The end is near: final Gator Bowl thoughts

Sometimes, stats really do have a story to tell. Bill Connelly may have the best summary of Georgia’s defensive identity I’ve read:

Typically, methodical drives are hard to pull off because they require offenses to go mostly mistake-free for quite a few plays in a row. College offenses don’t do that very well.

But in the case of the Georgia defense, it’s the opposite. The Dawgs are the ones who struggle to avoid mistakes over a long series of plays, and it costs them. While Georgia was particularly strong against the run and was perfectly sound on a play-for-play basis, the defense was one of the worst in the country at preventing methodical drives. If you can peck, poke, and maybe convert a couple of third-and-sixes, Georgia will eventually break down and give you some points.

This makes sense when you look at Georgia’s two-deep. While there is solid experience up front, there are six freshmen or sophomores among eight players at linebacker, and there are four true freshmen playing roles in the secondary. No matter how athletic or talented, young players are infinitely more prone to random stupidity.

Keep those paragraphs in mind if you can ever stomach watching a replay of the Auburn game, because they’re a perfect encapsulation of what happened.

Now, Nebraska’s offense isn’t a juggernaut on the level we’ve seen from Auburn over the second half of the season – in fact, it’s not even on Georgia’s level – but if you pour pore over Bill’s numbers carefully enough, you can see the Cornhuskers’ path to victory.  They need to turn the game into a grind it out nutbreaker on both sides of the ball, because they hold big advantages over Georgia when it comes to what Bill calls methodical drives (the percentage of each offense’s drives that run 10 or more plays).  On defense, that likely means selling out to shut down Todd Gurley and the run and hoping that Bobo can be forced into a lot of obvious passing downs. In other words, what we saw that worked in the first half of the Auburn and Georgia Tech games.  Of course, what we saw in the second half of both of those games was that Bobo and the offense adjusted.

As for Georgia’s defense, honestly, at this point, who in the hell knows what to expect?  The suspensions don’t help, of course, but it’s fair to say that there’s been little improvement in the secondary from game one through game twelve anyway.  Nebraska isn’t exactly scary when it comes to throwing the ball, but neither was Georgia Tech.  You feel like you should have some confidence in Georgia’s strength on strength matchup when it comes to running the ball, but if I’m calling plays for Nebraska, I’m sure looking for ways to make hay running to the boundaries instead of between the tackles.

There are two x-factors in play today.  One is turnover margin.  As I’ve already mentioned, Georgia’s poor in that department, but Nebraska is even worse, especially over the latter half of the season.  And there ain’t nothing better for breaking up long drives than turning the ball over.  The other, always big in bowl games, is motivation.  We won’t know how that goes until play starts, but I do think Hutson Mason wants to go out as a winner this season and I’d be surprised if he came out complacent.

The stats, as Bill notes, favor Georgia.  Here’s hoping he’s right and the season closes with a bang.

Consider this your game day post invitation in the comments.


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331 responses to “The end is near: final Gator Bowl thoughts

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Nebraska rolls up 600 yards of total offense. Dawgs win 45-42

  2. So essentially our defense can’t go mire than a few plays without someone blowing an assignment or missing a tackle. What causes that? Its not just youth and inexperience because it has been that way since Grantham arrived.

  3. HVL Dawg

    Go Dawgs! Today’s my last day to drink bourbon until Clemson 14.

  4. kckd

    What I know so far is that for all the rah rah of what a great town Jax is for the Cocktail party and how Atlanta would be awful every other year, evidently Jax is not worth a second look in a year.

  5. Debby Balcer

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  6. uglydawg

    Gurley sets the pace for the 2014 Hiesman. Please.

  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I haven’t had any time to read any local press for the opponent, which can sometimes give you clues about a team’s state of mind in bowl preparations. But I wonder how motivated Nebraska is going to be for this game. Pelini seems like a lame duck, and it’s hard to imagine Nebraska having an effective three weeks of bowl prep with all of the negativity surrounding that program at the end of the season.

    I think it’s going to be one of those games that’s not as close as the final score indicates. Comfortable Dawg W.

  8. Dolly Llama


  9. I Wanna Red Cup

    I think a score like last years is about what I expect. And – Happy New Year Senator

  10. PTC DAWG

    Cue the Elvis!

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    It’s a big game for hats.

  12. D.N. Nation

    Per DawgSports, the defense’s inability to stop methodical drives is an illusion, and if not, is Bobo’s fault.

  13. simpl_matter

    Sure hope that’s not Mason’s normal throwing-motion.

  14. SoccerDawg

    Mason needs to put some Mustard on that ball. Game of miscues so far.

  15. Nashville West

    15 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Like watching paint dry.

  16. mg4life0331

    What about that scale on 1-10 about the fired up fan base? You can blame the weather, but the stadium wouldn’t be 3/4 full anyways.

  17. PatinDC

    It is going to be a different looking offense next year for sure.

  18. PatinDC

    Ugh. It is the same special teams still. Fumble. NEB ball. TD.

  19. Nashville West

    Can we pleeeeese get a special teams coach this year???? Geeze!!!!

  20. dudetheplayer

    Do we have to fumble a punt every fucking game? This is fucking lunacy.

  21. simpl_matter

    PAC 12 Refs suck, is that my high school geometry teacher in the white hat?!?

    • Nashville West

      At least they’re not deliberately trying to screw us like the SEC refs. They’re just incompetent.

      • uglydawg

        Bullshit…every play they took yardage from Georgia on the spots…every time…they’d pick up the ball and then put it back two feet to a yard. But Georgia lost because of the offensive line. That’s the weakness that has to be fixed.

  22. dudetheplayer

    Yeah! Field Goals!

  23. sniffer

    Mason is doing nothing to seperate himself from the other qb’s. Is it a bad day? Already miss Murray…

  24. PatinDC

    All right Dawgs. Three scoring opportunities. Three field goals. Hoping for TD’s in the 2nd half.

  25. dudetheplayer

    Marshall Morgan is MONEY. This looks like a 2003 UGA game.

  26. uglydawg

    Why let the clock run out and settle for a fieldgoal? Looks like the scoring philosophy has regressed to “play for three”….I wish CMR would just leave the FG kicker at home. ..Looks like a scrimmage game so far. Playing what will be the third and fourth tailbacks….not throwing deep…I’m kind of happy with the defense so far, though.

    • D.N. Nation

      We let the clock run down so Nebraska wouldn’t get the ball back. Had we gotten that first down, we would’ve burned a timeout with plenty of time left.

  27. Erskine

    Announcer’s are spectacularly horrible. Talking just to talk no actual value. Ed Cunningham is the absolute worst, the Aflac duck would be an upgrade. Anyone know how to syn timing of TV and radio play by play?

  28. Just want to say Hustling Hutson is going to do us proud in the years to come.

  29. TennesseeDawg

    Morgan will be Gator Bowl MVP after his 9 FG performance today

  30. dudetheplayer

    Well that throw was positively Coxian.

