“I hate overtime. I just wanted that game to be over with as soon as possible.”

Seeing how well he took care of the end of the Tech game, I think we should compile a list of other things Todd Gurley needs to hate.



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12 responses to ““I hate overtime. I just wanted that game to be over with as soon as possible.”

  1. He should hate the idea of losing more than one game next year! Cause you know you can’t win them all.


  2. Castleberry

    Lack of stamina. I have to think it was injuries keeping him out of practice, but he had to sit a lot when gassed after big plays. Wishing him a healthy 2014!


  3. AusDawg85

    Anyone blitzing the QB.


  4. Spike

    Hope he hates the Gators next year…


    • D.N. Nation

      A state tropper had to restrain Gurley from kicking the crap out of one of the Gator chuckleheads who kept poking at his eye, so I don’t think he’ll require any extra motivation there.


  5. WF Dawg

    Most immediately, the University of Nebraska.


  6. AmericusDawg

    I’m not usually a woulda-coulda-shoulda person … but I’m really looking forward to having both Gurley & Marshall back healthy for the 2014 season. Two great running backs that have different styles are gonna be hard to stop!


  7. shane#1

    Todd will never go wrong hating these, 1 Any team wearing any type of orange in any color combination.2. Notre Dame 3. Bubble gum music. 4. The excessive celebration penalty. 5. The designated hitter rule. 6. Liver. 7. The New York Yankees 8. Yankees that try to speak the king’s english the way we do. 9. Reality shows, cause they ain’t “real”. 10. Georgia Tech. I have more, but Todd can’t go wrong hating anything on my list.