It’s good to know that Mark Richt’s lost control again.

Surprise, surprise.


UPDATE:  This is for everyone who likes to jump to conclusions.


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53 responses to “It’s good to know that Mark Richt’s lost control again.

  1. SouthGaDawg


  2. Nate Dawg

    Oh no. Now how will we stop Nebraska in 3rd & long.

  3. we all know what those team rules means. I say forget talent, forget who they are, pull scholarships and move on. Let a little weed cost a multi thousand dollar free ride, then ask hey was it worth it? Set the example, no one should be given special treatment.

  4. A little harsh, Don’t you think?

  5. I think Richt is just “processing”!

  6. Just ridiculous – athletes get every opportunity to get their academics in order with tutoring, preferential scheduling, an academic center only available to them, and academic counseling. They should be able to do the minimum to stay eligible.

  7. hinesword

    Third strike for Josh Harvey-Korrman, remember, he was in the care with Isaiah Crowell and his gun. Ba-bye, thanks for playing…or not.

  8. Dennis Rodmonian

    Good, then maybe Swann can play JHC’s position and they will be a better defense. He should move back to safety….

  9. Dennis Rodmonian

    The AJC is SO sharp that they have no comment at all on this at….shocker.

  10. Bright Idea

    So now we know why Terry was moved.

  11. Debby Balcer

    I hope it was grades and nothing more. I hope they apply themselves more next semester.

  12. 69Dawg

    Oh well at least Auburn can get some good DB’s. How long will your people have to suffer oh Dawg???

    • scholarathlete

      That is funny … By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept …

      • 81Dog

        I think that was actually a retention pond next to AU’s baseball stadium, but there was definitely weeping involved after this year’s fiasco down there.

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Anyone notice that DB has turned into a consistent trouble spot? Suspensions, poor play, attrition. But no, its totally unrelated to the DB coach. It’s all just a coincidence. Ahem, the guy’s also a poor recruiter.

    • Bulldawg165

      One problem year does not a pattern make

      • Macallanlover

        Do you not recall the first four games of 2012 when Mitchell was pressed into DB duty to help us get to mid-season? Not blaming the coach for the problems, these players are adults and totally responsible for their actions, but the past two seasons the defense has had more than their share of problems with availability and performance.

        • Bulldawg165

          The overall defense, yes. DBs in particular, no. I recall a pass defense last year that was pretty dang solid once the players returned from suspension and started gelling.

  14. scholarathlete

    Grades rolled in last week … compliance office was on Red Alert. Assuming this is poor academics.

  15. Smitty

    JHC really booked ended the season with an Auburn tipped pass in between….

  16. Skeptic Dawg

    I would think that the coach(es)receive academic updates from time to time on these kids. Yet King Richt stated in an interview that no one was in jeopardy of missing the bowl game. I know, finals are a huge part of the grade, but Richt intentionally skipped a few practices to allow these kids study time (sarcasm for those keeping score at home). What is a Dawg fan to do?

  17. Sitforadawtbone

    My daughter tutored football players and found that many just don’t care. You can supply all the resources, but you can lead a horse to water and if he chooses not to drink, what do you do then?

  18. JN

    Any chance Justin Scott Wesley can heal fast enough to be ready to play this game as well

  19. shane#1

    Grades or pot, it don’t matter, Dawg’s gotta Dawg. Anyway, weed will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no weed. Hope all ya’ll enjoy this time with family and friends.

  20. AlphaDawg

    Grantham now has an excuse for giving up 40.

  21. Macallanlover

    This may be slightly OT since this could be all about grades, but following up on gatri’s comment, it is time a move was made to level the rules for students who are not athletes when it comes to drugs and alcohol. I am proud of the stance UGA has taken about adherence to rules for players, and disgusted the NCAA and SEC haven’t standardized the rules for all member institutions. The stated ideal has always been not giving any special treatment for athletes but the truth is, “everyday” students are skating by to easily. Punishments, suspensions, monetary “fines”/costs, public admonishments, etc. should be equalized for Biffy and Buffy from Buckhead to match what athletes face.

    Upfront disclaimer: I am strongly in favor of changes to the current alcohol laws in all states, and marijuana laws in the majority of states, so don’t think I am wanting more people punished for smoking marijuana or drinking above age 18. On the contrary, I feel enforcing the laws strictly will cause them to be modified to be more reasonable to reflect society’s view and allow law enforcement to focus on real crime. UGA should be forced to randomly test ALL students, or none at all. Have the ABH and other newspapers publish the names of all students who are caught violating the Puritanical rules,, or publish/report none at all. Standardize the university even if the NCAA cannot step up and standardize it’s member schools. Adams and the UGA administration have been hypocrites on the issue, not true believers of “cleaning up” campus behavior. Singling out a visible portion of the student population ignores the much bigger problem for the sake of self promoting themselves. Equal efforts should be put against all students/employees, particularly those who receive any sort of aid from public funds, or receive compensation from UGA….including professors.

  22. DawgByte

    We lose Sheldon Dawson for the bowl game. What a pity. NOT!!! The dumbass meter for JHC has hit 2/3, so one more episode and he can transfer to Auburn.

  23. JAX

    Tell me, when was the last time Alabama, Auburn, or LSU suspended a player due to grades or drugs?

    • Ausdawg85

      Bama suspended 2 on Friday. Probably grades too. So…they are dumber!

      • T-rey594

        Bama has had a slew of arrests/suspensions this year. Leading the way in the Fulmer cup. I’m so sick of hearing Georgia fans say “you don’t see that at Bama” or “I wish Richt was more like Saban”.

  24. Bryan Henderson

    Actually if its drug related wouldn’t JHC have to sit out a total o 5 games. Since it would be his second drug suspension.