  31. Scorpio Jones, III

    OK…I am ready for them to put 11 in the game.

  32. SoccerDawg

    Who is this referee commentator. That was launching and clearly targeting.

  33. dudetheplayer

    We are not running the ball for shit.

  34. dudetheplayer

    There has been some truly horseshit playcalling in the redzone today.

  35. MurphDawg

    Some wretched officiating, not that I expected anything different.

  36. grayish

    Our offensive line is getting their asses kicked. Mason isn’t looking great but he looks scared which anyone would. Where the hell is the fullback?

  37. Smitty

    why is our back up tailback throwing a pass in the red zone?

  38. PatinDC

    I think Mason throws the flattest ball I have ever seen.

  39. PatinDC

    Anyone surprised?

  40. SoccerDawg


  41. Nashville West

    Game over. Grantham must go.

  42. Baitstand

    Richt should never be allowed to call a time out.

  43. PatinDC

    Next year is going to be sad.

    BTW how can a freshman safety who has started all year, still be making the same mistakes. Blech.

  44. Dawgoned

    Shaq Wiggins. He’s been lost all year.

  45. Dusty

    Crap. 100 yard TD. Its like a microcosm of the season.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Among the “records” set by the Georgia defense under Grantham we can now add: Allowed longest pass play for a TD in the history of football at all levels, pee-wee, junior high, high school, college, semi pro and pro–99 yards, 2 feet ,11 inches.

  46. dudetheplayer

    This defense is going to make me lose my fucking mind. I cannot fathom how that just happened.

  47. WF Dawg

    The ultimate 3rd-and-Grantham this year.

  48. shane#1

    I am so glad that this season is over,

  49. Ellis

    Defense is clueless. Bobo has probably worst game of his life playcalling, I don’t even know if he is watching. Special teams suck again. Anyone surprised?

  50. grayish

    There should maybe be a new passing stat asterick when comparing qb performance. Eliminate the Georgia game from all because we even made GT look good. Please, let’s regroup and get some guys healthy. Would Mason have been effective with the hurt guys? I dunno.

  51. sniffer

    Lakatos cannot be back next year, can he?

  52. IndyDawg

    Pitiful. Disgusting. Infuriating.

  53. Dawgoned

    Doesn’t look like anybody except Lynch showed up to play. Obviously, the players were no more excited about this bowl than the fans. OL really sucks, so what else is new?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Lynch DIDN’T show up to play on the last UGA pass. If he had caught that pass UGA likely wins the game.

  54. Nashville West

    First time all season I’ve seen them actually quit. They’ve stopped trying. This does not look good fro next season.

  55. Jeff

    This is like deja vu all over again. Same thing, different year. I grew up listening to Larry Munson on radio cause we didn’t have a tv. Have grown up with mostly high expectations with unrealized potential. I absolutely love Richt as a person. We always have winning seasons and play in New Years Day bowls. Should I expect more? I hate to say this but I think I just don’t care anymore. Why should I? I don’t think the coaches do. I love the Dawgs but I just don’t think I can take it anymore….

  56. Roterhals

    Either no separation by the receivers or Mason ain’t seeing em, hard to tell on tv.

  57. Dawgoned

    Even Gurley seems to be just going through the motions. I’m telling you, the chemistry on this team has been a problem all year, even discounting the injuries. Murray was even more valuable than I had thought.

  58. dudetheplayer

    Mason has a case of the yips.

  59. Scorpio Jones, III

    Mason looks a bit better when the O line does its job.

    • MurphDawg

      Amen. Makes Murray look that much better realizing how much of the success was really him despite the poor performance of the line.

    • Jeff

      Wow…great observation….Never would have seen that

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Don’t doubt that at all.

        • Jeff

          Your statement was so obvious, my 6 year old daughter understands and verbalizes that. A great O-line makes any quarterback look respectable.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Thanks for stopping by.

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                Nice vocabulary…is your ass obsession a comment on your won sexualty?

                • Jeff

                  Great job for sticking by your team in a tough game. You get the game ball!

                  • Scorpio Jones, III

                    ” Should I expect more? I hate to say this but I think I just don’t care anymore. Why should I? I don’t think the coaches do. I love the Dawgs but I just don’t think I can take it anymore….”

                    “Great job for sticking by your team in a tough game. You get the game ball!”

                    Thanks so much for your astute comments, stop by any time.

                • Jeff

                  yeah…you and your obsession with “wet balls”…It wasn’t fair that Nebraska got to use totally dry ones, right??? you’re SO clever!!!

                  • Scorpio Jones, III

                    ” Should I expect more? I hate to say this but I think I just don’t care anymore. Why should I? I don’t think the coaches do. I love the Dawgs but I just don’t think I can take it anymore….”

                    He’s here all week, folks.

                    • Jeff

                      “Mommy – It’s hard to catch the football when it’s wet, but especially if daddy throws it to me real hard and not you…..”

                      Way to go S-corp. you keep going back to the same lame point…I thought I was boring you? Sucker!

  60. WCHeadhunter

    H. Mason looks like a short dog in tall weeds.

  61. The Lone Stranger

    And there is that Auburn fiasco, as on cue!

  62. UGAIII

    Does Mason’s throwing action look different today, or is it the play calling? That drive before the half against Tech was beautiful: quick, short screens and slants in the hurry up. Did those quick throws mask this half cocked yip motion?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Don’t know about the mechanics of his motion, but I am bigtime scared by this kid for 2014.

  63. AusDawg85

    Good Lord people. It’s a one score game in the 4th with our backup QB, a ton of players missing, sloppy conditions and the same D we’ve had all year. What happens if we, you know, win?

    • AusDawg85

      I would have preferred the FG there though. Jeesh….

      • HVL Dawg

        FG would have won it

        • AusDawg85

          Really telling about his lack of faith in his own D to make that decision. I’m sure he felt he had to make Nebraska go the whole field to get the win rather than our D getting the 3 and out…and then they go and do it. Mark Richt can’t control shit.

  64. The Lone Stranger

    Can The Kid get it done! Sic ’em.

  65. The Lone Stranger

    I wanna see Pelini lose his mind again!

  66. Scorpio Jones, III

    Perfect ball…but wet.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Four drops in the last six minutes…gets you beat.

      • The Lone Stranger

        I’d have never figured it from Lynch though.

      • uglydawg

        That’s it, Scop and it’s very un-dawg-recieverish…go figure. Looks like Georgia has a lot to work on before Clemson. The O line is the biggest dissapointment to me…and the dropped balls…good grief. Gurley is certainly not himself and I’m beginning to wonder if he’ll ever be where he was. Bad game…everything went wrong….refs sucked….rained…etc… but tomorrow’s another day.

  67. SoccerDawg

    Par for the course.

  68. That was just fucking awful.

  69. Scorpio Jones, III

    For those of us who are interested in pre-season rankings….fuggitaboutit.

  70. The Lone Stranger

    As ever, it is a Test to be a Dawgs fan. That one was indicative of the season at large, and truly painful. But the bouncy ball is now in full swing! Who is with me!

