen and heard from Mason. My fear was that he was physically limited like Cox. He is a lot bigger than I thought he was, and I think his mobility and pocket presence were also pleasant surprises. We should be in good hands.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Mason’s terrific. I’d compare him favorably to Tee Martin (see what I did there?).


  3. We thought Mason might have a little moxie. That has long been the rumor. And to this point, it looks that way.

    A little moxie goes a long way. It’s contagious, and we can sure use some.