Hard times at Butts-Mehre

According to Forbes, Georgia is fourth in the SEC in football revenue, and has shockingly slid to fourth in net profitability.  I know whom they can’t blame that on.

Last year the Bulldogs collected $22.5 million from ticket sales and another $28 million from contributions, highlighting how important a loyal alumni base can be to a team’s financial success.

It’s those damned expenses.

Though the top SEC teams have taken a more dominant position this year, with LSU close behind Alabama at No. 4, the conference as a whole no longer controls the front half of the list. Last year, the SEC commanded seven of the top ten spots; this year, the conference has just four teams in the top ten. Part of that has to do with how much SEC teams spend on football each year – the typical conference team spent a staggering $27 million…

This, too:  “The athletic department contributed $4 million back to academic programming.”  Watch that number grow over the next few years.



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2 responses to “Hard times at Butts-Mehre

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    We need an audit. Something doesn’t add up (pun intended) about the revenue and the expenses. I, for a long time, suspected Adams of diverting funds. What’s going on now……?


  2. AusDawg85

    More proof of Mark Richt doing less with less while Les has more but also did less.