  71. Turd Ferguson

    Fitting end. F*ck that season.

  72. AusDawg85

    Well…the FIREMARKRICHT!!!1!!11! crowd should have a good week.

  73. dudetheplayer

    Just an absolutely perfect ending to this godforsaken season. It couldn’t have ended any other way.

  74. IndyDawg

    Other than the field goal kicker and punter it was an all around disappointing preformance. No hopeful expectations for 2014.

  75. Dawgpa

    I am not someone who usually whines and complains but Mason looks TERRIBLE. I’m having flashbacks of Joe Cox. 2014 is not looking good friends!!

  76. cube

    Same shit, different year

  77. Erskine

    I would appreciate a rule clarification. Last nite in the CFA bowl a db was called for delay of game as he simulated a play start. I believe Ga. Was also called for the same during this season. On the 4th down play Nebraska db did the same thing without a call. What is the rule?

    • The Lone Stranger

      Call it a matter of official’s judgment, which gets old because many times as I watch it seems the “nice guy” persona of Richt does not merit these decisions.

  78. Nashville West

    This was a shitty game that both teams deserved to lose. It completely lived down to the low expectations. Unfortunately all signs indicate that these same two pathetic “teams” will meet again next year in Shreveport or Memphis.
    Other than Kentucky I don’t see us winning a single game against the SEC East and I think that Malzahn is going to own us until he leaves for the NFL.

    • D.N. Nation

      You’re optimistic of a Florida win over Georgia because…..

      • Turd Ferguson

        I certainly won’t predict a Florida win, but … by all lights, they’re getting a real upgrade at OC. And at this point, I have absolutely no reason to believe that our defensive secondary and offensive line will be anything better than absolute shit next season. So for those two reasons, it will not surprise me in the least if we get beat in Jacksonville next season. And this is assuming that no one’s injured or suspended, which … with us … is a completely ridiculous assumption to make.

        • D.N. Nation

          You’re optimistic of Vanderbilt and Tennessee wins in Athens because……

          • Turd Ferguson

            You’d have to ask Nashville West. I was responding to your Florida comment.

            For the record, I’m not “optimistic of Vanderbilt and Tennessee wins in Athens” in 2014. But on the other hand, at this point, I don’t see many reasons for optimism in the other direction either.

          • Nashville West

            They are improving, we’re regressing.

  79. The Lone Stranger

    Dawgs just need to quit replaying these Big Integer teams in bowl games … It has not worked (see Michigan St. in ’11).

  80. Hindsight is 20/20, but we should have kicked the FG on 4th and 2. This Nebraska team is bad. Doesn’t bode well for next year.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I was thinking the same thing. There were 5 minutes left in the game. Kick the FG and kick-off deep because the D was playing well against the run and Nebraska would have tried to run clock. 3 and out (which is what happened) and you can win the game with a FG.

  81. The Lone Stranger

    After all was said and done I mostly found myself pining for the patented Pelini head explosion. That the Dawgs could not deliver that renders the game a disappointment.

  82. IAmAGurleyMan

    Richt’s incompetence never fails to amaze me.

    If he kicks the FG with 4+ mins left, then we win the game with another FG at the end rather than having to try for a TD with the butterfingers brothers Wooten and Lynch. For those who say what if we don’t get the ball back after kicking the first FG, well in that case a TD would gave done us no good anyway since Nebraska holding onto the ball for the last 4 mins means they would have kicked the game-winning fg after our TD anyway. So you really don’t have much to gain by going for the TD rather than kicking the FG with 4 minutes left.

    Another year with stupid coaching, poor tackling (nice tackle on that bomb Qunucy Mauger!), and overall underachievement.

  83. I Wanna Red Cup

    You Murray haters out there, where was the back shoulder throw. HM apparently does not have that throw down yet, or not enough time to develop with the WR. Murray would have won this game.
    This was a total team loss. ST fumble gave them 7 which was the difference. Offense cannot close the deal and score td- OL the biggest culprit. And D gives up huge big play – the secondary with personnel losses has key brain fart.

    • pjspound

      I would also point to the lack of time management and drive to score at the end of the first half as a continued problem.

      • D.N. Nation

        I don’t understand this freakout over clock management at the end of the first half. We were burning it down so Nebraska wouldn’t have time to do anything. We burned it down in full once we didn’t get a first down, setting up a FG.

        Had we gotten that first down, we would’ve taken a timeout.

        Ed Cunningham is a blowhard. He was friggin wrong the whole day, including on this.

        • pjspound

          First, we agree that the announcers were terrible. It was more the lack of fire and desire to try to score from the first down. It was bungled. It is the thing that makes me frustrated with Bobo…continually settling or getting a lead and not staying aggressive. I’m not suggesting bomb but I am suggesting staying creative and aggressive and increase the lead…get the touchdowns. You can’t score enough nowadays.

  84. uglydawg

    All the cool-aid I’ve been drinking for next year soured in my stomach today. My predictions that UGA would be great next year have been predicated on the belief that there would be very little drop-off between AM and HM, that the O line would grow and improve, that Gurley would be back at 100%, and that the defense would improve to the level of “serviceable”. I still have some hope for the last (serviceable d) thing…but the other three may have been unrealistic. I’m hoping this game is an outlier…

    • Turd Ferguson

      “I still have some hope for the last (serviceable d) thing…”

      Why? What reason is there for hopefulness at this point? The excuse going into the season was youth and inexperience. But they’ve had an entire season in the SEC now, and an entire month to prepare for this game, … and yet, they still look every bit as lost, confused, and overwhelmed as they did against Clemson. Against a middle-of-the-pack Big Ten offense, no less.

      Maybe this offseason will be different. Maybe the happy talk will actually mean something. But I doubt it. At this point, our only real hope is Gurley. And as amazing as he is, it’s just too much to expect a single RB to carry and entire f-ing program.

  85. Turd Ferguson

    Mason looked like a freshman out there today. Telegraphing about 90% of his passes. We’ll have one of the fastest and most talented receiving corps in the country next season, … but it’s still going to be all on Gurley. Hope he can stay healthy.

    • stuckinred

      You’re an idiot, he hit the receivers in the hands and they dropped the goddamn ball.

      • pjspound

        He missed as many throws as he had dropped.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Mason looked, to me, incredibly focused on that final drive but prior to that he was not comfortable throwing down the field at his WRs. And Lynch! Maybe he was already onto the big League draft. His brainlock in the last five minutes was inconceivable.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Lone, wet balls, especially from a different guy, ain’t easy to catch…Lynch caught more than anybody else, he just dropped the biggest one.

          My wife told me just minutes ago that its only a game.

          • Just razzing you bro

            Ahem, Scorp, did you just say that first sentence out loud? I’ll take your word for it.😉

            • The Lone Stranger

              I thought the same thing — ole Scorp has porn on the brain! And after this clusterf*ck, I’m not against that.

          • Jeff

            “Lone, wet balls, especially from a different guy, ain’t easy to catch…Lynch caught more than anybody else, he just dropped the biggest one.

