Jimmy Sexton makes bank. For everybody.

They ought to engrave this on Sexton’s tombstone:

“Jimmy’s very good,” said Cincinnati’s Tommy Tuberville, Sexton’s first coach client. “Nick Saban loses to Auburn and he gets him a $2 million a year raise. That’s pretty good.”

The article notes that Sexton’s the first agent to represent both head coaches facing off in a national title game.  The great thing about that is that win, lose, or draw, he’s already negotiated raises for both.

No wonder Tommy West calls him “the master”.



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4 responses to “Jimmy Sexton makes bank. For everybody.

  1. Who is Mark Richt’s agent?


  2. Will Trane

    Jimmy Sexton, loves SEC coaches. He pops the corks about this time every year. Actually he is the highest paid coach in the SEC. Big Bankers and Wall Street investment brokers call this guy the real wolf. He devours university treasurers and ADs. By chance is Bobo a client?