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Habemus coordinator!

Sounds like Boom’s found his guy to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic resurrect the moribund Florida offense.

Roper has served as Duke’s offensive coordinator since 2008. This year, the Blue Devils ranked 68th nationally in total offense, averaging 408.1 yards per game. The Blue Devils averaged 31.6 points per game.

In 2012, Roper helped direct the Blue Devils to a school single-season record of 410 points and 31.5 points per game, the fifth-highest total in school history.

Roper has extensive history in the SEC. He got his coaching start at Tennessee while serving as a graduate assistant from 1996-98 and then followed current Duke head coach David Cutcliffe to Ole Miss, where he spent six years coaching quarterbacks and was the passing game coordinator during his final three seasons.

In 2005, Roper served as Kentucky’s quarterbacks coach before serving as running backs coach at Tennessee in 2006 and 2007.

Tennessee, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Duke may not sound like much, until you consider they all look a long way up from this:

Pease’s dismissal came on the heels of an injury-riddled season in which Florida ranked last in the SEC in total offense (316.7 yards per game) and scoring (18.8) during a 4-8 season. It was the first time since 1979 that the Gators suffered a losing season and the first time in 22 years that they failed to make a bowl game.

Florida scored 30 or more points just twice during the 2013 season, tying for 112th nationally in scoring offense. The Gators also ranked 113th nationally in total offense.

What do you figure the over/under is on the number of years Roper has guaranteed on his contract?



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I know you are, but what am I?

I got asked this musical question the other day in the comments…

But I’m curious, is it because you’re a “Disney Dawg” as I’ve heard others say, and a reality POV threatens that paradigm?

… and it kind of got me to wondering (1) how would you define a Disney Dawg and (2) what’s the difference between being a “realist” about Georgia football and being overly pessimistic?

Bonus question:  how many of you have had or currently now have the pleasure of raising teenage offspring?

There aren’t any wrong answers here.  I’m just trying to get some context about why folks are so judgmental about certain issues.  Maybe I’ve been missing something all these many years.


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Eastern Saban Time

I don’t know if anybody caught this little blurb via Loran Smith, but it’s amusing:

Prior to the Southeastern Conference championship game between Missouri and Auburn, Rodney Garner, the former Georgia defensive line coach with the same position at Auburn, his alma mater, had this offering: “Nick Saban is the only coach in our conference who could have gotten the officials to put one second back on the clock, and it bit him.” He was, of course, referring to the subsequent field goal attempt by Alabama, which was returned for a touchdown and which sent the Tigers to the SEC championship game.

If anybody had said something like that about one of Corch’s moves that backfired, he’d write a book about it.  I suspect Saban’s just walking around, muttering something like “revenge is a dish best served cold” to himself.  If he has time for that shit, that is.


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Al Golden wishes you a happy holiday.

This is real, and it’s spectacular.


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