The dream is over.

This is cold, brother.

… But the symbolism of Vad Lee taking a hike after one year of taking nearly all of Tech’s hikes cannot be understated. This was a big-time recruit and a big-time talent, and he couldn’t do what Johnson needed him to do. It makes you wonder if, in the era of spread football, what Johnson wants done is still worth doing.

Paul Johnson, when you’ve lost Mark (“Because Paul Johnson can really coach”) Bradley…


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21 responses to “The dream is over.

  1. Spike

    The genius unmasked. Wow. Just, Wow.


  2. Boz

    It’s a sorry state of affairs when the only thing (UGA related) that makes me smile is a problem at GT. It’s such a Tech mentality…


    • Go Dawgs!

      Indeed, that is a sad state of affairs, but I think it says more about you than it does about Georgia’s football program. The Gator Bowl setback aside, there are a lot of reasons to believe the Bulldogs will be good next year.


      • Boz

        Give me a few months to forget and heal… I’m pretty good at that.


      • DawgByte

        “The Gator Bowl setback aside, there are a lot of reasons to believe the Bulldogs will be good next year.”

        Really? Can you enumerate any? What is “good” – exactly? An 8-4 record is “good”, so is 7-5, as it qualifies the team to play in a Bowl game. Yippie, lets all strive to play in Shreveport!!!


  3. I wonder if Vad ends up at Auburn. I bet he would succeed there. That would be the cherry on top of this schadenfreude sundae.


    • Normaltown Mike

      unless he has a pending felony, Auburn isn’t interested.


      • 69Dawg

        Someone in the comments on the AJC suggested he steal something before he leaves to get Auburn to offer him.


        • uglydawg

          When is less more? When you can say “Our quarteback has commited fewer felonies than your quarterback”….Oh, the high ground that will be demonstrated in the MNC game! I really don’t have a clue who to be for or against. Right now, Michigan State looks like #1 to me anyhow.


  4. mg4life0331

    “It opens a scholarship spot for someone who would’ve went to Wofford.”



  5. The funniest part is that Vad Lee was NOT a big time recruit. He was a dime a dozen 3 star ATH. Granted Gurley has shown us that the star rankings can be off but essentially Techies convinced themselves this guy was better than he was. Then he doesn’t live up to their imagined potential and now he’s a bum.


  6. Mark Richt has lost control of Georgia Tech


  7. Too late in the cycle to fire him now though. So we get at least one more year of Super Genius. And then a couple of years of the extremely difficult offensive transition for his successor. Can we go a full decade without a loss to Tech, please?


  8. www

    justin justin thomas, y’all.


  9. uglydawg

    Who’d a thunk it. MB and CPJ getting a divorce. You never know.