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So much for the Tech folks being the smart ones.

It strikes me that an Associate AD getting in a bitch slap fight on Twitter with an ESPN PR Director is a dumb, dumb move on more than one level.

It’s even worse when you get totally destroyed.


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Sure, we have fans like that.

Meet the guy who sits in the row behind you at Sanford Stadium and bitches at Bobo every time a play call doesn’t result in a touchdown.

By the way, thanks for sharing that very newsworthy item, AJ-C.


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Misery loves company.

Am I taking some small, irrational pleasure out of Alabama and Ohio State currently posting longer losing streaks than Georgia?  Hells, yeah.

No apology will be forthcoming, either.


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Texas gets its man?

If this is true, it’s a win-win for both sides.  Strong’s rapid rise of late, after being passed over for the dumbest of reasons for so many years, is one of the coaching profession’s great stories.

And the bonus is that we’ll never see him back in the SEC plaguing Richt’s offenses again.

Now the cherry on top of the sundae would be if Louisville decided to go back to the well one more time.  Hey, he’s tanned, rested and ready, Cards.



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Jimmy Sexton makes bank. For everybody.

They ought to engrave this on Sexton’s tombstone:

“Jimmy’s very good,” said Cincinnati’s Tommy Tuberville, Sexton’s first coach client. “Nick Saban loses to Auburn and he gets him a $2 million a year raise. That’s pretty good.”

The article notes that Sexton’s the first agent to represent both head coaches facing off in a national title game.  The great thing about that is that win, lose, or draw, he’s already negotiated raises for both.

No wonder Tommy West calls him “the master”.


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Dabo jabo

I guess you could say Swinney sees Spurrier’s “state championship” snark and raises him one.

As snappy comebacks go, that ain’t half bad.


UPDATE:  Spurrier being Spurrier.

So who gets the win here?  The OBC for the tally, or Dabo for making Spurrier react in the first place?


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