            My wife told me just minutes ago that its only a game.”

            It’s really tough to catch a wet ball from a different guy??? Seriously??? Didn’t our guy intercept a throw from a QB who has never thrown a pass to him (our guy) ever???? Astute comment…thanks for all of them Your wife should be SO proud!

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Jeff I bow to your obvious deeper knowledge of the game.

              You are boring me.

              • Jeff

                Dude. You can’t use that excuse. The wet field we played on by both teams. Each team used a “wet football”. Each team came in with the same prep time. Each team came in with 2nd string QB’s. Each team was decimated by injuries. It came down to who was ready to play with the team they brought on the field that was presented them. One team looked like they really didn’t care (blanket statement of course – some individuals looked as if they cared) and one team didn’t. The state of Georgia is one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the nation with UGA being the MAJOR university in the state. On paper, they should have easily outlasted Neb. and won by 10. This was essentially a “home game”.

                Why do you have to be such a jerk? What is it about your life that causes you to just post jabs and not use fact or logic. Sorry for whatever it is. It really is people like you that give normal Dawg fans a bad name. If you will be a jerk to a fellow Dawg fan when it’s not going well, you must be a real pain to any other fan….Please don’t have children!

            • WOW! That was a little over the top there Jeff.

              • Scorpio Jones, III

                “One team looked like they really didn’t care (blanket statement of course – some individuals looked as if they cared) and one team didn’t.”

                “The state of Georgia is one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the nation with UGA being the MAJOR university in the state.”

                ” On paper, they should have easily outlasted Neb. and won by 10. This was essentially a “home game”.

                “It really is people like you that give normal Dawg fans a bad name.”

                What does all this mean…only Jeff knows, and he’s having a little trouble making whatever point it is he is trying to make.

                Jeff, when you made the comment about can’t take it anymore, early in the game, I found your attitude insulting to me and kharmically insulting to the team out there trying to meet your expectations.

                If, in the subsequent reparte’ I have hurt your feelings, please accept my apologies.

                • Jeff

                  ” On paper, they should have easily outlasted Neb. and won by 10. This was essentially a “home game”. – The good Senator referenced comments made by Bobo earlier almost stating that this was a home game.
                  I have a hard time believing that you were “insulted” by my attitude that I no longer cared if they themselves didn’t care. My feelings weren’t hurt. I do accept your apologies for being a douche, however.

              • Jeff

                You obviously haven’t read his comments to me. I guess this is an “us 4 no more” blog. He was intentionally insulting without provocation to a first time, albeit not newbie to the site, commenter.

              • Jeff

                You obviously haven’t read his comments to me. I guess this is an “us 4 no more” blog. He was intentionally insulting without provocation to a first time, albeit not newbie to the site, commenter.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Hitting the receivers in the hands has literally nothing to do with whether or not a QB is telegraphing passes, dipshit. And yes, he was telegraphing passes. There’s a reason our receivers got hit so often within a second of the ball hitting their hands … because Mason was essentially telling Nebraska’s DBs where he wanted to go with the ball on every single play. All Nebraska’s DBs had to do was watch Mason’s eyes … and they did … often … with predictable results.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Why don’t we all just pray for the genetically accelerated development of Jacob Park? Having Mitchell back will certainly be a shot-in-the-arm.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        We are used to Aaron handling adversity. Adversity (wet balls, whatever) did not get handled the way everybody hoped it would dealt with.

        The truth is, other than two quarters against a pretty bad Tech team (that’s kinda redundant)…Mason has no experience dealing with adversity in a college game…hell, his first pass as a college QB was a touchdown, was it not?

        So I guess we all learned something tonight…I sure do hope Hutson learned something.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Ya know, I’ve already stepped in from the ledge…Next year is a whole new experiment / Mason will have a revitalized WR corps / the Defense SHOULD have its collective legs under it. All these points ought to give the Dawgs some semblance of stability while Mason deals with the “speed of the game.”

  86. uglydawg

    Really, this looked like a Ray Goff game. Georgia had so many opportunites that just didn’t bloom (dropped passes mostly). Everything seemed to go Nebraska’s way. This truly looked like “one pay away Ray’s” game. I think Georgia wins 8 if they play this one 10 times…but they don’t.
    The Ref’s screwed our pooches on every spot…a slow but determined raping…but Georgia blew it’s chances and should have won. Some damn good clutch Dawgs dropped some easy passes today. That says it all.

    • cube

      “The refs screwed us”

      Sounds like a Mark Richt game to me. Our fan base has perfected the art of whining about officiating (among other things) over the last several years.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Cube, the officiating WAS bad. I’m not saying it was biased but it did appear that the incompetence favored Nebraska most of the time. Not necessarily on purpose. It just worked out that way.

  87. JimDawg

    Does it really matter? We can gripe and complain all we want. At the end of the day, we will always be an 8 win team. We can boast about tradition and history but today’s game was a shining example what Georgia has lately become — irrelevant. Bonehead plays, special team errors,and poor offensive line play once again doom the Dawgs. We are now regularly losing GA recruits to out of state schools and nobody in Athens seems to care about any of this. All we seem to be worried about is “consistency.” The only consistent thing I see is that we are consistently falling behind other SEC schools. Despite the SEC championship game last season, I get the feeling that other schools are passing us by. We can never get over the hump. Those in Athens seem to be happy with a new year’s day bow; and 8 wins. The sad thing is with many starters returning, I can only see us with an 8 or 9 win season and another irrelevant bowl game. The same mistakes will be made and the same bonehead plays will be executed. I just do not see any overall improvement and Coach Richt does not inspire any belief in me that there will be any. I truly hope I am wrong and if someone fells differently, please post your reasons why. I will always be a Dawg, but I am getting tired and need some belief in the future–which now, despite so many returnees, seems certain to repeat itself

    • D.N. Nation


      2001: No
      2002: Yes
      2003: Yes
      2004: Yes
      2005: Yes
      2006: Yes
      2007: Yes
      2008: Yes
      2009: No
      2010: No
      2011: Yes
      2012: Yes
      2013: No

    • Jim

      Welcome to life after deciding to keep Richt when we hit rock bottom a few years ago. Consistency and mediocrity over the potential for excellence. Yeah I know we were five yards away last year and we got killed by injuries this year, but none of that changes the consistent shortcomings of this program

    • Jeff

      Just be thankful King Scorpio III or whatever the hell his name is didn’t curse you for being a passionate fan! (reference my first post ever on this site and his comment below – after having bookmarked and read this site for the past 4 years)…I also feel your pain!

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Jeff, I thought you could not take it anymore…why are you here if you can’t take it anymore.

        Or was that just more of your inane rant about something you obviously know little about.

        Keep it up, it’s always a pleasure.

        • Jeff

          Can’t take it anymore doesn’t mean this thread you idiot…

          “Or was that just more of your inane rant about something you obviously know little about.” – something I know little about??? Seriously????? You and your “WET BALLS” comment…. WOW a little pot and kettle action here!

