“‘Should I stay or should I go?’ no. That’s never entered my mind.”

To every one of you who’ve peddled your psychological theories or claim to have heard from someone very close to the source about Mark Richt calling it quits on coaching, this has to come as a serious blow.

I guess there’s one thing of which he hasn’t lost control.


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17 responses to ““‘Should I stay or should I go?’ no. That’s never entered my mind.”

  1. Dawgfan Will

    I agree with Schultz’s closing sentiment and will add what I’ve said more than once.: Coach Richt doesn’t have to leave football to minister because football IS a ministry to him.


    • Russ

      I agree 100%. Richt has as much or more influence over these young men as their coach than as their minister. It’s his passion obviously.


  2. Dog in Fla

    In related news, it’s a sad day for Honduras and any/or Bobo but a good day for the Gabrielsen Natatorium 10 meter platform.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    So what’s is going to say when asked that question? He’s in the middle of recruiting. If he even hinted at retirement, the Sabans and Malzahns of the SEC would pounce on it on the recruiting trail.


    • uglydawg

      If you’re not convinced by now- that CMR tells it straight and doesn’t play word games- how do you ever trust anyone? How do you go about life? How do you ever buy a car, make a business transaction, etc? Hyperbolic questions, yes…but this man is for real…coach CocaCola …the “real thing”. Not a perfect coach, but a really, really good coach. Not a perfect man, but better than me and I suspect most or all of us who visit here.


  4. The important thing in Schultz’s article is what he says about money. He doesn’t need to make $5m a year to be validated for what he does, but he does it for the competition. The man has been consistent that he wants to be at Georgia as long as he is in the coaching profession. He’s a man of integrity and a darn good football coach. He also makes it easy for McGarity to manage the reserve fund. 🙂


  5. AusDawg85

    People pay to read a Schultz column!? What’s next…the SEC creating their own network and making me pay extra for it just to see some schmuck like Finebaum?


    • Macallanlover

      +1 “The Voice of the SEC” indeed. Shows how much ESPN and the promos proclaiming this know about the South, or SEC fans at all. The dufus leads the trailer park brigade, period. I don’t really know who/what Shultz is at all. I know he works for Pravda West so I don’t contribute but have no idea about where he comes from, what he knows/thinks about CFB so my life will still be full without his input.

      As Bright Idea states below, Mark Richt is a very special man and we are fortunate to have him. I don’t know anyone with inside information but just get the feeling we won’t have him for more than 3-5 additional years, tops. And when we lose him. it will not be because he goes to another coaching gig. He has always been honest and handled every single thing that comes up with integrity.


      • IveyLeaguer

        {“As Bright Idea states below, Mark Richt is a very special man and we are fortunate to have him … he has always been honest and handled every single thing that comes up with integrity.”}

        I agree. I love the guy, always have. I love the way he represents Georgia, the way he represents me.

        I want him to be successful. That’s why I’m so passionate about wanting him to do the things that make the difference between a 2nd-tier SEC team, which is a pretty good football team, and consistently being a top-tier SEC team.

        Because we have, and he has, all the tools necessary to be that. And all that’s required to get there is for his team to simply, and consistently, play up to their talent level.


  6. Bright Idea

    Oh to be as confident and comfortable in your own skin as Richt is without being a jerk. Rare indeed.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    “We evaluate ourselves. We evaluate if the staff can do better.”

    Some of the staff is doing terrific – CMB, Ball, McClendon. I’d remove the “if” for the rest of the staff and replace it with “how”.


  8. Loran Smith

    Date: (A Fall Date a Few Years in the Future)

    To: Mark Richt, Mission Honduras

    Dear Coach,

    I hope this letter finds you well. I just had to tell you about today’s victory. It’s been our first in a long time. Since coaches Petrino, Patterson, Smart, and Strong, the Bulldawg Nation has really suffered from the NCAA sanctions and subsequent poor recruiting and disarray the team had fallen into. The stadium is only half full these days, your former detractors who got their way don’t bother showing up anymore I guess.

    But under bright sunny skies and against what has become one of our toughest non-conference opponents, some magic showed up again between the hedges…well, what’s left of them anyways ever since AD McGarrity sold most of them off as a failed fundraiser to buy tents for inclement weather practices.

    We were down early again coach. But then it seemed like our offense finally took fire. Coach Murray took over the play-calling from the sidelines and the team really responded. We marched down the field with a mix of power running and play action passing the likes of which we hadn’t seen since, well…since you were here. We tied them with under a minute to go, and succeeded on the onside kick. As time ran out, our place kicker put one through the uprights that was straight and true. You would have been proud of the effort and grit this team showed. Coach Bobo and his Georgia State team has really had our number of late, but we finally won the Georgia way.

    We may not be eligible for the post-season for a few more years, but we finally found something today that’s been missing since you left. Hope.

    My best to the Water Girl too.

    Your Friend,



  9. Mike

    2 words, thank God.


  10. JRW7

    He’s not coaching for the fun of it anymore, just look at his face and demeanor a few times on the sideline this year, and you could just see the look of “this is not fun anymore” on his face! He’s lying when he says he’s not considered retire!!


    • Thanks for that, Sigmund.

      I’m just curious why he’s lying. Financially speaking, he’s set for life and if there’s anybody who’s prepared for life after football, I’d say it’s Mark Richt. So why stick around?