Mark Richt hasn’t lost control of one thing.

Sarcasm, for the win:

The winner of the day was the local television cameraman who inexplicably showed up at Georgia’s practice wearing Alabama gear. It’s one thing to throw on the hat of an SEC rival as you’re leaving the house. It’s another thing to be wearing the hat and a shirt that says ALABAMA.

Mark Richt noticed it as interviews started.

“I’m glad you wore that Atlanta Falcon hat today,” Richt cracked sarcastically.


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19 responses to “Mark Richt hasn’t lost control of one thing.

  1. uglydawg

    Right now the weather forcast for the game is 67 degrees with a forty percent chance of rain.
    I still haven’t decided on going..I guess CMR has lost control of my decision making.

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I seem to remember when a similar situation presented itself (a reporter/photographer showed up at a practice in a rival’s jersey/hat) that an SEC coach made a complete asshole out of himself and threw the offender out. Who was that?

    • Ben

      Wasn’t that Petrino?

      • “After answering a question from Gork, Petrino said: “And that will be the last question I answer with that hat on.”
        Gork, a graduate of the University of Florida and an admitted fan, said she grabbed the hat out of the trunk of her car without thinking about it, because it was raining. ”
        “On Monday, when she arrived at work she learned that she was no longer permitted to attend Arkansas practices and had been fired. “


    Classy reporter…..

  4. SouthGaDawg

    Speaking of Alabama gear – I’m amazed at the sidewalk alumni that are wearing their Alabama gear since the last 3-4 yrs. I even asked one person why they just became an Alabama fan. They said they had a relative who went to Alabama. So, now they have car tags, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and houndstooth hats – fer real. It would be interesting to see what school has the most sidewalk alumni. Might make a good research project/post for the Senator in the off season. I’m guessing Bama down south and Notre Dame up north. I will bet that in the south, sidewalk alumni are more cyclical depending on who is winning.

    • Harry your hands are freezing

      I was visiting Seattle in August walking to a Mariners game and I saw some guy working with a construction crew with an Alabama tshirt on. It’s entirely possible that he went to Bama but I was thinking man I can’t get away from this team, it’s bad enough in Atlanta

    • adam

      Honestly, it’s so easy to get in to Alabama that maybe they really did all go there.

    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Be too much to ask Hoppy to wear an Alabama helmet but I wonder how many people in Montana would recognize it.

    • Ben

      Around here (South Alabama), there are lots of more Auburn fans than there have been the past few years, too. As far as the Alabama stuff, I know some folks from back home (Georgia) who were BIG Tech fans for the longest time. Only recently, though, (past five or six years) have they taken on the school of a relative, which happens to be Alabama.

      For me, I’m just glad I’ve got generations of UGA blood in my family. Makes it easy to know who to pull for, win or lose.

  5. CMR has a wicked sense of humor.

  6. Will Trane

    And on the way out of the media gathering CMR promptly remarked to the Bowl Committee and their public relations personnel that he thought Dawgs and Cornhuskers were playing each other. And the insane who operate and run bowls now understand why there may be little regard for their bowl.

  7. 202dawg

    This is going to be a big deal, and will forever be in the mind of… Wait; I’m mixing memes again, aren’t I?

  8. Uberdouche Meyer kicked out a reporter for wearing blue and gold (maize?) this year at Ohio (sic). No surprise there.