  88. pjspound

    Unfortunately Mason did look complacent, unprepared and unfocused. This does not make for a great outlook for next year. Yeah, I’d say we’ve been spoiled by AM.

  89. I Wanna Red Cup

    PS. No way that was not targeting. Compare that to the Drew play. Total BS. The guy should have been thrown out. The announcers were terrible.
    I have no problem with going for it on 4th down in both instances. If Artie catches the damn ball on both drives we win.

    • stuckinred

      It was Mason’s fault because he “telegraphed” the ball so badly that Arite dropped it.

    • Turd Ferguson

      FYI, stockinged uses quotation marks when he doesn’t know what a word means.

    • Jesse Palmer

      Exactly right about targeting. The refrain on Drew’s ejection was that he made contact with the head, hands, or shoulders on the head/shoulders of a defenseless player. What the hell kind of contact was that on McGowan then?

  90. NoAxeToGrind

    Is anybody shocked? Good luck in 2014. Happy New Year to all you Richt Homers. My apologies to same.

  91. It makes me feel better to listen to Florence + the machine – Dog Days Are Over, at least until spring practice.

  92. Ed Kilgore

    I guess it’s predictable that the self-loathers are dominating this thread after the Dawgs lost another flukey game, this one in a bowl that the team apparently didn’t care about any more than the fans who didn’t attend. But with everything the Dawgs bring back next year, along with everything SC and Mizzou lose, another 8-win season sounds ludicrous. If that actually happens, I’ll join the self-loathers myself.

    • What does it say about coaching if the players didn’t care about?

    • Jeff

      Ed…I hear you but your comment sounds like the same song, 5th verse, just sung to a different tune….Should have cared even less last year right?

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        What exactly do you mean, Jeff? I thought you could not take it anymore.

        • Jeff

          Not sure what you mean? My comment was that there is always a reason why we can’t break through – “Willie Martinez, not enough experience, Joe Cox sucks, Aaron Murray can’t win the big one, bad OL, yadda, yadda, yadda….Thus my reply to him was basically what I keep hearing every year (look what we bring back next year with experience, and this and that – with the same result being no conference championship, no BCS bowl and etc.) that it’s the same song second verse….need me to us smaller words and write with crayon?

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            You, Jeff, say you can’t take it anymore, yet here you are babbling your bullshit with the grownups…and boring me to the point you are not worth the effort.

            Show some class. Quit.

            • Carolinadawg

              Scorpio- you are free to ignore any posts you don’t like, don’t agree with, think are bullshit, etc. And you wouldn’t know class if it bit you on the nose. Feel free to take your own advice.

            • Jeff

              Again, I thought I was boring you? You keep using your 5th grade phrases while not saying anything of substance. Of the several things I have read that you have written, NOTHING you say makes any sense? And you say I’M babbling? Can you please put together a REASONABLE summary of why YOU think UGA lost? Can you please put together a REASONABLE reason why fans have anything to look forward to in 2014 that doesn’t sound like 2013, 2012, 2011 and etc.? Again, because you are the grownup!

    • Carolinadawg


      I’m tired of this coach consistently failing to have his team perform to the best of their abilities. This does not make me a “self-loather”. That is truly a moronic concept.

      There was nothing flukey about this game. It’s part of a long term pattern. Wake the hell up.

      • Ed Kilgore

        For a fan of a particular team, disgruntlement can become self-loathing if you persist in demanding the dismissal of a coach who, as you must surely realize, is not going anywhere. What’s the point?

    • McTyre

      Self-loathing could also manifest itself in some sports fans by having low expectations for one’s FB team and – for some – turning logic and facts on their head in a desperate attempt to explain away repeated failures. There’s bad breaks and then there’s failure to perform. Some cannot tell the difference.

  93. Dawgoned

    Lack of preparation again rears its head. Are we EVER prepared to play a game from the opening whistle?

  94. Russ

    Oh well, dropped passes killed it for us ultimately. Hate it that Lynch dropped the last one, but that’s the breaks.

    Is it too soon to start beating the Bauta drum? 😉 Just kidding, Mason did alright, though his first few passes were weird, like shot puts? Once he got going, he had nice touch on his passes.

  95. Will Trane

    Poor execution on both sides of the ball. Offense failed on 2 attempts in the red zone on 4th.down. 4-6 dropped balls…Lynch and Wooten had woeful games catching the ball. Want to see a replay of the game because of some of the sets Bobo used. Never could get a power runner like TG on the edge.

  96. Dawgoned

    have to say, the condition of the Gator Bowl turf was a disgrace. But both teams had to play on it. UGA gave away that game, like several others this year. This why the thread is so negative. We’ve got the talent, and have had for a while. Just can’t get it done.

  97. Russ

    Oh, and I see I made the correct call in avoiding the game day thread. I guess I’ll just have to wait another week or so the let the doomsayers clear out.

  98. Will Trane

    Why does TG have so many receptions and yards from throws? Why were the W/Os set so close into the line in this game. TE and W/R play were very subpar in this game. We have no TE’s to bloc & set the edge for TG or JG. We can not create enought running lanes across the field for TG.

  99. Will Trane

    Why does Bobo set his FB when in a play behind the QB when under center. Only one blocking TE, Lynch. Why not a set where the FB is offset to oneside to block or go in motion to the other for a block or release based on LBs. Run a FB on a pass play. This is where Bobo goes sometimes.

  100. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Drops. penalties, missed tackles. It’s not the L; it’s the manner of the L and the repetitive nature of the formula. Frustrating. Frustrating because all of these issues should be, game to game, year to year, fixable.

    But missing Murray, half of Gurshall, and half the starting WRs isn’t an excuse, it’s a reality. I can’t say this team underachieved this year, and I can’t say they didn’t play hard.

  101. Will Trane

    Why does Bobo not use his 2nd string QB, who can throw and run at the same time Mason is in the game. Once again I am baffled by how little Bobo uses his players on offense. Another game of poor preparation and roster management. Bunced his W/Os making it easier for Nebraska to cover them.

  102. Dawgfan Will

    I hope the offseason is long enough for Gurley to get back to form. He was obviously giving it his all, but he doesn’t look like half the back he did last year right now.

  103. SoccerDawg

    I think Mason placed the ball rather than throwing it. And I think that the fact that the ball did not get to the receiver with zip on it caused the drops. The throw was not as hard as the receivers were used to.

    • Have you ever thrown a soggy football? Hard to put zip on one. Both qb’s were throwing bricks that seemed to just hang up there like a frisbee caught in the breeze.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Yeah, I shoulda said soggy footballs…stepped right into the porn reference, although this game was sorta pornographic.

        “Like a frisbee caught in the breeze”…good stuff there, Homey.

        Mud is the great equalizer…some coach told me that sometime.

      • PatinDC

        Agrees. He also was behind most receivers and not leading. Hope he works that out of the winter.

