Eastern Saban Time

I don’t know if anybody caught this little blurb via Loran Smith, but it’s amusing:

Prior to the Southeastern Conference championship game between Missouri and Auburn, Rodney Garner, the former Georgia defensive line coach with the same position at Auburn, his alma mater, had this offering: “Nick Saban is the only coach in our conference who could have gotten the officials to put one second back on the clock, and it bit him.” He was, of course, referring to the subsequent field goal attempt by Alabama, which was returned for a touchdown and which sent the Tigers to the SEC championship game.

If anybody had said something like that about one of Corch’s moves that backfired, he’d write a book about it.  I suspect Saban’s just walking around, muttering something like “revenge is a dish best served cold” to himself.  If he has time for that shit, that is.


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15 responses to “Eastern Saban Time

  1. NoAxeToGrind

    I rather doubt Saban gives a damn about what Rodney Gardner says, or anybody else for that matter.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I’m not sure that Nick Saban is the only coach in this conference who could have gotten the officials to put one second back on the clock. I AM sure that Mark Richt couldn’t get them to do that, though. Think about that for a moment, and what that says about the level of fairness when it comes to game officials in the SEC and, for that matter, the SEC Commissioner’s office. This time it bit Saban, but Garner and the rest of the Auburn nation would be saying something different if the kick had gone through the uprights–and rightly so. SEC teams need this sort favoritism by game officials to stop.


    • Maybe it was God’s way of telling the SEC office to get its head out of its ass, Mayor.

      Although, since Auburn’s in the title game, maybe not.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        God had nothing to do with it Senator. As I already posted, it was Beelzebub. But then, Slive may be Beelzebub, so…………


    • Dante

      So are we just expunging the Georgia vs. Auburn game from memory now? Richt DID get officials to put time back on the game clock at the end of the first half. That totally happened and I really didn’t expect it to. It led to the field goal as the half expired. I believe there is a lot of favoritism that goes on in SEC officiating, but this isn’t it.


  3. Spike

    The refs would have done it for Spurrier. Richt? No way.


  4. fatman48

    In my opinion, Satan has no one to blame but Satan. As far as the SEC commissioner’s office and the SEC officials go, Mike Slive & Penn Wagers birds of a feather.


  5. Bright Idea

    I wonder who Garner heard say that or was it his original thought?


  6. Reservoir Dawg

    What’s the Tuscaloosa term for Sat 37F?


  7. uglydawg

    This officiating thing is an ugly can of worms. I hate to watch a game and see lacadaisical officiating…and then..when that “special” team is driving the ball against the clock…the zebra’s run around and hustle to spot the ball so as little time as possible is lost. They play “up tempo” as the clock runs down. They should maintain the same level of “hustle” the whole game and for both teams. I still say a head coach should be given the right to reject an officiating crew at least once a year. When a crew collects three rejections they’re fired. The crew that officiated the UGA/Vandy game very likely changed the whole outcome of the NC game….It would have been UGA beating Auburn in a rematch in the dome and somebody other than Awlbun facing FSU….all becasue of stupid, cheating SEC officials.