If you want to implode a football program, you’re at Georgia Tech! You can do that!

Shit, where’s the popcorn?  I think I’ll just sit back and watch where this goes.


You’ve got to figure the biggest asshole wins this battle.  I know who I’m putting my money on.


UPDATE:  Deny, deny, deny.

You mean rumors about Johnson’s status can make Tech recruiting worse?  Who knew?


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53 responses to “If you want to implode a football program, you’re at Georgia Tech! You can do that!

  1. Dawgwood

    Between this news and the video of the Bama lady going all WWE on an OU fan, this is looking to be a great weekend. Happy Friday ya’ll!!!


  2. @gatriguy

    The hilarious part is that Tech can’t afford to buy him out. In a perfect world, he leaves, goes back to Statesboro, then beats Tech in Atlanta next year.


    • They can’t afford the buyout if they fire him. But they can certainly negotiate a reduced pay out if he wants out badly enough.

      Like I said, this is gonna be a trip to watch. Especially when they start planting stuff in the media about each other.


      • BMan

        Maybe they could offer half the buyout and give him shared custody of the Iron Man suit.


      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        “Especially when they start planting stuff in the media about each other.”

        Uhhh…I think we are already there. You’ve got two possibilities…
        1) Tech planted it and it caught CPJ on his heels that it got out
        2) CPJ’s peeps planted it so that (a) it would get out and (b) they could react first and be ‘surprised’…which would put Tech in a really awkward position.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Do you know what his buyout is if they fire him, or the other way if he leaves to go elsewhere or just voluntarily goes? If he wants out badly enough it could just be a wash. My sense also is that the Techies have had about enough of his act. Personally, I wish they would make him “Coach for Life.”


      • Tech can “Afford” to do anything they want to do. Just like GEORGIA can afford to do whatever they want to do, that is…. If the right people want to do it!


  3. gastr1

    Have they made a hire at Georgia Southern yet??? Coach Fish Fry FTW!


  4. South FL Dawg

    What Johnson will never get is that it isn’t always the other guy. That’s kinda what made him great for the techies. Oh well, happy trails to both sides.


    • mp

      To quote Raylan Givens, “If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”


  5. uglydawg

    I hate to see this. I was hoping he’d stay around GT for another 10 or so.
    Is Pepper Rogers still around?


  6. D.N. Nation

    StingTalk is down! I repeat: StingTalk is down!


  7. D.N. Nation

    Ha, that Schultz tweet:

    “Paul Johnson, via GaTech”

    What, CPJ doesn’t talk to Schultz directly anymore? Schultz isn’t spending his whole days hanging around Johnson’s office, getting him coffee and bagels?


    • Go Dawgs!

      “I plan to be the coach at Georgia Tech into the future…”

      What the heck does that mean? That could mean that he’s planning to be the coach until next week rolls around and then bolt!


  8. hassan

    Can we pay him to stay?


  9. Athens Dog

    I don’t want him to ever leave!!!!! He’s better than Reggie Ball.


  10. Spike

    All this is just priceless.


  11. Could someone pass me the coke? All this popcorn is making my mouth salty.


  12. Normaltown Mike

    If I’m a realtor in Bulloch county, I’m gassing up the Lincoln and headin’ for the Flats!


  13. Mudcats Impala...

    This will kill their recruiting…Bwahahahahahaha!!!! 😉


  14. Coondawg

    Y’all….I cut my cable off and didn’t get to see the Gator Bowl (which, right now is a good thing) or any other game during the holidays. I had a biopsy Christmas Eve and have been sick ever since and my truck broke down on me today but this thread has made me laugh my ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Hate Tech so friggin bad I can’t stand it. God does love me after all!!!!!


  15. BosnianDawg

    We need to start a “Keep Coach Paul Johnson” movement. This man has been wonderful for our program.


  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    Its a comment on our season that we take such glee from the turbulence at a mediocre program down the road.

    The loss of TheJohnson to kick around would be minor addition to a very frustrating football season to me.

    Maybe the indoor practice facility is a bad thing. Maybe we need to spend more time in the rain.


  17. Will Trane

    Football programs and universities like people can find comfort in being mediocre. They would rather suffer where they are at rather than face the possibility of a change. Tech and Johnson have been the same for awhile. They had a very good coach in O’Leary. They were not willing to keep. You can build a tricycle or you can build a train of performance.


  18. Will Trane

    What CMR & staff have reviewed from 2013 and past plus planned for in 2014 with current roster & coaches plus the current recruitment pool appears to be the same. Some tweeking here and there. But is that going to be good enough for a SECCG title and a NC. Do they have the assets and management team in place. I ay no.


  19. Will Trane

    The question at Georgia is do we want to be GT? Not far geographically from Atlanta to Athens. But in sports prgrams they are cloase. I’m close to pulling my support for the locah HS program. Why? Several reason, but I am tired of supporting a program where the kids go to Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss or an ACC school.


  20. Will Trane

    CMR was mentored in a consistent, top 5 program at FSU. They were damn good. Mickey Andrews, Bama grad, was a very good DC. Their special teams were very good. Bowden managed a roster every damn year, not every 2 or 3. You can hem and ha about CMR, but want did VD see in him that has changed.


  21. Will Trane

    GT fires a coach and football program that CMR beats annually. UF has fallen into that in 3 years. Auburn not so much. But let those 3 make enough changes [Auburn did, and UF is in progress], then there will be an implosion in the UGA fan base and supporters. Due to weather and other factors saw more bowl games. UGA has a way to go re those BCS teams.


  22. hunkerdowndawg

    “If you want to implode a football program, you’re at Georgia Tech! You can do that!”

    Wait… Tech has a football program?


  23. Carolinadawg

    Nice to have this shitstorm distract Blutarsky and his ass kissing minions from the more important shitstorm in Athens.


  24. I have ignored this creep, but he really needs to go .. What a dismal person. Won’t even give him the DAWG handle. V