I know you are, but what am I?

I got asked this musical question the other day in the comments…

But I’m curious, is it because you’re a “Disney Dawg” as I’ve heard others say, and a reality POV threatens that paradigm?

… and it kind of got me to wondering (1) how would you define a Disney Dawg and (2) what’s the difference between being a “realist” about Georgia football and being overly pessimistic?

Bonus question:  how many of you have had or currently now have the pleasure of raising teenage offspring?

There aren’t any wrong answers here.  I’m just trying to get some context about why folks are so judgmental about certain issues.  Maybe I’ve been missing something all these many years.


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  1. A10Penny

    Regarding question #2….most of us probably aren’t as objective as we think we are. Unfortunately, there are so many statistics out there that we can all find evidence that supports our individual beliefs. But that doesn’t mean separating realists from overly optimists and pessimists is impossible. For example, if people are overly pessimistic about this year’s team, who never gave up despite all the injuries, the bad targeting calls, and the pass that should have been batted away…you Sir/Ma’am…are not a realist.

    Objectivity is a skill that can be practiced. Take out the emotion, analyze the facts, and have no fear about making tough judgments (easy to do in the comments section…not so easy to do as an AD or head coach). If you think Miguel Cabrera deserved the MVP last year because he won the Triple Crown, you might need to re-evaluate your objectivity and/or ability to evaluate baseball contributions. If you think Grantham is the worst DC in the SEC, you’re probably overly pessimistic. But if you think we’ll get anything better than average D under Grantham year-in/out, you gotta remove those rose-colored glasses.


  2. Disney Dawg is the nick name I have reserved for our Heisman trophy QB whenever we get one. It’s going to be like going to Disney world everytime we tee it up between the hedges. It will be the most magical place on earth.


  3. RaleighDawg31

    Interesting questions. I also wonder how much of it is a true pessimistic/optimistic split as opposed to a split between those fans willing to accept some compromises due to their loyalty to Richt’s more principled approach (i.e., “Disney Dawgs”) as opposed to those who would prefer we just Bama’ed it and won at all costs. If you defined it that way, I think I would certainly be a Disney Dawg. I’m willing to accept some hard times and the fact that we have trouble making it over that last hump simply because I enjoy pulling for a high quality football program that seems to take pride in doing things the right way, for better or worse.


  4. MikeInValdosta

    Disney Dawg: A somewhat sarcastic moniker that has been given to those of us that remain proud of our program and head coach for doing things the right way (ex. I am glad we do not over-sign or cut players for on-field performance reasons)
    Realist/Pessimistic: No idea. Still haven’t learned the origin of National Championships being our birthright. If it is written in some long lost text, I have no doubt it is written in crayon.
    Bonus: 1 former teen, 2 current teens, and a preteen.


    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Well said, Mike. Agree with you wholeheartedly.


      • Mike, I Also agree with you wholeheartedly: And, We do not have to have a mythical national championship to have a program that we can be justly proud of ON & off the field..


      • 79dawg

        Agree with Mike, but would say those who are called “Disney Dogs” probably realize there is more to college football than just winning games; on the other hand, those who think winning is the only thing that matters, are (almost always) going to be disappointed, negative and unsatisfied.
        I will also say, I thought the “Dream” video summed things up well. In life (like in football), dreams don’t always come true – sometimes due to our own actions/shortcomings, sometimes others simply exceeding/overcoming us, and sometimes it’s just fate.


        • Winning is certainly not the only thing that matters. I despise that mentality. And championships are not the most important thing, either.

          What’s important to me is that Georgia plays like Georgia is supposed to play, and has traditionally played. That is to say, we are consistently well-coached and play smart, solid football. On top of that, we’ll fight you. We play hard and we fight hard.

          If my team does that, then I am always proud of them, win or lose. The 2012 SECCG is a recent example of that. Proud of the job the coaches did, and the way the players played. The whole team.

          When we give games away by being sloppy, which usually means not very well-coached and/or disciplined, and make a lot of unforced mistakes or do stupid things that get us beat, then I’m not so proud.

          It can be a mixed bag sometimes, and this year in particular, has been more than once. We had games where our preparation and overall coaching that week was not up to par, yet the players fought and played hard, with everything they had.

          That’s all you can ask of players, at least once they take the field. And pretty much the whole year we played with heart out there. I’m certainly proud of that, and that’s a step forward from where we’ve been, IMO.

          The point is, it’s not about winning or losing. Just give me a consistently well-coached and well-prepared team and I’ll live and die with them, all day every day. It’s also called playing to your talent level. Be as good as you’re supposed to be, and occasionally even better than that.

          That’s why it’s not so much about winning and championships. Because at a place like Georgia, if you play to the level of your talent, you’re going to win your share of Titles, SEC and otherwise. It’ll take care of itself.

          All I’ll ever ask of a head coach is produce a team that plays to level of talent he has available. And nothing more.


          • Russ

            Bingo! You just saved me a whole lotta typing.

            I want to play the game the way it should be played, and the results will take care of themselves.


            • Russ

              Oh, and I have a pre-teen daughter that is mistaken for my granddaughter often. 🙂 It took me a while to find someone that would put up with me.


            • {“I want to play the game the way it should be played, and the results will take care of themselves.”}

              I could have saved myself a whole lot of typing had I just put it like that. Well said, Russ.


  5. HottCheese

    1) The time that I was described as a Disney Dawg was after I praised Bobo and Richt. I’m pretty sure that is the definition; to support both Bobo AND Richt in the same expression.

    2) I loathe that a large part of our fan base tries to honor Munson’s memory by being unnecessarily pessimistic. It’s not cute. One of my buds almost had me convinced that Kentucky was going to upset the Dawgs.

    Bonus: I’ve girls of 6 and 4. My brother has girls of 5 and 2. I thought when they were teenagers things got easier.


  6. I’ve never met a Disney Dawg that I didn’t like. I have run into BandWagon fans that I wasn’t too enamored with. Helped raise two sons 15 months apart.


  7. Disney is generally a personal attack against people don’t think we should fire everybody after a 3-point loss on the road to a top 5 opponent. Realists are those who think we should have fired Vince Dooley in 1979 because he would never get us over the hump.

    Currently, I parent a 17-year old daughter (current verbal commit to UGA in the fall) and a 14-year old daughter. On certain topics, they think they know everything.


  8. SouthGaDawg

    I’m conflicted on this question. Thanks Senator for making me think deeply on Christmas Eve. I view a Disney Dawg as someone who thinks we are as good as Alabama presently or UF of the Urban era. I just don’t see our present Dawgs as being that level. Yes, we came 4 yds. last year from being in the BCSNC, but it didn’t happen. (Hey, if “ifs and buts were candies and nuts..”) I also don’t think we are a middle of the road SEC team, but we seem like we are a step higher. That opens even more questions like, “What really is the difference between AL and UGA? and How the %$@#& does AU do what they’ve done the past few years? Oh, well. Merry Christmas to the Senator and all who follow GTP!


  9. Bulldawg165

    Wow. Disney Dawgs like to think that everyone who disagrees with them want to:
    1) fire the entire staff each time the offense doesn’t score a TD on a drive (or the defense gives up a TD)
    2) fire the entire staff every time a talented kid from GA doesn’t sign with UGA
    3) start paying players
    4) sacrifice players who don’t win the Heisman trophy (literally or figuratively)
    5) complain about the weather if we beat a rival 100-0
    6) accept a culture of drug use (maybe even give out cocaine before games!)

