This is going to end well.

So, as well as not having control over its matchups under the new system, the Chick-fil-A Bowl will have to live with a significantly reduced ticket requirement for the conferences/schools.

They better hope the broadcast ad revenue jumps a bunch to cover the shortfall.  It’s either that, or eat mor chikin, bitchez.


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6 responses to “This is going to end well.

  1. Russ

    Will any of these games sellout anyway? I’m a huge Dawg fan but I’d have a hard time going to Miami one week for a semifinal and then turning around and going to Pasadena for the championship the next week. I guess the tickets will sell to the celebrities like Super Bowl tickets do.


  2. Mr. Tu

    Chik-fil-a bowl attendance has never seemed to me been influenced by ticket allotment requirements. I grew up going to the game every year before the ACC-SEC tie-in at Fulton-County because it was usually a good match up, always a great game and on New Year’s Eve. Provided the teams are decent, I don’t see attendance being an issue


    • DawgPhan

      the problem that the CFA bowl is going to have now is that they dont control the matchup and it could be an Arizona St v Pittsburg game. In the Southeast you will always sell out an LSU/Clemson game, but getting southerns to pay to see 2 teams like that is going to be tough..


      • Bob

        Actually that is only going to happen if Pitt and ASU are ranked in the Top Twelve. One of the few good things in my opinion about this playoff committee is the matching of the 6 primary bowl games by the committee. So the Chick Fil A Peach Bowl should usually get pretty good matchups. If Pitt and ASU happen to be in the Top 12, then probably they will bring more fans than they might in other years.


  3. Bright Idea

    The extra “host games” were not necessary. Just rotate the semifinals and the championship and leave the other bowls out of it in the years they are not part of the rotation. I guess they had to sell their souls to be included in the rotation.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Next they’re going to tell Chick fil A to open on Sundays.