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Should we call Chris Kiffin Junior Junior?

I see that dickishness runs in the family, but at least big bro directed his towards other coaches and recruits.


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Would you buy a used head coaching position from this man?

The AD in charge of finding a replacement for Mack Brown has quite an interesting history.


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“Things came too easy (as a freshman), and it felt like they were handed to me.”

Don’t want to read too much into this, because the level of effort required to be a D-1 starter is nothing to sneer at and it’s not as if his season was awful, but Jordan Jenkins‘ self-review of his season is interesting…

“I wasn’t mature about the offseason last year,” he said Friday.

He elaborated. There were too many voluntary workouts about which he heard “voluntary” and took it to heart. He specially mentioned workouts with speed coach Sherman Armstrong. And just in general Jenkins didn’t work hard enough, and it showed on the field.

“It humbled me more,” Jenkins said. “It made me believe that hard work and dedication is what pays off. It made me really look back to think about the offseason and summer and all the times I could have worked harder, versus sitting in the room, relaxing and playing games and hanging out. It just showed that you need to take advantage of those, and things aren’t going to be given to you. You need to work for them and put in the extra work.”

… especially in comparison with what they’re saying about Faton Bauta’s work ethic.

The point here isn’t along the lines of “I’d rather have a team of hard-working three-star recruits over those five-star kids any day”, but rather the simpler observation that talent only takes you so far, especially after you step up in class.  Coaching and the examples set by teammates are nice, but you’ve still got to find something inside yourself.  At least Jenkins is being honest about himself.  That’s where it starts.



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“‘Should I stay or should I go?’ no. That’s never entered my mind.”

To every one of you who’ve peddled your psychological theories or claim to have heard from someone very close to the source about Mark Richt calling it quits on coaching, this has to come as a serious blow.

I guess there’s one thing of which he hasn’t lost control.


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