This is so Georgia Tech.

One Chantastic fake punt flop, coming up!

That logo’s a bitch, man.


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33 responses to “This is so Georgia Tech.

  1. Castleberry

    This is on a permanent loop on my screen now. It keeps getting funnier.

    Perhaps Coach Ball reminded him he’d have another chance to pick it up on 5th down?

  2. Tim

    Its getting too easy to make fun, what with 11 of 12 and all that. But lets keep it up anyway.

  3. WF Dawg

    You had that GIF up fast. I take so much delight in Tech failure.

  4. hassan

    Fake punt….ur doing it wrong lolgnats

  5. Ausdawg85

    They’re Georgia Tech…they can do that!

  6. I Wanna Red Cup

    Don’t you know the genius told him to fall because he wanted to take the momentum back when the Rebels did not take advantage of the good field position. He is two steps ahead of everyone.

  7. uglydawg

    So far, Tech’s QB has 1. Thrown the ball after crossing the los…2. Been called for intentionally grounding, 3. Fumbled and 4…made the wrong reads on the triple option at least twice..
    I’m just waiting for him to thow it away on fourth down.

    • It wasn’t just that he was past the LOS when he threw the ball, he was seriously like 3 yards past the LOS. Like when he threw it I was shocked and wondering if the black LOS line on the screen was wrong, surely any QB would have more awareness than that, right? Guess not. 🙂

  8. uglydawg

    And “Kneehigh” is inspiring OM with his Ball-istic behavior.
    (Man..OM just missed out on an easy pic-6)….

  9. RandallPinkFloyd

    Who goes for a fake punt on 4th and 11, anyways? That’s what – 21 yds you’re asking a white guy with limited athletic ability to get?

  10. uglydawg

    OM is running their offense as if theyr’e behind and running out of time.Good grief..they had a first down on the five and need a score to seal the deal…they pass and then run trick plays. The whole drive has been marked by running out of bounds on purpose and running the hurry up.
    This has been some horrible offensive coordinating.
    Now OM just missed a clinching FG.. Talk about givng GT break….wait a minute..the genius just got a safety on a stupid…really, really stupid trick play!!! WOW!

  11. Irwin R. Fletcher

    You know what’s better than Georgia Tech being bad? Georgia Tech being bad and gimmicky. Here’s to the nerds being able to always outsmart us with their intelligent schemes only to lose because of “academic standards”. Long Live Coach Johnson and his Triple Option.

  12. uglydawg

    Old Miss just ran it out of bounds again….sheeesh…go figure. Somebody’s goofy on the headphones.This game should have been over….Sure makes me appreciate C MBB.

  13. Russ

    I loved that. Plus even Brock Huard was calling out the genius for his reverse pass attempt that resulted in the safety (which really should’ve been an Ole Miss TD).

    • That had to be one of the dumbest plays of Bowl 2013 season thus far. I had not seen the belly flop fake punt until just now. Still laughing. Stingtalk is wonderful right now. Just a damn good day all of the way around.

  14. uglydawg

    Nice one…interception to end it..Glad OM won..but worst clock management I’ve seen. Gave GT at least on extra possesion.
    Tech did their part to make me happy…NOW GO DAWGS!

  15. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Hugh Freeze and Coach Moobs ……..who would screw it up worse? And the weiner is Wishbone Johnson.

  16. Will Trane

    We should lay low about Tech critique. Other than Mack Brown being asked to leave the cow pen, Tech powers to be should ask PJ to leave. All these spread offenses run in Georgia high schools now and Tech wears leather helmets. Buzzzzzz along!

  17. Will Trane

    And then there is the big red corn combine. Some think that team runs 90% ethanol and 10% high otctane. And just think they have a potential coach sitting upstairs running the Duck Show of the Pacific Flyway. PS where are Brian VanGorder and Manny Diaz this bowl season and next season?

  18. Will Trane

    Now we know from their last two games why the Horns powers to be ask Mack Brown to leave. Note the cattlemen do not let Bevo come to the games anymore. Hell, the stampede those slowpokes. How did they win any games. I’ve seen slow motion plays, but all of Texas are that way.

  19. Will Trane

    Coach Boom is taking notes today. He sees in Tech and Texas what he sees his biggest problem is…does not have one decent QB in fold. And just as important you had better have a damn O line that can get after a defenses ass. Pathetic is Tech and Texas! How similar is Bo Wallace and the former QB at Carolina?

  20. Will Trane

    Bowls underline a major factor in D1 football…better have good coaches, schemes, and players. Gee, football is really simple. Now just how smart are those guys at the north avenue trade school for engineering tricycles.

  21. Scorpio Jones, III

    Pardon me while I file away the snarkation till AFTER the Gator Bowl.
    I just hope dumb shit ain’t contagious.

    • Dog in Fla

      Scorpio, whose side are you on? Don’t you love snark nation? So how about getting with the Program. Why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win? We’re here to help Tech because inside of every Paul Johnson there’s at least one somebody trying to get out. It’s a hardball world, son. We’ve got to try to keep our heads together until this Bark Madly Fire Paul Johnson craze blows over. Look what happened when they fired Chiznik.

  22. fetch

    someone, with more time and skill than me, needs to add a sniper scene to that right before the flop.🙂

  23. uglydawg

    Dear Georgia Tech,
    I’m available and I’d fit right in.
    Lane K. (ps..I’ll want the latest Oakley’s every year as part of my contract)

  24. Dawgfan Will

    I swear it looks like he’s diving to reach the line of scrimmage. LOLOLOLOLOL

  25. ZeroPointZero

    I’m pretty sure he saw the wall of blue running down hill at him and chose life. That play would have made the line of scrimmage at best. He’d be in traction right now if he didn’t “trip”.