Musical palate cleanser, living well is the best revenge edition

Somehow, and in defiance of medical science and everything our mothers told us not to do, Keith Richards turns 70.  Remarkable.

As far as attitude, this clip may be the most Keef thing ever.

As Nils Lofgren once famously wrote, Keith don’t go.


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7 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, living well is the best revenge edition

  1. stuckinred

    I saw him on my 16th birthday in Chicago in 1965!

  2. Russ

    I work at NASA and we’re trying to build our next spacecraft out of the same material as Keef. It can obviously withstand enormous abuse.

  3. That black eyeliner is so unattractive.


    I really enjoy it when the Stones go blues….

  5. Dog in Fla

    Some think Kramer was sired by Keith

  6. “The Rolling Stones Live On Stage” plus Keith Richard

  7. Will Trane

    Great accoustic and slide guitar player. Personally, I like Mark Knopfler and Eric Clayton [Layla] , and whoever played the slide guitar in Bob Seger’s “Like a Rock”…that musical video is an all time classic. Even the Redcoats play “Paint It Black”. Like the clips in the movie, “For love of the game” on the stiike outs.