    Geeze. I just consider a Disney dawg as someone who CONSTANTLY says “we just had bad luck this year but next year we’re gonna win it all” or “we were only down 28-0 to SC in 2012 (or 42-10 to LSU in 2011, pick a game from 2009 or 2010, 31-0 to Bama or 49-10 to Fla in 2008, 28-0 to Tenn in 2007, 51-33 to Tenn in 2006, etc. etc.) because we do things the RIGHT way and they have no integrity blah blah blah.” Or “if you point out any type of fault, howver casually, with this football team then you must hate yourself, have unreasonable expectations, cry when we win, etc.”

    A pessimist is someone who hates the way this season has turned out and can’t be proud of how hard our dawgs fought, how brilliant our QB performed, how we continued our recent streak of domination of our rivals (except Auburn).

    I would say a realist is someone who enjoys the big wins but can still admit that there are a few areas where we lag behind other programs and it’s not 100% due to bad luck or unethical behavior on their part (in most cases). Most probably consider me to be a pessimist but that’s just because of how frustrated I get with some overly optimistic sunshine and rainbows posters on here. In other conversations outside of this blog I’m usually defending Bobo and Murray and other things of the like.


    • Interesting thoughts. So far, most everybody here has mentioned the thing about doing things the right way, or not. To me, that doesn’t enter into the equation at all.

      Here is my stance on that: I am a Mark Richt supporter, and have never been otherwise. I love the man. I love the way he represents Georgia, and the way he represents me. I have never once supported the idea that he be fired.

      Instead, I very much want Mark Richt to succeed as a head coach, and one day take his place among the great SEC coaches that have made their impact in our League’s history. He’s a very unique head coach, and I want him to make it to the top. I’m proud of the way he insists on forthrightness, honesty, and integrity in his program, and am certain, without any doubt, that not one single standard or belief has to be compromised in order for Georgia to win their fair share of championships.

      Not an single one.


      • Bulldawg165

        “and I am certain, without any doubt, that not one single standard or belief has to be compromised in order for Georgia to win their fair share of championships.

        Not a single one.”

        I agree 100%. But, and this has nothing to do with what you said, I want to add that I don’t think our lack of success compared to several other SEC schools is due to these standards and beliefs.


      • NoAxeToGrind

        Unfortunately, I am afraid you are going to be badly disappointed. College football is not a “nice guy’s” game, that is if you want to win at the highest level. Saban is a realist that has figured it out. Winning is what Saban’s all about. I find no fault with Saban. He is worth every penny of his $5 million salary. Success breeds envy.


        • {“College football is not a “nice guy’s” game, that is if you want to win at the highest level.”}

          You may be right, but I don’t think so. I believe Richt can win at the highest level, without compromise, provided he is willing to make a few major changes. And those changes are what a lot of my conversation and thinking is about. Right now, there is something holding that progress back. There’ll be more on this in the next several weeks.

          {“Saban is a realist that has figured it out. Winning is what Saban’s all about. I find no fault with Saban. He is worth every penny of his $5 million salary.”}

          I agree. I actually like Saban, and the way he does most things. What people don’t seem to understand is that most everything Saban does is not exclusive to him. Other coaches, past and present have done the same things. Maybe Saban is a little more of a perfectionist than some who have been successful at the highest level. But the principles of good coaching, thoroughness, details, instilling discipline, all those things, are the same.

          I was strongly opposed to Saban’s roster management methods his first 4 years or so. Once attrition was complete, he hasn’t had to find inventive ways to circumvent the rules and cut players, etc., nearly as much. Any new coach is justified to clean house when he first arrives and after that first season. But after that, you gotta do what’s right by the player. And Saban didn’t do that.

          But other than that, I don’t have a problem with him, either, as a coach. He’s just doing what other great coaches do and have done, and he’s very thorough about doing it.

          I know I may be disappointed. But I just KNOW that its possible for Richt to get it done. The question is, will he do the things necessary for it to happen. Because I’ll be the first to say, it’s not going to happen the way it’s been up until now.


          • NoAxeToGrind

            My opinion is that Richt does not have what it takes to get it done. I think he has reached his level of incompetence and has gone as far as he can. Furthermore one has to have the mindset as well as the desire to win at the highest level. In my opinion, Richt is lacking in both. I just don’t see it happening. But, as you and I both know, time will be the final arbiter. Just how much more time he has will be interesting to see.


            • Debby Balcer

              He is competitive you don’t have to act like a jerk to be competitive. If he did not want to win he would not be in this field if work. As to his competence his record of wins tells that he is highly competent. If one has towin a mythical national championship to be successful most everyone will be considered a failure. I have raised two teenagers to adulthood. I would rather be around a Disney DAWG than a negative bellies.


              • Macallanlover

                I have never understood that mindset either, being loud of volume, acting childish, or using bad language does not equate to being a great coach (see Boom). And being mild mannered and composed doesn’t stop you from being a cold-blooded serial killer (see Wooden, John). Everything I have ever heard about Mark Richt from those who know him best states that he is extremely competitive. I like his calm demeanor on the sidelines at crunch time, and I think UGA has been very good at moving the ball, and scoring, with time working against us. His players, especially the QBs, seem to draw from his quiet confidence. And I like when things don’t go our way, he handles the reactions and interviews with class. Never embarrassing, and never the need for an apology. As to those MNC credentials, Coker and Cheetzik got that in their first years as a HC, and Mack Brown, Phil Foolmer, and Bob Stoops go one despite their mediocre HC performances, at least in my opinion. That “title” is more about having good talent, with maybe one superstar, and has a lot of things go their way at the exact right time than it is about great, consistent coaching. We had a decent, not great coach, have that happen too, back in 1980. Same guy that lost to 3 ACC teams the year prior, I believe. There weren’t many fans, or broadcasters calling him “genius” then, as I recall.


                • Macallanlover

                  And both of my teenagers are now in their early 30s. I was very fortunate with mine throughout those years but that period of time was the scariest I have endured as a parent. You have lost control, and their lives/reputations are at the mercy of the dumbest they choose to associate with….along with that person’s friends that also get included. You do all you can but still sweat it out anyway.


                • I’ve said many times that Richt personality, and his calm demeanor, are assets, not liabilities.

                  There is absolutely nothing – zero – he needs to change about who he is in order to reach his goal of consistently residing at the top level of the Southeastern Conference.

                  And if he ever achieves that, believe me, EVERYBODY will be happy.


  10. Bulldawg165

    Oh, and I have a 3 year old but no teenagers.


  11. Cojones

    My experience here is that the objective Dawg critic often fits into the Disney Dawg hopper as some pessimists think their own opinions should inherently be taken as God’s law. Some pessimists are trolls who try to disguise themselves as Dawgs. Most pessimists reflect rather accurately that their complaints are valid; Some pessimists get caught up in how important their views are and add a darker color to the valid and humble pessimist’s views. Some optimists and pessimists try to support their views with ad hominem attacks. It gets them nothing but an embarrassing silence.

    My three former teenagers are grown and mature , but always retain a touch of rebellious teenager. They can change from that validating wonderful person you gave all those good and honest values to another strange individual you don’t recall ever seeing before.They can go from loving support to estrangement with a parent at the drop of a hat. As they grow older and unwiser in your vision, they grow much wiser and smarter in their own minds as attested to sometimes by their condescending words and lack of sensitivity. In other words, they become more like Republicans.


