Dabo jabo

I guess you could say Swinney sees Spurrier’s “state championship” snark and raises him one.

As snappy comebacks go, that ain’t half bad.


UPDATE:  Spurrier being Spurrier.

So who gets the win here?  The OBC for the tally, or Dabo for making Spurrier react in the first place?


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  1. The other Doug

    I guess it’s easier to win a BCS game than South Carolina state championship.

  2. PatinDC

    WTG Dabo. Not many coaches can stick to the OBC that well.


    Well done Dabo….

  4. sUGArdaddy

    I think the whole thing is a little myopic, but shows a little something about that state (which I spent a good deal of time living in). Can you imagine Richt trying to chide Tech after winning a bowl or (especially) trying to troll Tech after losing to them?

    I’m all for a good snark, but I think if I was a Clemson fan I’d be thinking, “How ’bout you beat South Carolina, Dabo.” It would have been like Richt in 2008 after the Capital One Bowl saying, “We’re proud to be the only team in the state of Georgia to win 10 games this season.” I don’t know. All seems childish. But Spurrier’s a child and invites you into his game. Snarks are the way to get him. 8 minute manhood-stealing drives work better.

    • When the OBC gets beat… he usually owns it though.
      “They just kicked our butts!”

      • Ginny

        I still love the “Vince Dooley” comment. College football rivalries at their finest. Love to hate Steve.

      • Yeah, Spurrier is a straight shooter. He always owns it. I wish Richt would own it, to be honest. But to me, Spurrier’s refreshing. I mean, that’s some refreshing stuff right there.

        I met him once, on vacation, and spent a little time with him. That was back in the ’90’s when he was kicking our tails and everybody else in the League. I really like the guy.

        But I LOVE beating him. Because he is one competitive Jose.

  5. Yeah, Dabo, good job. You’re 1-5 vs South Carolina. And lost to ’em by two TDs with your best team ever. But I suppose you gotta hang yer hat on something.

  6. Spike

    I’ve never heard of damning oneself with faint praise. Only in South Carolina.

  7. reipar

    My thought upon hearing him say that last night was he just screamed to the world we can not beat USCe, but since we do not play in as tough of a conference we can play in a BSC game much easier.

  8. Macallanlover

    Can’t blame Dabo for taking that shot since SOS has never missed the opportunity to dis him. Yes, it is childish of both of them. And yes, I am proud our coach doesn’t allow himself to get baited on that level. I thought Ohio would win that one but Clemson’s win pleases me for two reasons: 1) it is always good to see Corch lose….really satisfying and, 2) Clemson assured themselves of a high pre-season ranking for our opener next season which should motivate our guys.

    OT–I am sure that Strong, if he goes to Texas would want his Louisville OC to go with him but if he doesn’t, Bobo would be a helluva pick. I realize it is a lateral but that is a high visibility position, broadens his background, and assures him of having top talent to work with every year. I would consider that before getting buried in a mid-major job for a few years, and they would double his salary for starters. I don’t put a high percentage chance on that happening but a Strong/Bobo team in Austin would be a lot better than anything they have seen in that conference. I expect to see a dramatic change to the Horns’ defensive intensity under Strong.

    • AusDawg85

      Bobo to HC Louisville is more likely than to Texas. Not that I see either happening. Strong needs to bring his own guy or keep Applewhite for recruiting continuity for a season or two.

  9. Bright Idea

    On a side note Sammy Watkins and Braxton Miller would have been “out” the first time they limped off with UGA trainers.

  10. Timphd

    Two good things happened last night. Corch loses and Superior gets snarked. How can any Dawg fan not love that?

  11. NoAxeToGrind

    Who would you rather have coaching your team…. the Old Ball Coach or Dabo?

    • Which of those two beat Georgia this season?

      • sniffer

        I see what you did there. I would only add that I believe SCAR wins because of the OBC, Clemson wins in spite of Dabo.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          You shouldn’t be so sure about that. Tommy Bowden wasn’t doing so hot at Clemson and when he quit mid-season Dabo turned things around immediately.

