“That’s all part of the reason to continue to recruit great players.”

If 2013 has taught us anything, it’s that, when it comes to numbers, running backs are like beer:  you can never have enough.



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  1. running backs are like beer: you can never have enough……….now where have I heard that before? O yeah ,every Ga/Fla game for the last 40 years. The scary parts is it’s true in both situations. Running backs are as good an athlete as there is on any team , I would get Brandon on the field as fullback and Green as someone you get the ball to in space, these are useful parts to a puzzle. We all realize Gurley( maybe Marshall ?) is gone next year . Recruits like Chubb know it too and I believe that kids that are getting good advice do not want to carry the ball over 200 times a season in the SEC .,They know they will get too beat up before going to the NFL to have a career longer than 3-4 years. Spread the hits among the talented and keep them fresh. And as to the beer part well that’s just obvious.


  2. Really can’t say enough about our running back eval and recruiting the last several years or so. It’s gone from almost pathetic to elite. Just shows that it can be done.

    Credit goes to Bobo & McClendon, Richt, the offensive staff, recruiting staff, and all support staff. But McClendon and Bobo are the key players.

    Now, if we could do this with the OL and defense .. we’ve always done well with QB’s under Richt, but the RB recruiting shines as an example of what can be.

    It shows we can.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I had doubts about the McClendon hire because I thought CMR should have brought in a more proven assistant. But in a pretty short time he’s become a great RB recruiter and coach – probably one of the best in the nation right now.


  4. E dawg

    Give him a raise the kids want to play for him.