Fool me once…

Gee, where have I heard stuff like this before?


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  1. paul

    Yeah, in order to retain my sanity I refuse to read anything about the O-line during the off season. I ain’t believing anything but my eyeballs when I see them play.

  2. Rex

    This is what happens when they sign 3 star linemen.

  3. Joe Schmoe

    The biggest issue I have with all that was said is that Bobo thinks Houston can play tackle. He looked horrible pretty much every time he took snaps at RT. As I said before, the issue with oline is that we keep playing Gs at tackle.

    • Look at the bright side – at least Houston proved that he didn’t gain a competitive advantage from the steroid injection.😉

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Houston is a guard. At that position he would do well. Putting him at tackle is setting him up for failure. We need a dominating left tackle and right now there isn’t one on the team plus I don’t detect any urgency to get this problem fixed.

  4. sniffer

    Bobo says we’re gonna be physical and explosive.

  5. Bob Sackamano

    Hey, did you hear about the sale at Jos A Bank?

  6. Also, I’m sure the guys that cover the program already have the articles written about how the upcoming offseason workouts were the best the team has ever had, with the obligatory Dave Van Halanger quote about how this is going to be a special team.

    And, of course, when all those articles come out, I’ll pour myself a nice tall glass of Kool-Aid and convince myself that this year they really mean it. 🙂

  7. @gatriguy

    Keep recruiting soft, private school guys that don’t play against anyone in high school on the OL and keep getting their ass kicked against real competition. Wash, rinse, repeat. It is what it is and we are what we are.

  8. adam

    This is just totally unacceptable. I have full confidence that the offensive line will continue to be a weakness for this team and we are doing nothing to correct that in the offseason. Inexcusable and stupid.

  9. jeromefromdecatur

    Words, words, words.

    If you have a spare moment, for contrast on these questions of “culture” and “quality control,” read this article on Standford’s Strength and Conditioning program started by Shannon Turley, whom Harbaugh brought in.

    Sorry if this has been posted here before, but it is borderline revelatory on the questions of injuries (see us), motivation, and culture.

    At the end of it, I started imagining a new coach at a major Division One Football Power in the Greatest Conference in the land, announcing he was bringing in his former Video Coordinator to run S & C.

  10. Carolinadawg

    But this is definitely NOT Mark Richt’s fault!

    • @gatriguy

      Of course not, why would he be responsible for hiring coaches that can recruit and develop players at there positions.

      Remember a few years ago the special ESPN did on the nutrition program Jimbo put in place at FSU? Think we’re doing anything that progressive? Always reactionary, never ahead of the curve.

      • DawgPhan

        yeah. i am sure that UGA is progressive in some things. Our video system is world class and started a new video film study gold rush. We have one of the great concussion people in the world on staff. Pretty sure the new S&C guys did the whole nutrition program overhaul.

        But please go on being upset.

        • @gatriguy

          Good call on the video and iPad playbooks, forgot about that, my bad. But I do not believe for a second out S&C and nutrition is on par with Alabama, LSU, Auburn, FSU, etc.

          • DawgPhan

            Lord knows I am no expert on nutrition, but I would imagine we offer a very comparable training table to our players as the rest of the conference does.

            • Russ

              Sigh…’s gonna be a looooooooong off season.

              • Carolinadawg

                That’s what happens when you finish out of the AP top 25 for 3 out of the last 5 years…despite having all the many advantages UGA has. But if you’re ok with that, well then good on you!

  11. Spike

    Blah, blah, blah.. ZZZZZZZZ…

  12. JAX

    All talk and no do. STFU and show me, don’t tell me.

  13. RC

    Until Mark Richt radically changes his entire philosophy of OL play, recruitment, and development, as someone typed above- what you’ve seen is what you’ll continue to get.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      ^^This. The concept that all O-linemen are interchangeable is total BS. That’s like saying a shooting guard and a point guard are the same thing in basketball. They ain’t. How well would Georgia do if UGA played Gurley at QB and Mason at RB? A guard is a guard and a tackle is a tackle.

    • Carolinadawg

      And until UGA “changes” Mark Richt then what you’ve seen is what you’ll continue to get.

  14. Nate Dawg

    ‘Bends his knees well’…is they fo reals?
    (clears throat)..talkie talkie talkie…no more talkie.

  15. I refuse to buy into anything related to the offensive line. Every year we hear the same shit, and every year we see the same inconsistency.

  16. DawgPhan

    Yeah OL happy talk is way down on the list of stuff I have time for.

    I dont think that I have the same idea for great OL play that the staff has.

  17. HVL Dawg

    We sure could be.

  18. semperFiDawg


  19. NoAxeToGrind

    Did anyone expect anything different? This is Richt you got as head coach. Total disinterest in improving his program. With Richt it’s not a job but a sinecure.

  20. Skeptic Dawg

    Now this is the stuff that I get excited about! I get Justified tonight and now you tell me that Bobo sends out sunshine and lollipops regarding next seasons O-line! Talk about a stronger, more aggressive O-line…well, that’s the gift that keeps on giving year round Clark! What’s next?. The secondary really has a grasp of the complete play book?

  21. SAtowndawg

    For the first time in probably ten years I am very pessimistic about where this is headed. We will have a starting QB who for three years complained about playing time but never transferred –not because he is so loyal to the program– but because when it came down to it and feelers were put out, no one but Sun belt and FCS teams wanted him..not sure the kids in the pipeline are the future either..on the O Line, our recruiting strategy seems to be that if the kid comes from a Georgia family and will commit on the spot — we’ll take him — see the 6’5 261 lb freshman referenced in the article…watching Auburn has both depressed me and opened my eyes about what good or great coaching can do for a team…I’m not sure we have it

    • Carolinadawg

      “…watching Auburn has…opened my eyes about what good or great coaching can do for a team…I’m not sure we have it”

      I’m sure we don’t.

      • RocketDawg

        I am sure Greg McGarity is anxiously awaiting your resume, since you clearly know soooo much more about football than our coaches. Whatever gets you through your miserable pathetic existence.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      In CMR’s defense let me respectfully point out that UGA had Auburn beaten so if UGA is so bad and Auburn is so good how did that happen?. If you go down the list position by position Georgia had better players across the board except for the O-line and a few defensive players. Auburn won because of a fluke. That said, if the HC wouldn’t put up with stat-padding then Georgia would have won the game, too. Plus if you look at the 2 coaching staffs Auburn clearly has a better DC. So I guess this is not much of a defense.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Considering Richt and Bobo’s poor record of QB development, I can understand why you be pessimistic about our future at the position.😉

      • SAtownDawg

        You’re right…no wait, you’re NOT
        Exhibit A — Joe T his senior year
        Exhibit B — Joe Cox his senior year
        soon to be exhibit C — Mason…
        Stafford and Murray were slam dunks yet some would claim that Stafford’s never lived up to his potential because of lack of fundamentals i.e.coaching…Disney on Dawg

  22. anon

    Hopefully Homer Smith wrote a book about aggressive line play that richt can read this summer and all problems solved like it was with time management