“I know for the regular students, they always have fun.”

Is Greg McGarity trolling a certain part of our fan base?

“Usually what our players love is the ability to relax and have great food,” Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said. “They want to stay at a nice place. They want to be able to relax. If they want to sit out by the pool, they’re going to have that opportunity.”

Lounging by the pool, eh?  What does he think this is, bowl week?  You wouldn’t catch Nick Saban letting his players get away with that.



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13 responses to ““I know for the regular students, they always have fun.”

  1. “Georgia players will make their own way to Jacksonville today”

    I guess with saving up for that indoor practice facility they need make cuts somewhere. 🙂


    • FisheriesDawg

      That isn’t why they do it at all. For many players, it is a roundabout way of pocketing a little cash. The kids get enough money to personally fly down (and probably a little more), and then many of them will carpool down for the game and keep the money. It would be idiotic to expect a kid from Lowndes County to drive up to Athens on Christmas Day so he can fly back down to Jacksonville with the team on Boxing Day.


  2. That is cool. Bowl games are the best. You ca party in the car on the way to the game with your best buds.


  3. NoAxeToGrind

    Well, that explains a lot of things. And some idiots postulated the hiring of McGarity would be the next best thing to sliced bread. What a joke.


  4. David K

    Low 60’s and rainy in Jacksonville today. Perfect weather for hanging around the pool.


  5. JRW7

    Weather in Jax today in mid 50’s, way too cool for the beach or pool!