Always a good time to troll…

He may not be able to get you to a BCS game, ‘Cock fans, but at least he knows how to push your biggest button.


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25 responses to “Always a good time to troll…

  1. Baitstand

    The old guy still has a lot of enthusiasm.

  2. 202dawg

    All hail the master…

  3. Lrgk9

    Dorothy, Pay no attention to the man behind the screen…

  4. Will Trane

    Notice how quick goes for that mike…takes it before he is present to trophy. He could not wait to get that dig in about Clemson [and Urban Meyer to a degress] … brillant…football, coaching, and winning are at the top of his daily activity list. He has taken Souht Carolina to new heights.

  5. HVL Dawg

    CapitalOne is the former Citrus Bowl isn’t it?

  6. I’m as big a fan of Spurrier’s trolling as anybody, but it’s like I was emailing with a couple of my buddies earlier, part of Spurrier’s “charm” for so long was his ability to deliver a well placed and well timed gem of a troll, usually in response to some sort of question from a reporter. Here lately, it’s like he’s trying to go out of his way to come up with something any time and every time a mic is in his face. You don’t even have to ask him anything, just hand him a mic and he’s gonna force something out. Eventually there’s a point of diminishing returns.

    But I still tip my visor to him, he’s the master, for sure.

  7. RD

    Well, it is Clempson!!!

  8. The only difference between 11-2 South Carolina and 8-5 UGA is coaching.

    • And yet Georgia beat South Carolina this season!

    • If SC had lost Shaq Roland, Bruce Ellington, and Brandon Wilds to season ending injuries, then also lost Mike Davis for 3 games and Nick Jones for another 2 or 3 games, and then didn’t have Connor Shaw for the Clemson game or the bowl game…………and still gone 11-2, then you’d have a great point. 🙂

      • Your scenario sounds a lot like South Carolina’s 2012 campaign … Marcus Lattimore was out, Wilds was redshirted, Shon Carson was out, and Shaw wasn’t at the Clemson game. We went 11-2 (6-2) last year, too.

  9. Reservoir Dawg

    You cain’t spell Citrus without USC…

  10. Mike Cooley

    It’s going to be interesting to see what the “the only difference between us and whoever is coaching” crowd will say when Richt is gone. I predict that like “Murray can’t win the big one” bunch, once their beloved meme is shattered they will just go silent. Come to think of it, the Hutson Mason proponents seem to have gone missing now that they’ve got him.

  11. TDawg5

    Didnt UGA win the capital one bowl last year?

    What are his 2 in a row?

    • David K

      No shit. They played in the Outback Bowl last year against Michigan. Senile old coot has forgotten more football than most of the others in the business.

      • Chopdawg

        Stevie just cant tell the difference, from Columbia you got to drive down I-4 to get to either one of ’em.

  12. roterhalsdawg

    Aw hell he hates my Dawgs but I’m still gonna miss him someday.

  13. Mayor of Dawgtown

    SOS’s comments after his team won the Citrus Bowl…er…the Capital One Bowl were tasteless and unsportsmanlike. He is a bad role model and for the life of me I cannot understand why a parent would let his/her son play for the guy. He has a track record of using players up then throwing them away like toilet paper.

    • Once he sends his entire sideline to do an endzone celebration during a game, and lies about it afterward, then by all means you can talk about tasteless and unsportsmanlike coaching. Ill go tit-for-tat with you any day on “using players up and throwing them away like toilet paper”, too.

  14. Spike

    Mayor.. I think Terry Dean is in the phone for you…