History of Martial Arts

The next time someone from Georgia Tech whines about how the football program can’t compete because of academics, hit ’em in the mouth with this.

Of course, be prepared for some Olympics-level spin when you do.

We await the next excuse.


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17 responses to “History of Martial Arts

  1. Beer Money

    What the hell would Tech people know about sports to start with?


  2. Irishdawg

    “Soccer and Global Politics”? What the hell is that? Maybe it’s a study of how soccer is more or less boring in other hemispheres.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    This major is offered at Tech, right, not at Dekalb College?


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    For the Sport and Gender component do they give extra credit for attending an Atlanta Dream game – or is that like after school detention?


  5. This is old news this what Tyrone”yes I am a rocket scientist ” Sorrells got his degree in back in the 70’s. For those who don’t remember ,or choose not to. Tyrone flunked out of UGA’s remedial ed program and got his degree and played football for the Techies. It’s always been a fiction about their superior acedemics


  6. stoopnagle

    I love the “everybody take Calc” line. Because in the USG there is this thing called ARTICULATION.



  7. B.A. Baracus

    To be fair, the “Sports, Society & Technology” program is not a major — it’s not yet even a minor. It’s just a course of study under the college of History, Technology & Society. And, if you check the core requirements, all majors in that college do have to take Math 1501 (calc).

    Having said that, I was an English major at UGA and I also took calculus and ended up a software engineer myself, alongside many Tech grads, so it’s not exactly neurosurgery.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    In light of Herschel taking up MMA, I think this only confirms what we already know…Tech fans are obsessed with Georgia.


  9. Irwin R Fletcher

    This is a real Tae-kwon-doh!
    Either Judo have high academic standards or JuDon’t!
    At least they still have to Wrestle with Calculus!


  10. Ms. Emily Litella

    What’s all this about “History of Marital Arts?” I thought this was a family blog, about football and coaching and sports and such. There’s no need getting into that sex stuff between husbands and wives. Children sometimes read this blog, you know, young kids who play high school football and even younger. We need to keep things clean here….What’s that? …..It’s MARTIAL arts, not MARITAL arts……Oh…..Well….Never mind.


  11. Mudcats Impala...

    I would so take History of Martial Arts….

    Chapter’s 1 – 7: Bruce Lee effect on kick-assery…
    Chapters 8 through 52: Chuck Norris, the toddler years…