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“Kick in the face”

Those of you who take offense when I have the temerity to suggest that successfully finding a replacement for a departing Mark Richt might not be the walk in the park many believe it will be ought to check this little tidbit out.

My problem isn’t that I disagree with the premise that Charlie Strong is a poor choice as the new head coach for Texas, although I certainly do.  It’s a booster who manages to combine giving over $100 million dollars to the school with the fervent belief that Jon Gruden would have won five titles in 15 years that’s a problem.  Good luck with that, Charlie.

It’s foolish to assume that Georgia would be immune to its own set of pressures in the face of a coaching change, whatever those might be.  Or that there’s strong enough leadership at B-M to withstand them.



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A small consolation

I just noticed it’s the second year in a row for this, so all I can say to Bill Hancock’s bosses is that if you deliberately planned for the college football season to end the night before the next season of Justified starts, I appreciate your timing.  Anything that takes a little sting out of the most depressing day of the year helps.

I might even have to raise a glass of Woodford in your honor tonight.


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Fool me once…

Gee, where have I heard stuff like this before?


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My final 2013-4 SEC Power Poll ballot

It’s been a fun year to watch SEC football, but all good things must come to an end.  Again for context, I’m showing the final per game net yardage numbers in parenthesis.

  1. Auburn (+80.60).  What was that about defense wins championships?  Helluva ride, Tigers.
  3. Missouri (+72.80).  It’s a shame this team will be remembered for getting shredded defensively in the SECCG, because Mizzou turned in a solid 12-win season.
  4. South Carolina (+102.30).  Congratulations on the greatest 11-win season in conference history not involving a SECCG or BCS bowl game, ‘Cocks.
  5. LSU (+112.60).  LSU was better than a three-loss team… or at least should have been better than a three-loss team.
  6. Texas A&M (+62.60).  So how ordinary is this team without Johnny Football?
  7. Vanderbilt (+11.70).  Good coaching plus plenty of cupcakes is how you fashion nine wins out of a team that barely gained more than it gave up over the course of the season.
  8. Georgia (+108.70).  In so many ways, the anti-Vanderbilt.
  9. Mississippi State (+85.10).  If the Bulldogs played in Conference USA, they’d be labelled BCS busters.  Unfortunately, they reside in the SEC West.
  10. Ole Miss (+102.80).  In the end, a team that’s still figuring out how to win consistently.
  11. Tennessee (-65.10).  Boy, this year’s recruiting class better be something special.
  12. Florida (+2.40).  Get ready for a lot of “if Auburn could turn it around” talk in the offseason.
  13. Arkansas (-56.20).  I’ve run out of whatever the opposite of superlatives is to describe this team.
  14. Kentucky (-85.50).  Finished last in the conference the old-fashioned way – they earned it.


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Fabris Invitational Bowl Pool results

Congrats to Evil Mark Richt Turf Monster, who squeaked out a narrow tiebreaker win over two others sporting a 23-12 mark for the bowls.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 Evil Mark Richt Turf Monster Adj 23-12 23   38-32**
1 gt22 Adj 23-12 23   35-42
1 SouthGaDawg10 Adj 23-12 23   45-38

Until next year, folks.


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“He’s never been fired for his coaching.”

So, Bobby Petrino’s daddy says sonny boy would like another chance, Louisville.  The job has always had a special place in his mercenary heart.

“He told me this weekend he would like the opportunity to coach at Louisville again,” Bob Sr. said by telephone on Monday. “He said that he’s been everywhere, the NFL and everywhere else, and he said probably the biggest mistake he’d ever made as a coach was leaving Louisville.”

“Probably”?  Hmm… what else is in the running?


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Mark Richt has lost control of the SEC’s BCS win streak.

And, yes, there is a certain amount of poetic justice in watching the game slip away from Auburn with thirteen seconds to go.


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