Uncle Verne has a way with the laydeez.

I may have to start referring to him as V-Smoove.

We met in a bar, and I hasten to add it was an upscale bar in Dallas. It was a place called Arthur’s. I walked in after I did the 10 o’clock news (at WFAA-TV in Dallas) and I didn’t want to go home. Nancy and her date were at the bar and her date recognized me from local television and invited me over to have a drink. He introduced me to his date and her name was Nancy Miller. It was their first date, a blind date. So we sat and chatted and her date, Raymond Willie, said to me, “Listen, I know you are single. I’m going to fix you up with a friend of mine and we can all go to dinner.” He looked at Nancy and asked her, “What are you doing Thursday night?” She said, “Nothing.” He said, “Good, you’ll be my date and we’ll fix Verne up with this schoolteacher friend of mine and we’ll go to dinner.” Meanwhile, I’m looking at Nancy thinking she is the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life. So, Raymond finally left to take care of his business and I asked Nancy, “So, how involved are you with Raymond? She said, “Oh, this is our first date and it’s a blind date.” So I said, “Well, forget what he is talking about on Thursday night. What are you doing on Saturday night?” She said, “I think I am doing whatever you are doing.”
— CBS Sports announcer Verne Lundquist, on how he met his wife, Nancy, in 1980.



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26 responses to “Uncle Verne has a way with the laydeez.

  1. Then he let out a big “Yes Sir!!!!!”, and went on to mispronounce Nancy’s name on their first 3 dates.


  2. greeneggboy

    Wow, he got her name right and everything!


  3. Macallanlover

    You guys are going to miss Uncle Verne. Everyone is picking on his slide in his later years but from The Masters, and from his SEC football days he has made some memorable calls. As with replacing a HC, you don’t know what is coming next. I am not saying it isn’t time for him to take a well earned rest but all this busting on him overlooks that he has been a familiar voice in some great moments over the years. A little respect, please.


    • Gravidy

      I agree, Mac. Yeah, sure, he’s slipping in his later years, but I still would rather listen to him and Danielson than any other pairing on ESPN or Fox.


    • Hackerdog

      Andre Ware is available to fill in whenever Verne wants to retire.


    • Rory Johnson

      I agree Verne is one of the best announcers of all time. He describes the action and scenery better than anyone in the game. He may mess up a name or two but if you listen carefully they all do. He tells a story and makes each game special that is the difference of him and most of the announcers today.


    • Haha I wasn’t picking on him out of meanness, more like how you’d pick on one of your buddies. I actually like Verne a lot. He truly is “Uncle Verne” to all the SEC fans. No doubt I’ll miss him when he’s gone. But he’s one of us, so he’s not immune to some ribbing from us. 🙂

      And for that matter, I actually like Danielson a lot as well. He catches a lot of flack too, and certainly a chunk of it is deserved, but I enjoy his analysis way more times than I dislike it. Whenever he says “Ok, watch out for xxxxxx on this play, they like to run it in these situations”, I’d say he’s correct at least 80% of the time. You can tell he does a lot of homework going into the games.


      • Macallanlover

        I know some of it is good fun, just saying though because UGA fans can be a caustic group at times and go over the edge at the slightest whiff. I agree 100% with you about Danielson, never have understood the negative takes on him. As you said, he clearly does his homework and quickly recalls plays and situation from past games to make his points. First, or second, best analyst in CFB to me with Todd Blackledge being the other. I wonder if most of the naysayers just cannot get over the praise he and Verne have for athletes of other teams. They may get effusive at times about certain players but UGA has had our share of that too. You can go to any fan message board and see posters jumping off the ledge when they feel an announcer says anything positive about the other team. What an insecure group football fans are, collectively.


  4. wnc dawg

    Stylin’, indeed.

    And Senator, it is a travesty of justice that this story shares a category tag with Navy’s horawful helmets. You may have the best headers on the interwebs, but might need to dedicate spring ball to upping your category game.


  5. Reservoir Dawg

    Yes, he’s good if you can get over the traces of Tiny Tears’s (the GPOOE) DNA dribbling down his chin.


  6. Love a Man that knows what he wants and goes after it! Verne is one of the best and will be remembered as such.


  7. David K

    Later that night from a hotel in Dallas people could hear coming from one of the rooms “Oh……My…….Gosh”


  8. Nashville West

    I can’t stand Verne, had to turn the sound off on every C[full of]BS game this year. As for Blackledge and Danielson, they’re nothing but damn yankees. There has got to be a good SEC player who could replace them as an analyst.