“Mike Slive worked very hard to get the Outback to take LSU.”

I have the feeling that one of Mike Slive’s favorite things about the new postseason arrangement starting next year is that the conference won’t cater to the whims of the Outback Bowl anymore.


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17 responses to ““Mike Slive worked very hard to get the Outback to take LSU.”

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Senator, I don’t get it. If we are going to have a 4 team playoff using the top bowls as the venues, how can the PAC 12 and the Big 10 still both have a tie-in to the Rose Bowl? What if neither conference has a team in the top 4? How can the winner of the PAC 12 play the winner of the Big 10 in the Rose if their teams don’t qualify for the playoff, which as I understand it, rotates among the top 4 venues, the Rose being one of ’em?

    • PTC DAWG

      I think the Semi’s will be played before NYD.

    • 69Dawg

      Apparently the semi’s (2 games per year) will rotate between the 6 bowls Orange, Sugar. Rose, Cotton, Peach (unless they let Chick-Fil-A stand) and Fiesta. So two out of three years the Rose can be the Rose even though technically the Committee will appoint the teams to these bowls.. I’m sure the SOB’s that run ESPN and the Rose Bowl made sure the “Committee” will keep the Rose pure crap (see the three Committee members from Stanford.). We are about to see the biggest shake up to the old bowl system in our life time, buckle up people it’s going to be a rough ride.

  2. If you like your bowl game, you can keep your bowl game. Period.

  3. JRW7

    If you like your coach, you can keep your coach UGA!

  4. When has anyone in the SEC office fought for Georgia in anything?

    • mwo

      +1! I have been a Dawg fan for all of my 52 years and I am about ready for UGA to listen to the Big12 or ACC. We have the toughest drug policy in the SEC and they will not make everyone abide by the same rules. This SEC reeks of good old boy politics and I am sick of it. They turn a blind eye to cheating as long as the cheater wins a crystal football to keep the MNC streak intact. I am sick and tired of being treated shoddily and cheated by third rate referees.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1,000. “This SEC reeks of good old boy politics…” This SEC reeks of ALABAMA (the state, and I include Auburn in that) good old boy politics. It’s not a coincidence that the SEC office is in Birmingham. The SEC is an Alabama world and we’re all just bit players allowed to live in it.

        • LorenzoDawgriquez

          + 10,000. I am no longer on the SEC bandwagon even a little bit, I hope they all lose except us. I hate to admit it , but we know what the C in SEC stands for and nobody cares but UGA.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        And the reason they turn a blind eye to cheating is the MNC GAME brings mucho dinero to the SEC, so that’s all right with Slive and the other SEC-types.

        • mwo

          I understand the money generated by the championships but Jesus, enough is enough. The head of officiating (Steve Shaw) is an Alabama grad. Saban grayshirts and basically gets a free recruiting class every 2 or 3 years. I know it is a loophole and not illegal but it sure smells bad. I want UGA to win as badly as anyone else but don’t want to have to resort to these practices to do so. Make the rules the same for every school in the conference in regards to drug testing and punishment, partial qualifiers, and everything else. Then we can see who is the better team or coach-by everyone playing within the same rules.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Agreed. However, isn’t this really about the NCAA and how that worthless POS body refuses to enforce rules uniformly? The limit on scholarships and all those signing regs are NCAA rules. We can’t ever expect a fair shake from the SEC which is controlled by the Bama-Auburn in crowd. But where’s the NCAA? Who let Cam Newton get away with getting paid almost publicly and whitewashed it? As part of the investigation 4 Auburn players came forward and stated that they had been paid to go there–yet nothing happened. Really what we need is a new organization that will make the SEC do right because the SEC will never do right on its own.

  5. Not sure that I want the Dawgs to leave the SEC; But It sure would be great If everyone else followed the same rules that the Dawgs live by, Do Not want us to change but the rest of the SEC needs to clean up the conference,.

  6. Skeeter

    “Bastards! You killed football!”