      • Ima throw the Dabo 3 point win over the Dawgs by Clemson out. Fir now.
        OBC vs Dabo-
        2013/11/30 South Carolina 31 – Clemson 17 W
        2012/11/24 South Carolina 27 – Clemson 17 W
        2011/11/26 South Carolina 34 – Clemson 13 W
        2010/11/27 South Carolina 29 – Clemson 7 W
        2009/11/28 South Carolina 34 – Clemson 17 W
        OBC vs Richt
        2013/09/07 South Carolina 30 – Georgia 41 L
        2012/10/06 South Carolina 35 – Georgia 7 W
        2011/09/10 South Carolina 45 – Georgia 42 W
        2010/09/11 South Carolina 17 – Georgia 6 W
        2009/09/12 South Carolina 37 – Georgia 41 L
        2008/09/13 South Carolina 7 – Georgia 14 L
        2007/09/08 South Carolina 16 – Georgia 12 W
        2006/09/09 South Carolina 0 – Georgia 18 L
        2005/09/10 South Carolina 15 – Georgia 17 L

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          What I am getting from your analysis AHD is that in the last 5 years (once SOS had his team rolling) Dabo is 0-5 and CMR is 2-3 against SOS.

          • The question to Bluto was: which coach should you pick between the two. Dabo-OBC? Bluto, based on 2013 game results seemed to pick Dabo. My point was that based on what I saw Dabo’s one victory was pale in comparison to OBC’s record. That being said. OBC is 73. At some point he will retire. I’m not nearly 73 but resent the emphasis that is placed on older coaches being “stale”. Saban, Carroll, Brown are all 62? Apparently, the tipped pass and muffed fg protection has moved Gus to young superstar coach and the new wave of coaches. Now the best coach in Alabama. CMR was into the no huddle, hurry up O before Gus was a HS coach. They just wouldn’t let him run it. Times change. I think Gus becomes the first superstar HC that costs the SEC its record of consecutive crystal balls.
            NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!😉

      • roterhalsdawg

        Nice enough win for Clemens College although they tried their best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

        Also a lot of criticism, deserved and undeserved, directed at our coaching staff but I don’t think we’d ever see a QB, especially a 5th year senior, regress as much as Boyd has under our coaches.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Boyd had over 500 yards total offense last night against a ranked team.

          • Roterhals

            Sure did….but he’s probably cost himself millions this year. And the 500 came against a secondary even we’d probably snicker at. Okay maybe not.

      • Cock of Gibraltar

        Which team beat the “only 5 yards away” 2012 UGA squad?

        • Thanks for dropping in. First thing you need to learn is that a lot of us have a sense of humor when we post here.

          Congrats on a great season. Seriously.

        • Which team didn’t need to beat USC in order to play in the SEC championship game?

          “the tragic or the humorous is a matter of perspective”

        • Boz

          “Which team beat the “only 5 yards away” 2012 UGA squad?” You know, that’s got a pretty good ring to it. You’ve got plenty if room to hang another stadium flag, so why don’t cha?

        • Scott W.

          You Cocks are a literal bunch for sure.

        • 81Dog

          ooh, ooh, I know! It was the team that finished BEHIND UGA in the East in 2012!!!! Of course, UGA finishing ahead of South Carolina in the East isn’t exactly a unique occurrence, but what the heck.

  12. Macallanlover

    It has become a daily ritual for at least one Cock fan per day (usually more) to get through on national CFB shows and ask, “hey, what about us?” They are a pathetic bunch whining and demanding respect, even though they have been unable to earn it. Invariably the host says something like “sure you guys can beat ——X——“, or “yes, you aren’t mathematically eliminated yet” and you can tell the hosts are rolling their eyes as they wait to get the conversation back to teams who have actually accomplished something.

    Cock fans are a sad little group, even more delusional that the Nerds….two of “The Little Trains that couldn’t”. Has to be tough when the promo ads show your over the hill coach instead of your players. I do respect Connor Shaw though, sorry he ended up with a bunch like that.