“But I’m going ahead and declaring us the national champion of the bowl season.”

Man, Dabo really got to Spurdog this time, didn’t he?


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  1. He comes up with some stupid stuff. Rave on SOS!

  2. Russ

    He’s starting to veer into drunken uncle territory.

  3. Castleberry

    I was purging some old football stuff from my home office during the holidays and stumbled across Athlon’s 1995 SEC preview. Carolina was coming off of their FIRST BOWL WIN. Good lord.

    The other funny thing in the magazine was that the jury was still out on Spurrier at Florida. Some of the fans didn’t like his abrasive personality and didn’t think he’d ever beat those “Bowden boys”.

  4. sniffer

    These recent comments strike me as personal aggrandizement. I dont think he cares one wit about USC, but he does love him some SOS. At UF, his accomplishments elevated his alma mater. At USC, well, he’s banking rounds at Kiowa, Hilton Head and The Cliffs…

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Age is just a number”….how can you hate this guy? He’s making history in Columbia, and we beat him….

  6. 202dawg

    So the Dawgs beating SOS and the Cocks makes them what?

  7. He’s dipping into the “we’re in the SEC” well, despite the fact that Clemson has beaten one of SC’s SEC opponents in each of the last three years (AU 2011, LSU 2012, UGA 2013). If SC wins any of those games, they win the East. Want to go to the BCS, Steve? Do it yourself. Stop blaming your schedule.

  8. Spurrier may be the only 11-2 team to lose to a unranked team that went 5-7 with no bowl too. I doubt he mentions it much though.

  9. D.N. Nation

    Spurrier cracking wise has gotten a little sad. LULZ I TROLL U doesn’t have the same bite when you’re fourth banana.

    South Carolina FINALLY had the golden slate schedule Spurrier had been bitching about for years, and they couldn’t get it done. A fullish-strength Georgia team pounded the piss out of the Cocks in Athens, and as much guff as we gave ourselves for needing OT to beat Tennessee, at least we didn’t lose to them. This was Spurrier’s big year, and they ended up eating at the Outback, with no relevant hardware to speak of.

    • I agree … the Ol’ Ball Coach is reaching for any faux golden ring that he can. Can’t win the SEC East and couldn’t beat the Dawgs this year. Like the Senator (or someone else here in the comments) said a couple of days ago … Spurrier is waitin’ for those Capital One Bowl rings to come in!

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    First, it’s gotta chap his ass, and the Gamecock fan base, that each of those three years he’s beaten a team that surpassed SC at the end of the season. Always close but no cigar. Terrible. Just terrible.

    Second, dontcha think they need rings or a stadium banner to commemorate the occasion?

  11. AusDawg85

    Gamecock Football…a winning tradition of total irrelevance!

  12. Kevin

    We Dogs can knock SOS all we want. However, he coaches his teams up much better than we do and seems to be much more passionate about his teams that our staff.

  13. FisheriesDawg

    Sometimes I think this whole South Carolina coaching stint is Spurrier doing an Andy Kaufman-style bit. He’s making fun of South Carolina football and none of their fans even realize it. They’re celebrating it, in fact.

  14. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Spurrier is what he is…a coach that can crack a funny but that can’t get South Carolina to the SEC Championship or a National Title. Three straight top 10s? At least he’s consistent. If you want consistent and a couple of wise cracks, keep him. However, the loyalty to keep Spurrier is keeping South Carolina from competing for National Championships. The program has plateaued and there is no proof it will take the next step under Spurrier. How can you settle for a coach that can win ‘big’ games against unranked opponents? When you’ve missed the SEC championship 2 of the past 3 seasons because of a loss to an unranked SEC opponent, I’m not sure wins over your OOC rival should really matter. You don’t win national championships by beating Clemson and not winning the SEC.

    They should hire Saban.

  15. Puffdawg

    Who thought Connor Shaw leaving would have a bigger impact than Jadaveon? Gonna be fun to watch the Cocks come back down to Earth this year from… Earth.

  16. Will Trane

    Dab-a-do can run his mouth. Apparently, getting ran over by the West Virginia team 2 season ago is simply just not that far in his rear view mirror. Same for Bob Stoops. They win a game against the Big 10, SEC, and claim themselves world beaters. But you have to admit he beat LSU, UGA, & OSU in less than 13 months. Do you see CMR doing that.

    • Meh….CMR beat uSC and LSU in less than a month.

      • FisheriesDawg

        But he didn’t beat UGA!

        • Macallanlover

          So Will finally wins one? Very cool, wasn’t sure that would ever happen. No wonder Stevie is still full of hope that he might win something again. “Anything is possible” truism proven again.

    • Irwin R. Fletcher

      Just so I’ve got this straight, we’ve moved on from the Richt isn’t Saban argument to the ‘Richt isn’t Dabo or Bob Stoops’ argument?

      Man…what a difference a week makes. Fickle thy name is Disgruntled UGA commenter.

      • D.N. Nation

        Grass is Greener Syndrome. Richt sucks, he’s no coach like Patters…Peters…Mull…Kirb…eh, Dabo! That’s the one.

  17. DawgPhan

    It’s time for several of you to put down the NYE drinks and sober up.

  18. PatinDC

    It was good to beat uSC this year. That was a highlight of the season for sure.

    Now we know that Dabo remark went straight to the heart…

  19. uglydawg

    The same thing that has made SS a legendary football coach has also proven to be his weakness..and that is his overwhelming sense of personal competitiveness.. If you slight him in any way, he wants to dominate and destroy you…he was that way against UGA (payback for his losses to the Dawgs when he played at Fl.)…and now his wrath will turn on Clemson and Da-boi. The age old advice of “never let them see you sweat” has never made a stop between Steve’s ears…slight him…snark him….and the game is on and he’ll not rest until you’re humiliated…There’s plenty of evidence to this fact….Clemson may never, never beat him now. If Butch Jones had snarked about the win…Tennessee would be on Steve’s mind. But now, it’s going to be (mostly) Clemson as the primary focus of his energy. Dabo would have done well to ignore him.

  20. Everybody has their opinion. Mine remains that the 3 best SEC HCs in order are Saban, Spurrier, & Richt.
    Also the SEC did really well as far as wins during the { Bowl Season }.
    Plus Winning 30 games over the last 3 years, while playing in the SEC, is fairly impressive to me,

  21. Nashville West

    I don’t care if he calls himself the Duke of Earl…we still beat his a$$!!!

  22. Testy Dawg

    Just a test.