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So, if Bret Bielema gets a raise after a good year, you think he’ll cut the Lord in for a piece of the action?


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“ …Next year we’re not going to have those problems.”

Promises, promises, fellas.

There’s still one more game to play this season.

“I think with these guys that we have, they’ve played so much football this year,” Swann said, “if they study the game plan, I think we can have a big day.”

Damian, I’d settle for you guys holding Nebraska’s passing attack to what Michigan State managed.  A big day would be gravy, indeed.


UPDATE:  Georgia’s Rudy?



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“That’s all part of the reason to continue to recruit great players.”

If 2013 has taught us anything, it’s that, when it comes to numbers, running backs are like beer:  you can never have enough.


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Mama was a jock.

I got a kick out of this quote from Adam Erickson’s mom, who played soccer for some dominant North Carolina teams in the early ’80s:

Kathy Erickson said she’s “so grateful” that punter Drew Butler and kicker Blair Walsh mentored Erickson while they were at Georgia.

“I can tell him all day about Division I athletics, but to live it and learn it and go through it with those guys was great,” she said.

Not exactly something you would have heard thirty or forty years ago, it’s what equal opportunity sounds like.  Title IX ain’t perfect by a long shot, but it’s gotten more than a few big things right.


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