“ …Next year we’re not going to have those problems.”

Promises, promises, fellas.

There’s still one more game to play this season.

“I think with these guys that we have, they’ve played so much football this year,” Swann said, “if they study the game plan, I think we can have a big day.”

Damian, I’d settle for you guys holding Nebraska’s passing attack to what Michigan State managed.  A big day would be gravy, indeed.


UPDATE:  Georgia’s Rudy?


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10 responses to ““ …Next year we’re not going to have those problems.”

  1. Debby Balcer

    Thanks for sharing the story of Tristan Askew. I hope to see him shine next year.


  2. Russ

    Loved the story about Tristan Agnew. Hope he plays and contributes next year but most importantly gets his degree. This story makes it easy to pull for the kid.


  3. Cojones

    Well? When can we see him in the game? Wouldn’t it be great to see him shut some Neb passing down?

    What part of Georgia was his father from? We have our share of Askews in Sowega. One of the more prominent names where I grew up, the most prominent known as “Mr. Askew” and everyone knew of whom you spoke.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Askew’s from Seattle? I guess he’s accustomed to all the rain we’ve had.


  5. Anon

    Enjoy that story so much better than ones about kids not playing hard during games, or being taken off guard by how hard the other teams are playing.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Fortunately last year, we won more games than this year so nobody really noticed it as much, but this year was a year that obviously that cost us games.”