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IPF, stocking stuffer

You know, when Greg McGarity gets off his my precioussss shtick, and talks about the nuts and bolts, the lack of a rush to fill Mark Richt’s Christmas stocking with an indoor practice facility is a rational call.  I mean, when you get down to it, here’s the reality:

4. The football team wouldn’t use it that much for actual practice

The reason there hasn’t been much urgency is that the Bulldogs don’t actually have to cancel practice or bus to Flowery Branch that much. Every time it happens it looks bad to not have a facility, but it happens infrequently enough that the administration has to weigh that against the cost.

“You can count on your hands how many times we would have needed it this year. You can probably count it on one hand. Two days against Tech. Probably the first day of bowl practice,” McGarity said. “So that’s a significant investment for something that is used infrequently.”

Ten million bucks to relieve the head coach of less than five days of inconvenience is a luxury.  That’s all.  It hasn’t cost the program a title (and remember McGarity comes from another program that won two national titles without having an IPF); I’d have a hard time pointing to a specific loss and blaming that on adverse practice conditions, for that matter.

My only question is why didn’t he start with this explanation instead of “you want it, fans, you buy it”?


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Feliz Navidad

I don’t know if this is the greatest Christmas song ever written, but it’s certainly in the running.

On the second thought, maybe it is the greatest Christmas song ever written.  Hope y’all are enjoying a great holiday season.


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