Your new safety

Looks like the Tramel Terry move is longer term than I first thought.

What does that say about Richt’s position on depth at receiver and in the secondary?



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23 responses to “Your new safety

  1. David K

    Here’s to hoping he excels and can contribute and doesn’t bounce around positions like Richard Samuel did.


    • Dawgfan Will

      This was my first thought. I trust our coaches most of the time, but anytime a talented player changes positions, I immediately think of how Samuel’s talent was squandered.


  2. sniffer

    He’d better be the second coming of Deon Sanders. I have been impatiently waiting to see him run a jet sweep (not that we’d ever actually run that play).


  3. Ed Kilgore

    Don’t know about next year, but a 2015 secondary of Matthews, Terry, Wiggins and Wilkerson sounds pretty good.


  4. How many years will it take him to learn the scheme?


  5. Bright Idea

    The proof will come but he and all the DBs need to be coached up.


  6. Ben

    Is adding new players really what our secondary needs? We added new players every other game over the course of the season, and our pass defense never improved. Our problem is not talent — it’s either coaching or experience. Tossing Terry in next year season, with no full-speed experience, accomplishes nothing.


  7. JRW7

    My question is, is TT ok with the permanent move from WR to DB?


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I recall Jermaine Phillips was a terrific ST gunner before the move from WR to S. And I think Sean Jones made the move to S from QB without any previous ST or D tryouts. Dawgs have a pretty good history switching positions. I don’t have much concern about TT. My concern is our DB coach hasn’t shown much ability to coach players up.


  9. Bob Sackamano

    Don’t we have Two starting Safeties?


    • Dawgaholic

      May mean Malcolm Parrish to offense. Parrish should play QB by the way. He’s a field general that can make all the throws and hits his receivers in stride on most of his throws. Also has a ton of arm strength. Add to that the open field moves of Damien Gary with 4.4 speed. Saw him play in a playoff game a few weeks ago and was amazed.


  10. hailtogeorgia

    I’ll trust the coaches on this one, but I don’t think this necessarily excludes him from being used on offense. Richt was pretty good in using Brandon Boykin efficiently all over the place, I don’t see why Tramel would be any different if he’s that talented.


    • Macallanlover

      I like having his talent made available at the weakest area of Georgia’s team. Since he is good with it why not try it? We can spare people from the offense but if we are to win an SEC next year someone has to step up at DB. Doesn’t mean he cannot contribute on offense occasionally but I would give up two offensive players to get one person who can cover a receiver. Also feel TT may be the guy to become that return man we have been lacking, especially on punts.

      Saw where JJ Green is open to playing on defense as well. With our depth at RB next year, I don’t see why we don’t give him a shot there as well. He stepped up nicely this season but I just don’t see him breaking through the lineup of talent we will have at that position.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        “I like having his talent available at the weakest area of Georgia’s team.” Can the kid play tackle, too? 🙂


    • Irwin R Fletcher

      I seem to remember DB’s in the past that have been able to help on special teams and limited offense…Boykin and Honey Badger immediately come to mind.