    • Cojones

      Dang; forgot again: -)


      • mg4life0331

        Not all of us Republicans are old white dudes. Some of us are indeed moderate. Some of us don’t engage in polemic arguments and see across the aisle. Some is very subjective and probably a small percentage. I’ve learned to accept others opinions and their right to them. Its what makes this country great. There is one conservative that would have a beer summit with you cojones. Well, I’m a single malt guy, whatever.


        • Drink the beer go easy on the brownies. 😉


          • mg4life0331

            IDK, that’s another thing I’m quite moderate on. I’ve seen too much evidence of it helping people.


            • Cojones

              Dang, mg4, we missed each other on Christmas Eve. And for some reason there are no more cookies to leave for Santa here. Dang, dang, dang. Ho, ho, ho! anyway. Us Liberals have a conservative streak as well plus sometimes I’m over the top and not as libertine as projected. Really. Just having fun but you already know that. Someday we will get together over a pitcher of dark ale and talk Dawgs and Herman Talmadge, Marvin Griffin and a few others I’ve voted for before the revelation. All of my siblings have remained Conservative through life as well as 90% of my life-long friends. I would be lonely without their conversations especially at this time of year.

              Peace to us old farts and the rest of’em. Smoke’em if you got’em!

              All you Dawgs have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, a happy bowl game and a New Dawg Year.


              • Macallanlover

                “before the revelation”, that’s classic. Bad drugs killing brain cells is my guess. Stumbling blindly down the wrong path politically seems a more appropriate description for you, old fool. But other than that, your vision seems to be OK.


                • Cojones

                  Wrong guess, but to put it all in perspective; I voted for John Kennedy when Southern Democrats were changing parties and didn’t touch pot until 14 yrs later. Didn’t really smoke to amount to anything until diagnosed with early glaucoma around 50 yrs of age. Gradually, it has gotten to the point of opthalmologists testing every year (I “volunteered”) for broad field of vision in order for me to continue driving. Counting the laser holes punched through each eye to relieve pressure, the operations total 13 thus far. Haven’t had one in about 7yrs because the pressure is controled by medication drops and a little pot in the evenings. One Opthalmologist told me, that except for societal pressures on his business , he would tell me to go to the beach and score a baggie (in So Cal). So there’s that.


                • Cojones

                  Oh, and my license is restricted to daylight driving only. I can see “ok” at night, but the eye doctor wouldn’t sign the form until I agreed to have it placed on my license. Facing the fact that your driving years are numbered makes one feel as old as dirt.


  12. Old DAWG

    I’ve never heard the term Disney Dawg before. But, I remember 3 years ago having a conversation in support of Richt in Sec 132 with my seat neighbor. I said “ever since I could hold a ball I was told ‘It’s not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game’. If you support firing Richt, then all that was a lie” He agreed. I guess we’re both closet Disney Dawgs.


    • Bulldawg165

      Well, it was a lie and most people would want a coach fired if his team never won a game, no matter how much integrity he projected. But what really erks me about that and similar statements is that it portrays winning and having class as mutually exclusive, which just isn’t so.


      • Agree.

        As a longtime Dawg, we’ve always done things with class, and I wouldn’t sacrifice that for anything. But thankfully, we don’t have to. We can be as good as anybody and still do it right.


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    “the pleasure of raising teenage offspring?”

    Very funny.


  14. I don’t know what a Disney Dawg is, but I’m very curious to find out. I sort of assumed it meant people who continually drink the red and black kool-aid without thinking, or were otherwise intolerant of objective critique, for whatever reason. But that is probably wrong.

    As for #2, I can only speak for myself. I would say being overly pessimistic is characterized by a negative attitude about things in general that is not supported by evidence or cold reason.

    This is manifested in any number of ways, and often it’s hard to distinguish the pessimist from the realist. A simple example would be those who want to fire the head coach every time something goes wrong, when there’s no foundation for that. A little more complex is the guy who blames almost every offensive ineptness on playcalling. This, of course, happens a lot, and more often than not, it isn’t the call.

    But sometimes it IS the call, or poor playcalling. But whatever the issue, the pessimist gets it wrong because his judgment is preset, and not supported by hard evidence. In tough times, the pessimist will be right more often than he is in good times, by definition. But he’s still wrong far too often, and sometimes right for the wrong reasons.

    That’s not the greatest definition of a Georgia pessimist, but hopefully you guys get the idea.

    On the other hand, the realist has the ability to back away from the issue, whatever it is, and see it in light of the whole, while completely void of emotion. He then tests his observations and conclusions with the ultimate tool, the game film, because football reality, whether tangible or intangible, will never contradict the film.

    As the issue broadens, from a single play or single game to a season or more, more film is required to represent and test the particular body of work. But every conclusion, even moreso the intangible ones, must be consistent with whatever shows up on the game film.

    Like in any field, discernment in football improves with time, practice and experience. And it’s never foolproof. Being human, the football realist can be wrong. And when he is, it’s usually because some element of emotion got in the way. The realist is constantly on the lookout for personal prejudice, because that is enemy #1.

    Obviously, some experience with the game is helpful. You know how it feels and what it takes to make or miss a play – defend a pass, make a tough catch, make a great block, miss a block, miss a tackle, get run over – if you’ve done it yourself. You have an idea of what it feels like to play tired, or loaf, and what it looks like on film. And so on.

    But playing experience isn’t required. There are those in Dawgnation who are good at seeing things who have never played the game. And my observation has been they usually have the ability to put emotion and prejudice aside. That’s the biggest thing, IMO. Which is easier said than done since all of us, by definition, love the Georgia Bulldogs, and our hearts are involved.

    So its not easy to be objective. That’s why it’s so good to have the film to fall back on. Because the film is ALWAYS objective. And it never lies. It can be misinterpreted. But it never lies.


  15. eli

    disney dawg belives we will win every game and dies a little if we don’t, but ready for the next game by Monday morning


  16. hinesword

    Alright, alright, Mickey’s a mouse, Donald’s a duck, Pluto’s a dog. What’s Goofy?

    Goofy’s a dog. He’s definitely a dog.

    He can’t be a dog. He drives a car and wears a hat.

    Oh, God. That’s weird. What the hell is Goofy?


  17. mg4life0331

    Too many teams have swapped coaches and won the BCS in our conference. As long as this remains true, people will complain.


  18. Disney Dawg and Eeyore Dawg… –
    “In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it ‘Christmas’ and went to church; the Jews called it ‘Hanukkah’ and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say ‘Merry Christmas!’ or ‘Happy Hanukkah!’ or (to the atheists) ‘Look out for the wall!’ – Dave Barry, “Christmas Shopping: A Survivor’s Guide”

    Go Dawgs!


  19. bulldogbry

    Because I’m exiled and have to get my conversational fix from message boards and the like (and, thankfully, this blog), I’m well aware of the split. But I don’t necessarily apply those labels to everyone. There seems to be those who can’t wait to say ‘I told you so’ after bad things and those who realize that no matter what is written or said, fans don’t make the intricate decisions. Sure, collectively we influence the process with our check books but unless things go REALLY south, supporters will pony up. Someone alluded to it earlier – I like CMR and want him to succeed, but I wouldnt shed a tear if he got canned after back to back 4-8 seasons. I remember watching him walk out of that stadium in Boulder thinking that he won’t be able to turn it around. He proved me wrong. If I’m a Disney Dawg for accepting less than a natty every year then, yeah label me. I’ve seen what instability can bring.