  104. Athens Dog

    So typical. And normal. And disappointing. We have no desire to succeed at high levels. I’m game for something different. Otherwise why am I sending in my $5k contribution.

    • Jeff

      Great question…

    • Ricky McDurden

      Grandpa sent me the Hartman pamphlet this past weekend, asking if we wanted to request tickets this year (he is beyond being able to go himself but holds onto the option for my wife and I). After this season, I’m seriously considering passing on the opportunity for 2014. May come back to it in 2015 if changes are made, but I think I’ll take a page out of the UGA playbook and opt to boost the ‘ol reserve fund. Just like an IPF, no need spending money without a guaranteed payoff. I imagine I’m not alone in that feeling either.

  105. Will Trane

    How many times does a Bobo offense get inside the red zone and fail to put 6 on the board. Seen it too many times the past 3-4 years. Inside the red zone at least 6 – 7 times in the second half and only one TD from 25 yards out. No power running inside the red zone.Can not spread the D in a running attack.

    • MoodyDawg

      Can someone tell me why Gurley wasn’t on the field during 3 of our 4 1st redzone appearances? Douglas and Green got those carrys….

    • Bulldawg165

      I don’t blame this one on Bobo. Normally I blame a lack of execution on the coaches, but he gets a pass from me for how well we’ve done the rest of the year and all of those dropped passes really are an anomoly. He called plays that put us in position to get the job done and our otherwise solid players just couldn’t get it done.

  106. uglydawg

    I’m beginning to worry about Gurley. Maybe he’s got a permanent injury, or an injury that has permanently impared his running skills. Hope not.

    • UGAIII

      Herschel never ran the same after dislocating his shoulder. Gurley seems to be babying his ankles, which already look disproportionately thin for the size of his thighs and upper body. Reminds me of a thoroughbred race horse, with all the weight on such fragile ankles. It’s almost like he’s running in fear of a career ending injury, like Babaro.

      Of course it could simply be a sprain that hasn’t fully healed and he’ll be back to 100% next year. Hope so. Regardless, he should take out an insurance policy, the NCAA provides up to 5M with premiums contingent on the draft.

      Hate to say he looked like Richard Samuel a couple times today.

    • Debby Balcer

      Gurley Mason and several players had a virus this week. That takes a lot out of you. Running in nuts fans sand with poor footing is harder.

  107. Will Trane

    Think the AD has to look hard at his football and basketball program. Maybe time some coahes need to go. 2 bowls losses in 3 years in the state of Florida, Is there a major bowl and SEC champsionship in our future. Maybe that is why Bobo would go to Georgia Southern. He and CMR can’t figure it out.

    • Ricky McDurden

      My wife just looked at me out of the blue and said she would really like to make the trip to New Orleans the next time UGA plays in the Sugar.

      I actually had to consider that we might have young children by then, thus nullifying that dream.

      Something has to change with the quickness.

      • Ole Dawg

        Ricky, I’m almost 60 and I don’t think I’ll live to see the day that CMR coaches UGA in the Sugar Bowl again.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Will, you’re wrong. The AD is part of the problem–a BIG part. What we need is for the new President to assert himself, get the BOR and AB to commit to excellence in UGA Athletics, then fire that cheapskate McGarity and go from there. That’s really the first thing that needs to be done. I agree we need a new basketball coach ASAP but do you really want McGarity to be the one to do the hiring? With regard to the football program, McGarity is as big a part of the problem as any single person in Athens can be. CMR is a short-timer. He’ll retire within 4-5 more years, if not sooner. We need to think long-term about this and hire a first rate AD. If you look at the universities that have had long term success in football, basketball, baseball and all other sports it was because those schools each had a great AD. UGA doesn’t, and until Georgia does have a great AD we won’t have the long-term success of those other institutions.

      • redpanties

        This AD is still fixing problems he inherited from the last AD; the one with the red panties in his lap. Don’t call him out on this. Yes, he’s minding the $$$s, but he’s a DGD through and through. It wasn’t his fault the D gave up a 3rd and 12, or was it 14?, to start the game, or a 3rd and … oh shit … there he goes for 99+! He cares about this program as much as any of us do. And, he’ll do what it takes to make it successful.

        Thank God, Yahweh, Buddha or whomever that that season is over. It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog! Now, let’s pull for every team we got from the Basketball teams to those lovely Equestrian riders. Woof!!!

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          RP this is the kind of blind loyalty to a PERSON-not the University of Georgia-that has us in the mess athletically that we are in. McGarity is just a guy who got hired by the University of Georgia to do a job, nothing more. In fact, he has spent more time working for the University of Florida (20 years) than he has or will at Georgia. He’s been on the job now for 4 full football seasons, and in 3 months 4 full basketball seasons, which team is also not doing so hot right now. How long do you give the guy?

  108. I guess we are now officially in the off season. The disappointment of another season without the Crystal to put in its showcase. This accompanied by endless complaints from fans,and pundits, about coaches, players, ST, S and C,Defense, OL, DL, DC,OC, HC, AD.. and even new Internet memes to mock them all. The endless How, and WHY and BUT! And of course the inherent unfairness that we don’t have some sort of Championship because Auburn and Bama, and LSU and Florida and even the Hillbillies got theirs. Where’s ours? Why we don’t over sign, change our pot policy, buy better coaches, buy better players, buy better facilities when we can certainly afford them all. Institutional commitment! Buck the NCAA, buck the refs, fuck the refs… call the refs out publicly. Be realistic, run off the Disney Dawgs and turn semi-pro and drop this amateur status. Grow a pair! And Win All The Damn Games!
    Is it still ok to root for the Dogs?😉

    • stuckinred

      Well said.

    • Bulldawg165

      Typical straw man argument. Most of us just wish we’d put in the effort to break even on special teams, field a competent (and occasionally good) defense, and consistently beat teams we should beat. We can do these things without doing any of the things you mentioned in your post, but of course you must pretend otherwise.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Then yur not a reel fann!!!!!11!!1!!!

      • McTyre

        Indeed. Sadly, fan discourse about our Dawgs over the past several years has devolved to the level that many people talk about politics or religion. Facts or plausible theories from any end of the spectrum are often met with kneejerk and uncivil responses. It’s all about which club you’re in rather than the soundness of your argument. Sports blogs (like talk radio) aren’t generally good forums for sober discussion – just echo chambers or click trolling – but the Senator usually puts forth more objective commentary than do most.

        • Well not many measure up to Bluto. And that’s not their fault is it? Not many here are writers. Most are “posters”. Blog armchair quarterbacks if you will. There seems to be a lot of consigliores that post here. My own attorney has more than once chastised me about my habit of arguing with other attorneys during a sit down over a contract or two. His point was that was what he went to Georgia law to learn and didn’t appreciate my help. My youngest is accepted to Georgia Law class of 2017. Maybe I missed my calling. Point is most of us blog armchair quarterbacks won’t make their points as astutely as those lawdawgs do. Meh. It’s a blog my friend. Some of the posts and name calling and ugly comments today are unfortunate. If it gets nasty for too long Bluto will reign it in. I’m not without my own weakness at armchair meanness. And Bluto has busted me for it. Once. I guess its about boundaries and respecting them. Football fans are passionate. Passion leads to a lot of things… not all of them wholesome.
          just sayin’

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Thanks, man, I needed that.

