It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Thank you, blogging gods.  Much appreciated.


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  1. ScoutDawg

    This really surprises me. Seems like an opportunity for a bunch of drama. Just don’t get it. LOVE IT THOUGH!

  2. Senator, were you listening to 680 the Fan from 5:22 until 5:27 today? Chuck Olver gave a plug to your blog and then discussed your post from earlier today.

      • He started out by saying that he goes to this site called “Get the Picture” regularly and said something to the effect that its not just a good Georgia blog but a good source for college football material that he uses for prep,. Then he summarized your post about UGA finishing unranked 3 of the past 5 years and mentioned the poll you put up. Also he went through and summarized the 50 or so comments to the post.

  3. Bulldawg165

    They play Tennessee in Knoxville this year. I bet he gets a warm welcome

  4. Dan

    I think this will actually work out well for Alabama (doesn’t everything they do end up working out?). Saban doesn’t let his assistants talk to the media so all he’ll have to do is coach the offense and recruit, which he could always do.

    I don’t think we’ll hear too much about this, actually, until Louisville hires Kiffin in three years when Petrino loses his re-found ability to keep his hands to his own self.

  5. Noonan

    I am waiting for LSU Freek to get all over this.

  6. Bulldawg165

    Well, I suppose he was the last person to lead tennessee to a winning season…

  7. TennesseeDawg

    Just wait until Kiffie says something stupid and Saban has to answer a reporter’s question about it


    So Saban DID want a knew challenge.

  9. south fl dawg

    What’s the longest this guy has lasted anywhere? He won’t last in this job either.

  10. Dawgmeat

    Saban, Smart, and Junior???????????

  11. heyberto

    The ‘Kiffin Watch’ segment is back!

  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    That is just too funny. Good time to bring back this guy:

  13. As a ‘Bama fan, I’m speechless.

    • Debby Balcer

      Denny i am flabbergasted!! I wondered what you thought.

    • AusDawg85

      So was Laya. Think Kiffy will rock the all white sideline look?

      Sources say the interview with Nick went something like this:

      So Nick, I’ve got these photos of you…

  14. Bob

    In 2008 Auburn panicked when Nick started building Bama back. In 2014 it appears that Bama is the one panicking with the arrival of Gus on the scene.

  15. Thatguy

    I’ve actually gotten a look at the contract. The Kiffer is getting paid entirely in Applebee’s riblets and black-market FourLOKO, as they are the only currencies he accepts. In other news, my head is asplode with all the ways this will blow up in Saban’s face.

    Anyone want to lay an over/under on number of days until the Kiffer tries to play catch with a star recruit using one of the crystal footballs?

  16. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I sort of understand the departure of Nussmeier. Bama’s offense wasn’t great on 3rd down, and they had more 3 and outs than I would have thought possible for that much talent. They only had 21 points total in the second half of the Auburn and Oklahoma games, none on drives. All 3 TDs were long-range strikes by Cooper and Henry. In other words, by the end of the year, when it meant the most, the offense could not sustain drives to win games.

    But Junior? He seems about as anti-Saban as it gets. I still remember him trying to explain his late-game play-calling against Alabamain 2009 by claiming that he was afraid an official would be looking for a chance to throw a holding penalty flag – as if that opportunity was not equally present on a running play. The assertion was just plain dumb – and it had the added “benefit” of questioning the credibility of the game officials and the SEC itself. It’s one thing to do that when a guy has a history of demonstrably bad calls against a team (hello, Penn). It’s something else entirely when you’re just trying to deflect attention away from yourself.

    On the other hand, he let Alabama off the hook in 2009, and he helped Alabama get into another championship game by upsetting Oregon in 2011. Maybe Nick feels he owes the guy.

  17. 69Dawg

    All my Bama Fans are beside themselves. I think it’s not a bad hire. He is a good offense mind (he certainly beat the hell out of us the one chance he had) and he can recruit. Saban is probably one of the few coaches that would give him a job because of his loose cannon behavior. At least the Old Ball Sack will have Lame to kick around again and yes it is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

  18. Bama is going to have a great horizontal passing game !!

  19. So do you think Kirby will bring Lane with him when he comes to Athens?

  20. Rebar

    Seems like oil & water to me; 69dawg is right about Kiffen being a loose canon. Saban’s year is going to be interesting.

  21. Spence

    Hey someone help me out. I’ve read on these intertubes that Kiffin didn’t even call plays for USC in 2005, Sarkisian did. I’ve read they were co-offensive coordinators, and Kiff wasn’t even the coordinator. Can anyone confirm this (link would be welcome)?


    • The Lone Stranger

      Mayhaps Saban will pull ALL the strings now — from runnin’ the D to calling the ball-plays. Could be it’s a play for the female demographic, bringing along Miss Kiffykins.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Oh….they are losing McCarron’s girl friend…now I understand Layla will be strategically placed in the stands so Brent will have something interesting to talk about. (Although Layla is not in the same league.)

  22. Dawgfan Will

    The blogging gods give, even as the football gods taketh away.

  23. Scorpio Jones, III

    You little people…you just don’t understand the process.

  24. Boy are we going to have some fun with this,

  25. Hogbody Spradlin

    I kinda thought Norm Chow was the real mind behind USC’s offense.

  26. tess

    Looking forward to hearing “Even Nick Saban isn’t Nick Saban anymore.”

    You know this wisdom is coming soon to a conversation near you.