    One 18 year old, one who will be 13 in February, both girls. I grew up with two brothers. I STILL know nothing about women.


  20. Dawgoned

    To me, a Disney Dawg is one that thinks we’re going to be automatically Top 5 going into every preseason (like this one), and who isn’t fed up yet with the “tough luck” of Josh H-C (suspended at the end as well as at the beginning of the season).


  21. ARDawg

    Disney Dawg = no need to worry, any problems with the program can be fixed without too much trouble, but there are no true problems any way

    Realist = problems exist and must be addressed, the coaches should be accountable and we should expect improvements

    Pessimist = regardless of any past success the program has had under current leadership, all coaches must go because they cannot and will not fix any problems, the program owes me!


  22. Dawgoned

    ….continuing… ‘the defense will be kick-ass, because it’s a year older; Mason will be an instant Murray; don’t sweat the special teams, because I love this school!”


  23. Macallanlover

    First I don’t think anyone exactly fits any one, or both, of the labels everyone is addressing. We all have our own different expectations of UGA football which varies by season, players available, performance of those players (which changes monthly as they develop throughout their early careers, or find themselves hampered by injuries), and the factors beyond our control: the strength/performance of our opponents on that year’s schedule. How people react to their own expectations as we rise above, or fall below them is reflected in their comments and readers try to characterize them to fit their own definitions of a Disney Dawg, Realist, or a Negative Nellie. My general definitions are different from what others have posted:

    1. The worst of the group to be is the Negative Nellie. This “fan” is unhappy with UGA football, as they are with life in general. There is always a black cloud above them and the glass is close to the bottom, even in days where things go well. Some of these only post when things are the darkest as if their erratic attendance on the blog wasn’t noticed their absence after 4-5 straight wins. Others of this ilk do appear after a satisfying win but only do point out that we did make a mistake or two in that impressive win and that spells doom for us very soon, or to point out that opponent was not ranked in the Top 5. These guys, I just ignore because they have no balance and observations are not only predictable, they are meant to drag everyone down to their level of unhappiness. I think everyone has some level of agreement in identifying this category of fan.

    2. The Disney Dawgs, in my mind, and different from the other definitions, are the ones who live in a make believe world that is unrealistically hopeful that we will win all games decisively, contend for titles every year, and see all of our 5, and 4 star recruits over power other teams. After all, we are Georgia. We have all the resources anyone could want, recruit in Georgia, and have the money to pay our coaches as well as anyone. This group is like the Bama fans of the last 5 years, or Florida fans since 1990, or Ohio fans from the past 60 years playing a nothing schedule every year. If we lose a game, we rail against our players and coaches because the unrealistic expectation cannot be met. Unlike the Negative group above, these folks do have moments of euphoria, but it all comes crashing down whenever any little thing goes wrong and they want blood. They whine and pitch little hissy fits demanding titles for their optimism. Some are band wagon fans that come around when things are rosy but most are really UGA fans who simply don’t face the real world of having the ebb and flow and ups and downs that is what happens to all CFB fans. Mostly good people, sincere fans, but haven’t got great perspective and can be very annoying with their hot and cold outlook.

    3. The Realists, like the Disney Dawgs, want the very best for UGA every year but temper their expectations against the likely case that some things will just not go our way every game and an inevitable loss will have to be overcome and we will need some good fortune to get to the title game. It doesn’t mean we cannot go undefeated but the reality of the SEC is you will have to win a title with a loss or two on your resume. and whether you do or not may depend on what happens in another SEC game. Competing for a title every 2-4 years is pretty damned good, and winning one every 5-6 years is not to be taken lightly. The SEC has been the best conference, unquestionably, for the past 30+ years but has been several notches above the past 15 of those.

    What UGA has accomplished this century has been impressive, especially since we have adopted standards no other SEC competitor for titles has to abide by. The Realists know that swimming against the flow when other top SEC teams are going downstream means that we have a lot to be thankful for in what we have accomplished. It doesn’t mean we couldn’t have won more games, perhaps even another title or two, but sometimes you need that break that doesn’t work for you. We have seen some of them go against us, realistically, we will get ours too. It also doesn’t mean that we don’t have players or coaches who don’t have to step their game up a notch or two, but I am not going to publicly chastise that group to the detriment of the program on message boards and call in shows. I am also not going to sell my integrity to “buy/cheat” my way to a title. I just want us to keep knocking on that door, and I don’t see any reason we cannot. And I want us to continue to fight for reform to level the playing field because we will never win as many titles as those who play by different rules. That is reality, whether others want to accept it or not. We are one title away from being tied for the most SEC titles with all the things that work against us. And that title has been within our reach so that ain’t too shabby.


  24. Skeptic Dawg

    1). Disney Dawg = an individual unwilling and incapable of seeing and/or recognizing the issues surround the UGA football program, HC, or AD. This Dawg fan will spread sunshine and lollipops reading UGA athletics come rain or shine. Never a nary word spoken in regards to the Dawgs. This person also takes offense to anyone that shares a differing opinion, often resorting to name calling.
    2). Realist = an individual capable of seeing the UGA program for what it is, both good and bad, while enjoying the 12 precious weekends of college football.

    3). I would love to be a realist, but I am most certainly a Disney Dawg!!!

    Bonus: 16 year old daughter that my wife and I love yet often times wish we could send her to the grandparents. Kinda like the Dawgs. (Great link between the two Senator!).


  25. Ausdawg85

    LOL Senator! A wonderful Christmas Eve post to bring your fans ( and detractors) together. By now it’s clear that EVERYONE on here is a realist!

    I read that post accusing you of being a Disney Dawg and really wondered, just WTF does that even mean? Now an Eeyore Dawg is truly a pessimist (Munsonist?). And trolls are just idiots. Dog in Florida is…out there. 😉

    These definitions are omitting the class of posters who whine and complain at any opportunity with their one note rants. Regardless of the issue, all roads lead to “if Mark Richt were…” Fill in the blank of the day…Saban, tougher, less holy, more in control, less strict, etc. Whichever way the wind is blowing that day. No insight. No reason. No willingness to let a Disney Dawg (there’s the insult!) defend the situation. It’s always “something’s wrong, and they better damn fix it now (for ME implied).

    Get. A. Grip. The point is not whether or not you have an opinion…that’s a given. But for gosh sakes please be able to defend it. I’m not targeting gallows humor or snark…that can be entertaining. But if you are the one commenting about the latest quote or stupid act of a 19 year old kid on or off the field and trying to tie it to the entire program and Mark Richt’s deepest inner thoughts…give it a rest. It’s sort of like the famous quote about being unsure if a man is a fool, but let him speak to prove it.

    Bonus: With pre-teens you are the smartest person in the house. With teens, you are the dumbest. Young adults eventually come back around to see how wise you just might have been. At least, I keep hoping for that phase. 😦

    God Bless and Merry Christmas, Y’all. Best damn blog in the land!


    • {“But if you are the one commenting about the latest quote or stupid act of a 19 year old kid on or off the field and trying to tie it to the entire program and Mark Richt’s deepest inner thoughts…give it a rest.”}

      I assume you are talking about me. All I can say is, if you think that characterizes what I’ve been talking about, then I feel sorry for you. My posts speak for themselves, especially to those who take time to read them and understand the context.