          • Bulldawg165

            Umm…? So only lawyers are capable of coherent arguments? I read a lot of coherent arguments on here and I read a lot of whining and BS. Yours was unadulterated BS.

            • Ummm , No but I have the sense to appreciate that lawyers are trained to argue. Some are paid large sums because they do it so well. Others are paid large sums even when they don’t. Perhaps your threshold for what you consider a coherent argument is much lower than mine. Your entitled to your opinion of my post. You retort was rather base and certainly not appropriate response to my light hearted post. I use the finest ingredients in my BS. I appreciate it when such a bullshit connoisseur as yourself picks up on that. Sometimes I feel it is wasted on the less base of some of the posters here. Happy New Year asshat.😉

      • MinnesotaDawg

        Exactly. Good post.

    • Erskine

      Correct prospective. The games is still played by 18-22year olds. Honestly I do not believe ANYONE predicted auburn (or Fl. state) in the NC game this year. Every year is completely different, Maturity, injuries and 10000 other factors contribute to a teams success beyond our control no matter how much we all want to win.

    • cube

      We just went 8-5. Why are you talking about winning a championship as if we came anywhere close?

      • I saw a team that played with heart. I saw players that weren’t ready to play SEC ball give it their best shot. I saw injuries and suspensions and refs and a multitude of disadvantages. I saw a team that did not quit. That’s why.
        “He has called on the best that was in us. There was no such thing as half-trying. Whether it was running a race or catching a football, competing in school—we were to try. And we were to try harder than anyone else. We might not be the best, and none of us were, but we were to make the effort to be the best. “After you have done the best you can”, he used to say, “the hell with it”.”

      • Will (the other one)

        What was Auburn’s record last season? Or Bama’s in 2007?

    • Athens Dog

      Why indeed.

      • I guess because I’m a homer.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          I blame Aaron Murray…he has pulled our butts out of the fire so many times, sometimes in ways we poor souls will never understand…the damn bummer is that till Artie dropped the wet ball, I really thought we were gonna win the damn game.

          And for that attitude, I blame Aaron Murray. I hope to God I am not gonna spend the rest of my life waiting on Herschel and Aaron Murray to take me to the promised land.

    • AusDawg85

      AHD, That’s just BS man. The realists have a point…Richt is to blame for all of this. If he was Saban we would already have an IPF and been better prepared for the wet and mud in Jax. If he was Malzahn, we’d still have Nick Marshall at QB and DB. If he was Corch JHC would not be suspended and Bauta would be running the spread. If he was Patterson we’d have a D that gets all those BCS bowls, conference records and wins that TCU has. If he was Carroll, Coker, Tressel or Chizik we would never miss out on a recruit because of NCAA rules.

      Gotta go get Mack NOW!

    • Ed Kilgore

      And forget all this newfangled offense stuff and play Erk Football!
      (Good parody, BTW; dangerously close to many actual posts)

    • The Lone Stranger

      Wonder how he and JHC were prancing around the night of Nov. 16? Maybe they even did then…

  109. Boss Dawg

    We have no wide receivers to speak of period….and really not much talent on the sidelines from here on that front…the downward spiral begins here

  110. 69Dawg

    Today caused me to make a decision I have been thinking about all season, I’m not going to renew my season tickets after 25 years. I’m just tired of the hassle at the games and the underperforming team. I can’t explain why they underperform but I can plainly see it. From now own if I get the itch to see a game in person I’ll Stubhub it. Think I’ll just use my Hartman contribution to buy a bigger TV.

  111. Biggus Rickus

    Is it cool to point out that bowl games aren’t generally predictive of future success or failure, or do I have to jump on the “We’re doomed!” bandwagon? For what it’s worth, Georgia outplayed Nebraska and beat themselves. The only thing I really learned from this game is that Mason has a little trouble throwing a wet ball.

    • Soggy Ball.😉
      Hey Dog in Fla. ? Your not starting out your Get the Picture Dog Poster title very well today. Don’t make me come down there.😉

      • Dog in Fla

        For Pete’s sake, this ball game was so slippery when wet, even mine became sweaty. I first noticed the moisturizing effect of the lotion just as Todd got hosed with the 99 yard touchdown pass. At least we weren’t close enough to tip the ball so hopefully we won’t be victimized by some nickname for this play other than there we did it again

    • Scorpio Jones, III


    • Agreed. I was a little worried about Mason early on, but I think he can get it done. He was a little shiftier than I expected, but not quite the zip on his ball than Murray and his throwing motion was a little erratic today.

      The D, (aside from that inexcusable king of all kings 3rd and Grantham) gave us chances. They actually got stops and seemed to contain the spread option. The D line did ok, this unit needs to rush the passer better since they are so well illuminated by the bright dumpster fire in the secondary.

      At this point, I have no answer for special teams other than to say we have a good kicker and a couple of disasters to bring to every game.

      Gurley needs to heal up. I think the wet turf also had a little to do with his sluggishness. He looked good receiving out of the backfield.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Bro, let me be the contrarian speaking for all the other multiple personalities. When a close game gets lost at the end one time when the Dawgs have outplayed the other team, that’s bad luck. When it happens twice, that’s really bad luck. When it happens 3 times, that’s a trend. When it happens multiple times, particularly over several years, that is a systemic coaching failure. The Dawgs had no business being in the situation of having to convert a 4th down, not once but twice, at or near the end of this game to stay in it. They should have put away the Huskers before the fourth quarter because the Dawgs were more talented and had outplayed them. This coaching staff has the unique ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory repeatedly, time and time again. Sadly, this bowl game demonstrates very clearly exactly who the Dawgs really are. A lot of people are in denial about that, but it is plain to see.

      • Biggus Rickus

        Ah. False consciousness. Yeah, that’s a real bitch, Karl.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        If you mean a good, but not great team, a team with heart but no overpowering presence, then I agree with you. When all the wailing and moaning an pissing and bitching is done, what we got here is a Georgia football team, with all its warts and pimples and wet balls exposed.

        I think I have said this before, but it ain’t easy being a Dawg…anybody says a Dawg’s life is easy ain’t ever done it.

      • +1


        2005 Sugar Bowl.
        2007 vs. Tenn and SCAR
        Bowl game vs. UCF
        Colorado game.
        Countless other examples.😦

      • Slaw Dawg

        I’ve been dragging my feet on this for a while, but I’ve arrived where you are, though with great reluctance. There’s just too much persistence in the same ol’ problems. This year’s repeated ST gifting was really just a climax, or culmination, of shaky play in that area for years now. The inconsistent blocking has become a plague. The godawful secondary caps years of problems with fundamentals on defense, masked for a couple of seasons by some tremendously talented players. The limp start and can’t-play-for-4-quarters thing has become the norm, not the exception. We know the talent is there–just ask the NFL teams that have drafted starters from UGA. So it’s gotta be something else. The things other than talent that are core to a great football program–strong fundamentals, consistent will to win, reliable execution–seem to be missing from the UGA program, notwithstanding some great moments this year and in preceding years.

