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“He’s got strong family support and we haven’t given up on him.”

Those of you who are pessimistic enough about the state of the program that it feels good to spread a negative rumor – okay, a rumor with a question mark, as if that makes it more credible – about a Georgia player shouldn’t be surprised if I’m occasionally in the mood to call you out.  So take it away, Woodrow Clemons.

Harvey-Clemons is having to miss the Gator Bowl due to “a violation of team regulations,” according to UGA. It’s the second suspension for the 6-foot-5, 215-pound sophomore from Valdosta. He also had to sit out Georgia’s season-opening game against Clemson after violating the athletic program’s marijuana-use policy.

According to Woodrow Clemons, this time an academic issue has sidelined his grandson. Harvey-Clemons is not expected to miss any other games after this season, he said.

“Yes, but I really don’t want to say anything else about it,” said Mr. Clemons, who is the legal guardian of Harvey-Clemons and his siblings. “I’d rather you get that from Coach Richt. But he’ll be all right after this game.”

I’m not defending JH-C here.  But there’s no reason to make things look worse than they already are, either.  So don’t, unless you’ve got real evidence.



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Mark Richt hasn’t lost control of one thing.

Sarcasm, for the win:

The winner of the day was the local television cameraman who inexplicably showed up at Georgia’s practice wearing Alabama gear. It’s one thing to throw on the hat of an SEC rival as you’re leaving the house. It’s another thing to be wearing the hat and a shirt that says ALABAMA.

Mark Richt noticed it as interviews started.

“I’m glad you wore that Atlanta Falcon hat today,” Richt cracked sarcastically.


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“He’s a very special back.”

I know about the shaky special teams play, the youth on defense, the bizarre happenings in Nashville and Auburn, but, still, I have the feeling down the road when I look back at the 2013 season – in particular, the what could have been aspect of the 2013 season – it’s gonna come down to one thing:

Three of Georgia’s losses came when Gurley was out or sidelined for at least a chunk of the game.

Here’s hoping Todd Gurley enjoys a happy and healthy 2014.  He deserves it.  And maybe we do, too.


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Of course he is, bless his heart.

They can’t get this season over fast enough for me.


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