      Rather than explain, I’ll just say your description doesn’t capture the concept at all. You can’t possibly understand what I’m talking about and say something like that. I promise there’s nothing superficial about it.

      But this is football stuff. And it’s Christmas Eve. So Merry Christmas to you, and God Bless. And I mean that. 🙂


      • Ausdawg85

        My good professor, If I’m so dense as to be unable to understand your posts, then how could I have been addressing you? No need to pity me my friend, I manage to comprehend bolivating just fine.

        As to your question below, I’m referring to the Senator’s comment that sparked this question from a day or so ago when he was accused of being a DIsney Dawg by another commentator.

        But thank you for your kind wishes and Merry Christmas to you as well.


    • {“I read that post accusing you of being a Disney Dawg”}

      Where is that post? I didn’t see it, and don’t remember a post like that. There was question, above in the OP, about it, which seems legitimate enough, but I didn’t see anything like you describe here.


  26. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t believe UGA will win an mnc with CMR, and I have 13 years evidence to back it up. That’s just 1 opinion and like most folks I’m frequently wrong. I enjoy the blog and many of the comments. While I disagree with some, I have no desire to label or denigrate fellow UGA supporters. It would be a shame if the blog broke down to petty bickering and namecalling, instead of the excellent information exchange that it is.


  27. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Irrational exuberance has its counterpart in irrational … Eeyorism? I don’t know why we call the tendency for our negative emotions to tug at our perceptions and reasoning “realism.” Especially in blog commentary sections, where the easiest way to gather a crowd of supporters is to start questioning the intelligence/manhood of players and coaches.

    “Realists” also like to think that they are advocating a Higher Standard, while others Settle For Mediocrity. From what I have seen over the years, the difference tends to rest in how you need the sport. If you need it for entertainment purposes only, it’s easier to move on with other aspects of your life until next Saturday or next season. On the other hand, if you need it more for self-identity, then it becomes much easier to start playing the blame game and focusing on what the program is not/could be rather than on what it is. The difference is not, however, passion. It’s just perspective.


    • {From what I have seen over the years, the difference tends to rest in how you need the sport. If you need it for entertainment purposes only, it’s easier to move on with other aspects of your life until next Saturday or next season.”}

      Interesting. But wouldn’t you say that people who go to the trouble to keep up with the team, read blogs and post about their team, are in it for something more than just entertainment? And isn’t that possible without losing balance, or is it not?

      {“On the other hand, if you need it more for self-identity, then it becomes much easier to start playing the blame game and focusing on what the program is not/could be rather than on what it is. The difference is not, however, passion. It’s just perspective.”}

      I’ve also seen the self-identity phenomenon over the years. The Alabama fan base must be 80% that way. I’ve seen it with Georgia people, too. Some. But I’ve also seen a lot of people who love the Dogs and pull for them hard, who want them to be the best they can be on the field, and also have lives that are perfectly in balance, or close to it.

      Do you think that’s possible, to love Georgia football for more than just entertainment, and still maintain good balance and perspective?

      I feel better after a win than a loss, but it’s not something that renders me dysfunctional. I also feel pretty good after losses in which we coached well and played well, but just lost. That’s always been important to me, and I think that’s an indication of a balanced perspective.

      But when something is wrong, I have a tendency to analyze it. Does that make me weird? And when something is wrong, I want Richt to fix it. Is that abnormal?

      Honest questions.

      And Merry Christmas!


  28. Merry Christmas to all of my fellow Dawgs! Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year.


  29. Z-Dawg

    1. Disney Dawg
    Individuals who think the shortcomings with the football program (consistent inconsistencies in “big games”, frequently losing out on top talent regardless of where they are from, no MNC) will be fixed because the powers that be have the same goals and interests as the folks making contributions. Their mindset is “Greg McGarity take the wheel”.

    I love the dawgs and understand it is what it is. I will support them financially even though I disagree with certain things on varying levels at different times because I have next to no control over anything that can affect it. All because I love UGA and I have a kick ass time 7-13 Saturdays per year.

    That guy who is always in earshot of you at every Georgia game ever that bitches about individual plays and jumps on the fire errbody bandwagon.


  30. Ex-Disney Dawg

    The true Disney Dawg will spend the next 20 years believing and actually saying that we were just five yards away from BEING Alambama…
    Disney Dawgs will parse defensive stats again and again until they find some obscure statistic that MIGHT indicate progress is being made by a defense that has been an embarrassment for several years…
    The Disney Dawg waits perpetually for the OL to “gel” …
    Disney Dawgs truly believe that Swann and the four dwarfs are a competent defensive backfield …
    The DD costume includes special glasses that render nearly a decade of special teams debacles totally invisible …
    Disney Dawgs think loving their school means denial of reality …


  31. Ex-Disney Dawg

    And, yes, I reared a good son, put him thru a private college, stepped in to make corrections when I needed to, and am very proud of him.


  32. Atticus

    Here’s the deal. There are people on both sides and then there is COMMON SENSE.

    You don’t have to compromise to win a championship. You don’t have to over sign. You don’t have to have lax discipline. You don’t have to pay players.

    You simply have to use common sense. You can win and do it the right way.

    The right way uses common sense and understands special teams is very important and handles that unit accordingly by placing the right amount of emphasis on it.

    The right way uses common sense and realizes the, opposed to having to run kids off, that the natural process of attrition will allow us to sign enough players that when players leave before they finish their eligibility that we will not 1) have only 3 DL in rotation and give up 300 yards rushing and 2) not have to start 5 true freshmen on defense because we had such a whole in the roster after Nick Marshall and Chris Sanders left.

    The right way fully recognizes that sometimes kids need to be really pushed and motivated by demanding high expectations and not settling for anything short of it. The right way means you as a coach don’t stand up in press conferences and say that we got the win and that is the only thing that matters and not realize your kids hear that and understand the psychology of it. If you went 12-0 every year then yes, winning is the only thing that matters. But when you do not and when you play in games where you greatly underperform the right way recognizes that you can use that press conference to communicate to your kids that the way we performed is not what we expect at UGA (and you can do it in a loving way because love is wanting the best for that kid, some need nurturing, some need a hammer at times) and we WILL do what it takes to make sure Georgia plays at the level we expect and not at the level of teams with far inferior rosters. A bad game will happen a few times a year, but more than a few is an ongoing issue. That is why Georgia is 6-17 against ranked teams the last several years.

    The Disney Dawgs make excuses for poor performance and use the “Coach Richt does it the right way and is high character (which is true)” reason and not look at the obvious symptoms and the constant doom and gloom Dawgs just criticize without backing it up other than we should be winning national championships while recognizing not many teams do more than once. They also think Richt should simply yell more.

    Georgia can win SEC titles and can play for a national title occasionally if they expect it and do it the right way. The resources in this state (3rd fastest growing state in the US) in terms of money and alumni support, Sanford Stadium, and BY FAR the incredible high school talent available and the profitability of the athletic program should put everything in place to compete every year. But it has to be done the right way and that is demanding and expecting nothing short of consistency in performance or holding players and coaches accountable AND not making excuses but doing everything it takes, evaluating every aspect of the program, bearing down on every detail and including special teams and roster management and going after it with everything possible regardless of if a championship comes or not. Saban wins the most because he focuses on the process and let’s everything else fall in line as a result. They may not win every game and aren’t perfect, but they perform at a high level consistently and he demands and expects it and trains the kids accordingly.


