Musical palate cleanser, shdoobie edition

I feel pretty confident in saying this is the most surreal MPC I’ve shared with you guys.  Even more so than the performance itself, I’m still wrapping my brains around the concept of how they both got there in the first place. Does Jeanne Tripplehorn really know the words to every Rolling Stones song in existence?  And to start with, how does Eddie Vedder know about her particular talent?

Anyway, prepare to hear “Shattered” as you’ve never heard it before.

It’s the Sound of Music references that seal the deal for me.



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17 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, shdoobie edition

  1. JimDawg

    How do you solve a problem like Todd Grantham?


    Simply awesome

  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    So this is now my favorite Rolling Stone song. You is a musical intertube genius my friend

  4. Nate Dawg

    Look at the Senator & his guilty pleasure of 90’s Alternative Rock gods!
    Oh yeah, and that was really cool. Who knew the psycho from Basic Instinct had that goin on?!? I would like to know how they know each other. Did she have a role in the movie ‘Singles’?

  5. Fun stuff. She was also great in The Firm. Interesting factoid. Her Dad- “Tom Tripplehorn, who was once a guitarist with Gary Lewis & the Playboys.”

  6. Jean was the perfect lawyers wife in “The Firm”

  7. Ben

    This is a cool performance indeed. I never liked her much until “Big Love”, where she was really quite good.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Lrgk9

    “Like Thank You”, sayeth Maynard G. Krebs

  9. Comin' Down The Track

    What say?

  10. I Wanna Red Cup


  11. Tronan

    That was unexpectedly fantastic.

  12. Alcoholic Genius

    So this what the Stones sound like sober. Heh! I’d like to hear a sister sing it.