Embracing Jacksonville

Mike Bobo gets it, by Gawd:

“Our philosophy is Jacksonville is just an extension of Georgia,” Bobo said. “A lot of fans and people look at it that way, too.”

The Bulldogs have always had a strong recruiting presence in this area. They’ve been playing Florida on the banks of the St. Johns every year since 1933 and have actually comported themselves very well in those games, managing to win or tie 44 of the 82 games played on the site of what is currently known as EverBank Field.

“Playing here every year against Florida definitely helps,” Bobo said. “People in this area don’t have a college team, so they kind of pick one of those two. Kids in this area grow up seeing Georgia, hearing about Georgia, seeing Georgia play, those young kids. If you can get a kid interested in your school early you think you’ve got a chance. That’s why it’s always good to coach in a state that has good talent, because they see that team and hear about them and grow up liking that team.”

That’s the kind of mindset that breaks losing streaks against the Gators.  Now he just needs to get in McGarity’s ear about inviting recruits to the Cocktail Party and we’ll really be on to something.



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23 responses to “Embracing Jacksonville

  1. I Wanna Red Cup

    Not inviting recruits to the WLOCP is one of the stupidest decisions McGarity has made.


  2. D.N. Nation

    Can I still think that Jacksonville is the worst “major” city in America- Detroit included- and that we should at least alternate the site with Atlanta every other year?

    (IMO, lacing em up against Florida’s current band of mental midgets and committing to TDs instead of FGs turned the tide in the series more than any Jacksonville hangups. If we win the next 20 in the series, I’d still loathe the city.)


  3. I don’t understand why everyone is down on Jacksonville as a city. Great golf (year-round), lots of nice, affordable places to live south of the city, the beach, and no state income tax would make it work for me. Sure, there are lots of Gators and north Florida rednecks (that’s redundant) around, but that’s the worst part of Jacksonville.


  4. @gatriguy

    Jax is a shit hole. Period.


  5. Will Trane

    Sometimes I think of McGarity sitting in his office with green shades, a type writer, a yellow pad, a rotary phone, and asking his secretary to get his coffee. The AD is a question mark. His biggest question mark is a mark. Mark Fox. The round ball program would be getting a view under the microscope now.


  6. Will Trane

    Question for the AD. How many can we oversign this year? Plus, can we get a full home game schedule one year to show that you are a really smart and clever AD. Plus can he and CMR figure out we do not release a player to another SEC team, period!!!!


  7. Will Trane

    The AD likes going to Florida. Reminds him of what coaches should look like in a bona fide D1 program. What he has not figured out is he should have brought the playbook with him and a size 16 boot to kick some ass in Athens on getting the job done and winning some …what do they call those in the State of Bama…championships


  8. @gatriguy

    Atlanta has its issues, no doubt. But Jacksonville is Newark without the charm.


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, Newark is very charming….. Surely you have found areas in the Jax metro area that are superior to Newark, if not, you need to change rooms when visiting. (Being honest, I always consider the “area”, not just the city limits when making statements about locations so I don’t doubt there are some streets and alleys I don’t want to hang around.) When I go the Jacksonville area, I love the areas I stay in but that can encompass a 25 mile radius. The only time I get near the stadium area for the WLOOCP is for the game itself, then I leave. Exactly as I do when attending games in Atlanta, NYC, SF, Philly, etc.