    • Bulldawg165

      Boom. Again, not much else to say except +1.


    • That’s a great post, Atticus. A few comments ….

      Regarding Saban, people confuse Saban’s “process” with the man himself. Saban didn’t invent the process he uses. He just organized it the way he likes it, takes full advantage of the resources he has, and is driven and perfectionistic about it. That is always going to get results.

      But other coaches have basically the same process. Maybe it isn’t organized as well, and maybe they don’t quite have the same resources, but it’s pretty much the same. Saban didn’t invent the coaching process or even design a new one.

      The point is Richt doesn’t have to be Saban in order to get the same results, as some here erroneously think. But something is missing, without a doubt. Can it be fixed? I think so, and Richt can and should tailor every element and detail of his program to his own personality. But it needs a redesign and/or restructuring, IMHO.

      {“The right way fully recognizes that sometimes kids need to be really pushed and motivated by demanding high expectations and not settling for anything short of it. “}

      Exactly. There’s no question that the expectations and demand are not high enough. That’s fundamental and no improvement will happen without that. And it has to come from the top. If the bar is not raised, the outcome will be no different, and we’ll continue to be an underachieving 2nd-tier SEC program with the resources to match anybody.

      {“The right way means you as a coach don’t stand up in press conferences and say that we got the win and that is the only thing that matters and not realize your kids hear that and understand the psychology of it.”}

      Most will misunderstand this, but I think it’s dead on. Richt is a poor psychologist, as was his mentor, Bobby Bowden. Bowden basically out-talented people, and you can’t do that in the SEC. The challenges are greater, and you have to do so many little things right to win.

      When you play poorly, win or lose, and take that attitude, it’s really a form of denial. And it certainly DOES affect the players.

      I’ve written tons about this the last 5 years and this is just one little thing. Suffice to say Richt needs to use the resources available to him and get outside help with the psychology thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Saban does it all the time, and in more than just one area every offseason..

      {” in games where you greatly underperform the right way recognizes that you can … communicate to your kids that the way we performed is not what we expect at UGA … and we WILL do what it takes to make sure Georgia plays at the level we expect and not at the level of teams with far inferior rosters.”}

      There it is again .. reality, honesty, and expectation.


      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Except that when you make the argument that “Im right because of facts’ and then use arguments like ‘3rd fastest growing state in the US’ which is not a fact, you look dumb.

        What part of common sense says that Richt should have been critical of the team after the win at Tennessee?

        The irony is this folks accuse “Disney Dawgs” of being the ones who live in a fantasy land, but from everything I read, the folks that complain the most have to make the most absurd and unlikely assumptions while justifying it by using terms like ‘common sense’…

        i love this ‘nugget’…”Richt is a poor psychologist, as was his mentor, Bobby Bowden. Bowden basically out-talented people, and you can’t do that in the SEC.” Lolz.

        I don’t know the answer to getting the program over the top, but I do know that it doesn’t include giving the keys to the program to folks like IveyLeaguer and Atticus.


        • {“when you make the argument that “Im right because of facts’ and then use arguments like ’3rd fastest growing state in the US’ which is not a fact, you look dumb.”}

          LOL. Let’s see. Because Atticus got some little thing wrong, something that’s immaterial, really, to the issue (because his point that the state of Georgia provides the Georgia Football with the resources to compete with anybody stands on its own merit), you choose to not respond to any of the many substantial points he makes, and then use that to discount his entire argument.

          Well one thing is for sure. One of you does indeed look dumb.

          As for Bowden comparison you find laughable .. Well, I’ll just say it is indeed a fact, supported by volumes of the record. But I won’t go to the trouble to explain it since I know it wouldn’t matter anyway.

          It’s getting rather difficult to take you seriously when it comes to football, but it sure is entertaining to see what bizarre combinations you will try to put together next.


          • Irwin R Fletcher

            Just so I’m clear, you’re rebuttal is
            (a) ‘facts aren’t important if they aren’t material’ which is dumb [and ignores that the growth of the state meme WAS material to his point]
            (b) ‘trust me when I say that the all time winning-est coach in college football history wasn’t really that good at coaching but I’m not going to ‘splain it because you wouldn’t listen’…

            Look, all kidding aside…this is just dumb. Your point here is that Bobby Bowden, the all time leader in college football wins, the man who was offered the job at Bama, Auburn, LSU, wouldn’t be able to handle the SEC’ because he can’t really coach?..it was all a talent mirage done against inferior opponents?…those 14 straight bowl wins from 1982 to 1996 notwithstanding…? Wait…wha?!? Nevermind, he couldn’t win in the S-E-C!

            That 7-4-1 record against Spurrier’s Florida teams that dominated the SEC in the 90s clearly show he doesn’t have what it takes as a coach.

            But it sounds good…they would probably print it in the AJC.


            • {“Just so I’m clear”}

              I’m way past the point of thinking you can be clear about anything, Irwin. But you’re certainly argumentative, that’s for sure. Look, you rarely make sense to me. And if I don’t to you, that’s OK, it’s not a problem.

              I can respect you without getting how you put two thoughts together. So we’ll just leave it at that. We’re rarely, if ever, going to see something the same way. I can accept that, and it’s fine.


              • Irwin R Fletcher

                Just to make sure the point doesn’t get washed out in your constant stream of non sequiturs…

                Your point was: Richt has a flaw in his abilities because he learned from Bobby Bowden who wouldn’t cut it in the SEC because he really wasn’t a good coach, he just ‘out-talented’ people. That’s a stupid take.


                • No, that’s not the point and that’s not my take. As always, you get it wrong, Irwin. Not once have you characterized anything I say correctly.

                  Please don’t try again. Nobody likes to be misrepresented. Just let it go, and understand that whatever you think, it’s likely I’ll be thinking the opposite.


                • Charlie Brown

                  “Richt is a poor psychologist, as was his mentor, Bobby Bowden. Bowden basically out-talented people, and you can’t do that in the SEC.”
                  “As for Bowden comparison you find laughable .. Well, I’ll just say it is indeed a fact, supported by volumes of the record. But I won’t go to the trouble to explain it since I know it wouldn’t matter anyway.”

                  <— your words. not characterized. still a dumb take.


                  [I fixed it for you…you keep forgetting to put the butt symbol before your fart symbols]


                • Look, you think Bowden was a good at team psychology? Fine. You think Richt is? Fine, again. But that’s not what the record shows. I was there for all of Bowden’s tenure. Were you?

                  The thing is, I don’t want to have to explain the whole thing, because it takes way too much time, and it’s not important to me. I’ve written about it before, at length, and probably here.

                  The FSU-Miami game in 1988 was a classic example of Bowden’s ignorance when it comes to psychology. Google it if you like. I’ll just say this .. had Bowden been a good psychologist, he would have at least 5-6 national championships instead of two.

                  And how anyone could look at Richt’s career, and say he’s good at team psychology, is beyond me. It just ain’t so, and there are many examples that back that up.

                  Classy post, BTW.