        I’d love nothing better than for Mark Richt to get it all turned around next year and make people like me look like nervous Nellies (and I will gladly confess to my past braying), but I’ve said something like that at the end of 4 of the preceding 7 seasons. I just no longer believe the elements necessary for a championship football program are in place at UGA–there, I’ve said it!

  112. Will Trane

    Defense. Nebraska had 14 1st downs and 307 total offensive yards…99 on one play. Offense 6-7 trips inside the redzone and gets one TD. Totally puzzled by our sets and personnel inside the 25. Same mistakes, same players, and same coaches. Played on familiar turf and a team they saw 12 months ago

    • Biggus Rickus

      They couldn’t run the ball, and Mason couldn’t find people open once they got to the red zone. It’s not that hard to figure out. Whether Mason’s difficulty finding receivers was due to coverage or his own deficiencies, I have no idea. Based on what I saw today, there’s a chance he could be beat out by Ramsey, though.

  113. Will Trane

    Not much changed from Clemson to Jacksonville…13 games ….5 losses. Review those games. All the same. And this coaching staff, players, and AD think things will be better next year.Now how can they come to that conclusion. Maybe Bobo’s conflicted resume will move on…just not his offense insdie the redzone.

    • You know Will. If I were younger and didn’t know better I’d get you up to the MoonLight Bunny Ranch in Lyon County and see if you couldn’t get a smile put on that sour face. lol. I have a guy I’m doing some consulting for that actually took his son there for graduation present. uSC grad/hotel mgt. Bought him a corvette too. I”m still trying to digest that relationship.

    • Biggus Rickus

      From 2010-2012, Georgia was 19th in red zone TD percentage, and I think they were a little better than that this year, though I can’t find the statistic for this season.

    • The most significant change for next year is no Aaron Murray.

      More experience on D doesn’t really mean much when you consider 2012.

      No coaching changes.

      I find it hard to expect anything but a WORSE season next year.

      Wait… Our schedule looks a tad easier. That’s about the only good news.

  114. Ramguy

    I have supported CMR every year he has been at UGA. I have come to think he has did all he can do here.and it really doesn’t have anything to do with today’s game. I know he is a good man and a good coach and if the Dawgs want to continue to have seasons like this with an occasional run at the SEC championship then he’s the man for them. I just don’t think he will ever get them over the hump. There’s a reason his name isn’t mentioned for the Texas job.
    I wonder what the excuses will be next year? I know they had a tough year injury wise but I doubt they would have won many more games because of the defense. I know I won’t have any high expectations for next season.

    • Biggus Rickus

      They definitely would have beaten Vandy. Probably Auburn. Maybe Missouri. So they may have won 3 more games, in spite of the defense. And I’d have given them even odds to knock off Bama and win the SEC with a fully healthy offense, or really just one of the two deep threats, Murray and a healthy Gurley.

      • Ramguy

        But the didn’t beat those teams and you can’t say for a fact that they would have.

        • Biggus Rickus

          But you can call the injury problems on offense an excuse, as if they would have definitely lost those games without the injuries?

  115. Will Trane

    Lot of contributors are weary of paying for year after year of subpar play. This is one of the top financial programs in the country. Not contributing anymore. Finished with UGA men’s athletic programs. No titles!!!!

  116. Will Trane

    UGA alums and supporters should be pissed with men’s coaches,AD and the Atheltic Board at UGA. We get slapped around by other coaches, SEC office, SEC officials, news media. Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, South Carolina are way ahead of us. They make changes and get things done. NOt UGA.

  117. Normaltown Mike

    Not to gloat, but my wife set up a New Years Day brunch for noon today & I wasn’t able to see a single snap.

    Judging the comments, I think I’ll save myself the pain & skip the replay.

  118. WF Dawg

    I hate this for them, but Lynch and Wooten just joined Blair Walsh in an undesirable fraternity of departing seniors playing their final game.

    • Nashville West

      Blair Walsh, how’s that for irony? Can’t make a field goal to tie a bowl game and today that’s all we could do, make field goals.

    • shane#1

      Lynch played a hell of a game, but dropped a couple of balls. But let’s concentrate on the negative. Man, I am glad I was never good enough to play for the Dawgs, because their fans suck! What a bunch of cry baby, piss and moan bunch of sissys, talk about wet balls, how about fans with no balls! Piss and moan bitches, you deserve every heart break that comes your way, Bunch of spoiled brats that think they deserve something. Maybe we fans can endure enough losses to cull these losers from the fan base.

  119. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!

    • shane#1

      The same to you Mayor, sorry for the rant fellas, but I get sick of the crying. Trust me, no fan hates losing as bad as the players do, and these kids never quit in spite of all they faced this season. My hat is off to that team and Coach Bobo.

  120. HVL Dawg

    Damn, I wanted to make the 300th comment. I guess I will have to wait till the next loss.

  121. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think this is appropriate here:

  122. G Marmalarde

    No one will believe me but before the final play auburn game and the 99.9 yard debacle yesterday I said to my wife half jokingly ” here’s where we give up a touchdown” . I also called the muffed punt. Deja vu all over again. Again. Is that too negative? Sorry. Heckuva good game. Damn proud of the team. Stiff upper lip and all that.

    • 69Dawg

      That’s so true. After watching this team this year we have begun to wait for the f-ups. The amazing part is the coaches keep letting it happen. Davis fumbles catches well lets let him field it in a critical time. Every Dawg fan in the world had the feeling in the back of their neck that NU was going to go for broke but our coaches . Either the coaches are eternal optimists are they are crazy. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, that pretty much sums up our coaches.

  123. Victory has a thousand Fathers, defeat is an orphan. John F. Kennedy
    There is no better adversity. Every defeat every heart break every loss, contains it’s own seed, it’s own lesion on how to improve your performance the next time. Malcolm X

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Philosophical pain relief is always good, thanks.

    • Popularized by President John F. Kennedy (1961), but coined by the Italian diplomat, and son-in-law of Mussolini, Count Caleazzo Ciano (1903-44). 1942. La victoria trova cento padri, e nessuno vuole riconoscere l’insuccesso. – The Ciano Diaries 1939-1943.

      Proverb was Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.

      “Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”

      ― Og Mandino Another Italian.

      “And now you know… the rest of the story.”
      Good Day.

  124. DawgPhan

    It is all about the process…seems like this staff has nailed the “we suck in bowls” process….it makes it really hard to mock the genius on the flats bowl record when ours if not much better.

    totally bummed that we looked so bad at the end of the game and that 2 chip shot FG would have won. instead we got 4 dropped passes. sounds about right…dont trust your defense to get the ball back…in about the only game all year where the defense looked like they could get the ball back quickly.