        • Atticus

          That #3 was fastest in terms of migration into the state, not total population growth. That is per Albert Niemi, Dean of the Cox School of Business at SMU (former UGA Terry Dean). …Unbelievable….the pint being regardless we have the resources to win championships. That wasn’t the FACT, the FACT is Georgia has the resources to play much better than this in terms of dollars, high school talent, alumni and resources, $$ and a fast growing state and projected to be for the next 20 years both economically and population.

          Here’s a few facts since you never present them:

          6-17 versus ranked teams. you can’t hide behind that.

          We played very few DL in the SEC Championship last year. Why? Because we had very few and/or Grantahm doesn’t like to rotate, same as he did with the LBs this year. Bama rotated 9. 300 yards given up rushing. That is fact.

          UGA was blown out by SC earlier in the year. That is fact.

          UGA started 5 true freshmen on defense this year. Floyd, Matthews, Langley, Wiggins and Mauger, am I missing any? Why? Because the staff let the numbers erode and didn’t use common sense. Fact is I know high school coaches in this state and to a person they echo the fact Georgia is not as aggressive in terms of their numbers and attrition.

          Here’s another fact

          Between 2007-2012 these are the following recruiting numbers:

          Auburn 164 players
          Alabama 160
          LSU 151
          S Car 163
          UGA 130

          Do you want facts?:

          • Alabama: 16-6 (.727)
          • LSU: 14-11 (.560)
          • Auburn: 13-13 (.500)
          • South Carolina: 10-10 (.500)
          • Arkansas: 7-17 (.292)
          • Missouri: 5-14 (.263)
          • Georgia: 6-17 (.261)
          • Florida: 6-18 (.250)
          • Texas A&M: 5-17 (.227)
          • Ole Miss: 3-20 (.130)
          • Vanderbilt: 1-15 (.063)
          • Kentucky: 1-16 (.059)
          • Tennessee: 1-21 (.045)
          • Mississippi State 0-24 (.000)

          More facts:

          Punt return team 103rd nationally
          Kickoff return 111th
          Punt team 74th
          Kickoff coverage 96th

          special teams blunders in 2013
          -Botched field goal in the third quarter against Clemson (Georgia lost by three)
          -Fumbled snap on a punt in the second quarter against South Carolina (South Carolina scored a touchdown one play later)
          -99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the second quarter by North Texas (Cut the Mean Green deficit to seven)
          -Blocked punt returned for a touchdown in the third quarter by North Texas (tied the game)
          -Blocked punt returned for a touchdown in the third quarter by Tennessee (tied the game)
          -Fake field goal for a touchdown in the second quarter by Vanderbilt (gave Vandy the lead)
          -Fumbled punt return late in the third quarter against Vanderbilt (Vandy scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive to cut Georgia’s lead to six)
          -Bad snap on a punt in the fourth quarter vs. Vanderbilt (Vandy scored the game-winning touchdown one play later)

          The special teams has been pathetic. Sorry that is fact.

          Two points regarding TN, and Vandy and UF. I never used the word CRITICAL. I used the word accountable. There is a huge difference. It’s called setting expectations. If you think those 3 games represent the way UGA should be expected to play then go root for another team.

          I didn’t use Bobby Bowden as the excuse, I think Bobby was a great coach and had great assistants and he was hand on for a long time. But coaching and the game changes and he lost his assistants and wasn’t the same after Richt and Amato left. But that is a different topic. I used common sense. Common sense says you set high expectations based upon the available resources and you train and discipline based upon the goals, which to me should be #1 to play at the highest level possible as consistently as possible. When you don’t and everyone in the stadium can see you didn’t (against 2 horrible teams and one mediocre one, none of which have the talent of UGA) or are you going to be a leader and take responsibility and let the people know that pay your salary that the performance wasn’t up to the expectations you have set for your team and program, (which is what a large % of great coaches do) and you will do everything possible to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Use the media to your advantage. And this wasn’t fact but merely opinion. I think his demeanor is effective but I think he can use emotion effectively. You never have to yell like so many fans say, but you have to show that you do not accept poor performance. I know he doesn’t but I think he needs to show it by his words.

          I have said it before and say it again, Richt is the best thing that ever happened to UGA. I hope he is there the next 20 years. I agree with everything you say below it is ridiculous to compare him to Donnan or Goff. He is far superior. As poor of a hire as Martinez and possibly Grantham are, Ramsey was far worse.

          But to foolishly say that there is no room for critical evaluation or accountability and that fans and alumni can’t hold an opinion and base it on objective material, and share opinions with one another that is just plain wrong. You don’t have to be a mechanic to know your car isn’t driving right or a musician to know a note is out of key. You say “giving the keys to someone”, ….that is just an incorrect statement. When an alumni raises concern (on a message board mind you) why does that automatically mean that they are implying they are more qualified than the head coach? That is a ridiculous assumption.


          • Irwin R Fletcher

            “That #3 was fastest in terms of migration into the state, not total population growth. That is per Albert Niemi, Dean of the Cox School of Business at SMU (former UGA Terry Dean). …”

            Well…per the US Census, that isn’t right either.


            You see, Albert Niemi’s data is from 2004-2010. It is based upon 2004 estimates rather than actual census data from 2004 (because there is no census in that year!). http://www.al.com/business/index.ssf/2013/12/expert_alabama_economy_to_impr.html

            So…your actual point is that Georgia is number 3 in net migration according to estimates from 2004-2010.

            That wasn’t so hard, was it?


          • Irwin R Fletcher

            Here are some fun special teams ‘blunders’…
            -Missed FG returned for a Touchdown
            -going 0-4 on FG’s in a game
            -having a punt blocked that set up a FG
            -having a FG blocked that set up a TD

            That all happened in the same game to Saban. It’s a MIND SET!!!!

            All of the ‘facts’ that you keep throwing out have zero context. Georgia does have the best FG unit in the SEC this year…so there’s that. There were only 4 teams that were perfect on XPs…Georgia and Bama were the only two that hit more than 50 of them. Georgia was 4th in the SEC in Net Punting Average. Objectively, this is the best year we’ve had kicking the ball since 2010.

            Those aren’t ‘excuses’ for the ‘blunders’ you listed. But it’s called context. I can’t for the life of me figure out why we can’t find a player to return a punt.

            As for the ‘record against top 25 teams’…again, no context.

            UGA is 4-5 over the past two seasons against top 25 opponents with a 3-5 record against top 10 teams.

            Against teams that finished in the top 25 in 2012, UGA went 3-2. Against teams that are currently in the top 25, UGA is 2-3. A #5 final national ranking and a current #23 national ranking….this is not the making of a program that is mediocre or 2nd tier. Seriously…the program has 10 top 5 finishes in its history. 1 of those were last year and 1 was in 2007…20% of the programs top 5 finishes have happened between 2007 and the present and you think that means less in regards to greatness than ‘record against top 25 opponents’ over a 5 year span? Literally, the two closest years to Georgia playing for a national championship since 1983 are 2007 and 2012.

            Two final points…”TN, and Vandy and UF…. If you think those 3 games represent the way UGA should be expected to play then go root for another team/”—> Honestly, if you are complaining about a win over Florida or weren’t proud of the young men that finished that game at Tennessee, your comments mean nothing to me. That’s a world view I can’t understand or rationalize.

            Number 2, Georgia has a chance to finish in the top 20 despite the injuries and craziness of the season. There have only been 3 other times in the history of the program where UGA has finished in the final AP top 20 in three consecutive years. I’m pulling for a big win and a couple of teams to lose…I’m thrilled about where the program can be at this time next year if Mason can take over and be good.


            • Atticus

              If you are comparing our special teams to Alabama then yes, your an my world vies are completely different. And your out of context is the same. I never said our FG kicking team wasn’t good, but our special teams as a whole sucks and there is NO WAY to slice it so yes, you see a different world than I do. You twist every point just to fit your irrelevant view and say that I was implying that as a coach holding a team and players accountable that mean that the coach isn’t proud of a team. You are clueless. A coach can absolutely demand improvement in performance and disappointment in the team without throwing them under the bus. You just don’t get it. Let me ask you this, if a team plays poorly but wins a game due to a far inferior team, (which I am sorry, there is no way you can convince me that the UF and UT games UGA played at a high level and to their ability given the huge discrepancy in rosters and don’t give me this rival crap because when the shoe was on the other foot, UF used to blow us out with regularity) is there EVER in your world any instance for a coach to say he expects more out of himself, his coaching staff and his team? If you answer is no then you must not have watched much football he last 20 years because I can tell you the great coaches do that (Belicheck, Saban, Jimmy Johnson, Tomlin, Miles, Urban, Harbaugh…shoot even sunny Pete Carroll did it. You live in a world where you throw the baby out with the bath water, that you can’t understand that valid criticism and evaluation has its place, You act like a coach expecting better performance by his staff and players is a bad thing, like those clueless parents that think love means never disciplining a kid. You think if anyone raises any issues with a program that is 6-17 (you conveniently pull out 1 year and ignore the overall record the last 5 years…. a year which by the way should’ve been much better if the roster had been paid attention to the last few years, but yes a better year and I have said that…..you ignore any positives because you live in fantasy land where everything is always perfect and sunny, a year in which you mention injuries as the culprit for losses but the problem wasn’t the offense it was defense and special teams). You ignore any comments I mad as to Richt being the best thing that happened to UGA. And yes one last point, the TN game was also the coaches responsibility because it was 17-3 and UGA had the ability to put the game away and instead of giving the record breaking senior QB the opportunity to go for the jugular and go up 24-3 and TN would’ve folded, instead they ran the ball on 2nd and 3rd down with a true freshmen back, got stuffed, missed a FG and left a team some hope and life and the wheels came off. SO yes the coaches should be held accountable to be more aggressive and use the talent they have instead allowing a horrible team to stay in the game, a team which was destroyed by Oregon, Auburn, Missouri and Alabama.. That is inexcusable to run it up the gut when you have one of the best QBs in the history of the SEC. Sorry but we just disagree. UF was somewhat of a pass because Arthur dropped the ball and kids do that. But i will say they let the wheels fall off after that. But yes I give them credit for hanging in there and winning. I love the players on this team. I simply think there is room for improvement given the results. And your BS about the state ranking, you have nothing else to back yourself up so you avoid the point (Georgia growing rapidly economically and by population) and go on about the inaccuracy of the numbers given by a well respected guy knowing what the point really was. Merry Christmas to you.


              • Irwin R. Fletcher

                I stopped right after you said our FG team was good but our special teams as a whole sucked….that’s about the kind of logic I assumed we were dealing with.

                See, this is what I mean by facts matter….” instead they ran the ball on 2nd and 3rd down with a true freshmen back, got stuffed,”

                Actually…UGA had just gained 55 yards on 4 plays (gains of 7, 12, 4, and 32 yards respectively)…all by handing the ball off to true freshman running back JJ Green. On first down, B Douglas ran the ball for no gain. On second down, he ran for 1 yard. Then on 3rd down Murray picked up a delay of game pushing us back 5 yards (that would prove costly) and then UGA tried to pass on 3rd and 14 (to JSW) for no gain.

                On the next drive, run by Douglas for 12 yards, pass by Murray on 1st down Inc, run by Douglas for 4 yards, and then a sack on 3rd and 6…forcing a punt on which JSW got hurt in coverage.

                So facts matter…and basing opinions and long rants on loose facts is unhealthy. Enjoy the game next time…and learn to appreciate things like snatching victories from the jaws of defeat in Knoxville.


                • Atticus

                  If this is… “stopped” then I am impressed you could’ve fooled me. You choose your facts accordingly.

                  Punt return team 103rd nationally
                  Kickoff return 111th
                  Punt team 74th
                  Kickoff coverage 96th

                  Combine this with a good FG unit which is mainly the kicker, yes I will disagree with you, as a WHOLE, they sucked. If those numbers are what you consider good then you are clueless, again.

                  6-17 is all I care about. You have no answer for that. You also haven’t ONCE answered a question I have asked about evaluation of a program, you pick and choose what you like, the same thing you accuse me of, but you have no answer for what really matters, at the end of the day. If you think running Brendan Douglas up the gut twice makes sense given the circumstances, then so be it, I choose o go with an historic QB that could’ve shredded their defense.

                  Georgia is a mediocre program given its resources. UGA hasn’t won an SEC title since 05. It wasn’t mediocre in the first 5 years but the last 7. Last year was a really good year (although SC beat the piss out of UGA because we have not recruited the OL properly) although the issues I brought up cost us a national title. You get one stop in the second half and its BCS. Grantham had no DL rotation and they were spent. He played Mike Gilliard instead of Herrera and he missed a few key tackles. Shawn Williams did as well. You have no answer for why we had no depth and I gave you the recruiting numbers. You have no answer because you know it’s true.

                  “Snatching victories from the jaws of defeat” that is laughable, against one of the worst teams in TN history, a team trounced by four other teams and you are proud of that. Classic. No wonder Georgia doesn’t win titles, because of people like you that accept mediocrity. You don’t win them if you don’t expect them, same thing with the Braves.


  33. A10Penny

    A lot of great comments on here. I’m not in the “fire errbody” camp (just fire Grantham…and maybe Lakatos), but some of y’all seem to think those that are in that camp are automatically pessimists which is false. They may have higher expectations or aspirations for the program, but that’s independent of whether they see the glass as half full or half empty.

    Auburn fired errbody and look at the turn-around. Now, a) we’re not the dumpster fire Auburn was, and b) while we could see a turn around like Auburn or we could also end up like Tennessee. Richt is too good a coach to risk the chances of going the way of Tennessee, but Grantham is thoroughly expendable.


  34. Irwin R Fletcher

    Here’s the question I have…does it make you a Disney Dawg if you are distinguishing this 2013 season from other recent seasons where UGA lost 4 or didn’t play for a championship, etc.? If so, then I guess that’s me.

    This 2013 team beat 2 Top 10 teams…and should have beaten 3….for those screaming about Donnan vs. Richt, Donnan had 2 wins TOTAL against top 10 teams in his entire career at Georgia. Goff had 2 wins TOTAL against top 10 teams in his entire career at Georgia.

    Before Richt got to Georgia, the last team to win 2 games against top 10 opponents in the same season was the 1983 team. Richt has now done that three times (2005, 2007, and 2013)…and they have all been in the last 8 seasons. So you have one team that won the SEC, one team that finished #2 in the nation and received first place votes in the AP poll, and one team that is 8-4 and headed to the Gator Bowl.

    For anyone to look at the body of work from 2013 and not see a great team that had a great season fall off the rails due to injuries, I don’t know what you are looking at. I really have no clue why we are talking about anything other than Hutson’s ability to fill in for Murray and guide this team to a championship.