Quite an offseason we’re having.

Holy.  Shit.

What was that some of you were saying about nobody wanting Richt’s staff?

Also, if I remember correctly, Grantham has to give McGarity notice if he wants to talk with somebody else, so I presume we’re past that step.


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    Good call Senator.

  2. Mike

    I am quite disappointed to hear this.

  3. adam

    What a huge fucking shock. Wow.

    We should throw the bank at Pat Narduzzi, Kirby Smart, or Derek Mason.

    • Will (the other one)

      I’d be beyond shocked if the first 2 happen, even if hell freezes over and GMG let’s Richt tempt them with 1 million+ salaries.
      If we wanted to follow the FSU playbook, and gamble a bit, we offer the DC job to Tavaris Robinson (DBs coach for UF). Similar background to Pruitt. He’d also know a few DB coaches to take over for Lakatos.

    • The Lone Stranger

      When is the last splashy hire Dawg football (or frankly name the sport) made? Ain’t going to happen; but then maybe it is time to enjoy playing it close to the vest and praying for all the little “football particulars” to line up just so for that magical season.

      I am hardly surprised CTG hit the road given what I always read as his basically mercenary nature. But, as ever and at the hand of that buzzard Petrino, it comes at a perfectly awful moment, a month out from signing day.

      • Bulldawg165

        I wouldn’t care if it happened the day before NSD. Grantham has proven that he can’t do squat with talent anyway

      • Normaltown Mike

        Kevin Ramsey was our last “big splash” coordinator.

        • Brandon

          Gary Gibbs was a pretty big deal to me, by the way is he still alive, coaching, and non-senile? Gibbs was a hell of a lot better than anyone else we have had since Erk except VanGorder.

      • McTyre

        Don’t need flashy – just someone who’s a proven DC at BCS program. Last two DC hires – two guys with no real DC experience – failed. Any Ellis Johnson types looking for job in with a program with Top 10 intangibles – recruiting base, resources, history – and wads of returning talent.

        • Lamontsanford

          No way…up and comer’s salary is paid 1.5 times with the money we save on Grantham leaving. Plus, they’ll want to make it–not wait for a Head Coaching gig like every name that’s being tossed around. Need a 2004 or 2005 Bobo as DC.

        • The Lone Stranger

          You’ve proven my point. I would like to believe the Dawgdom of high-minded decision makers will get on it this time round and splash out true scratch for a proven commodity. I figure it will have to be between Grantham’s $750 K and a cool Mil. I might kidnap Johnson myself if I thought it may help.

    • SouthGaDawg

      McGarity won’t throw anything at anybody unless it’s a party. He’s rejoycing so he can save some $. He will want us to hire some position coach who will take less $. I guarantee Grantham gave him the opportunity to match L’ville

    • Brandon

      Kirby can’t be happy about Kiffykins coming to T-Town, not that I want Kirby (just because I’m not sure how much he has to do with Alabama’s defensive performance) but I bet you we can get him NOW.

      • Exactly! With Saban that’s too many high-powered egos on one team…don’t know Kirby’s wife but that aspect of the Alabama family will heat up also. Bobo should use the friendship card and bring Kirby home.

  4. Irishdawg

    Louisville? Really? Petrino’s inevitable next psycho drama is not worth the extra scratch.

  5. Skeptic Dawg

    This is shaping up to be a crazy offseason indeed! Can’t wait to watch the interview/hiring process unfold.

  6. Bulldawg165

    Grantham isn’t the coordinator from our staff that I would have expected to land a higher paid gig, that’s for sure.

  7. Will (the other one)

    Can we force Petrino to take Will Friend as part of the deal?

  8. Wonder if Lakatos knew this was coming.

    • Tim

      That was my first thought.

      My next one was if they (Lakatos & TG) sensed something seriously lacking in our upcoming defensive talent and decided to get out of Dodge quick.

      • Russ

        My thought was that Richt laid out all the areas where each needed to improve and that suddenly made other jobs much more interesting.

        • No One Knows You're a Dawg

          I think this was purely a bidness decision by Grantham. Between Richt and Petrino, I’d certainly rather work for Richt.

      • Brandon

        Well now we have hope that said talent may actually get better once they arrive, I’ll take that any day over what we’ve had.

        • McTyre

          Exactly. I’d gladly suffer loss of some 2014 defensive commits in exchange for coaching the talent we already have – which is considerable. An Ellis Johnson type would pay immediate dividends in defensive productivity.

          • I just hope there’s an Ellis Johnson out there, and that he’ll come to Georgia. I wish I felt good about that prospect. If there is one, he’s worth any amount of $$$ we would have to pay him.

            And I would have said that last year, before his fantastic job with Auburn’s D this year.

            • Brandon

              I’d rather take a 50/50 chance at getting a good DC over knowing you were stuck with a bad one for another year any day.

    • Maybe we see Lakatos at Louisville as Grantham’s first hire?

  9. TennesseeDawg

    It’s official. Louisville is run by complete idiots

  10. Matt

    2 openings on the staff? I’m holding out hope we restructure to hire a DC and a SPC teams coord.

  11. IAmAGurleyMan

    Thank God! Louisville is the greater fool! Richt just got handed a golden opportunity.

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Well, fuck me…Todd Grantham….gone but not forgotten….I guess everybody who wanted this to happen is happy. I don’t know how I feel about it, cause I did not know exactly how I felt about Grantham.

    I know we got a boat-load of talent coming back on that side of the ball…looks like a golden opportunity for some bright young mind.

    • mg4life0331

      I didn’t know either man. I was hoping this year would define that for me.

    • Puffdawg

      You nailed it for me Scorp.

      • Debby Balcer

        I wanted him to succeed here I hope we get someone who can develop the talent. I am sad for the kids he recruited. I know they liked playing for him.

    • sniffer

      After watching Ellis Johnson completely turn around the Auburn defense, in one year, I’m encouraged by thinking it can happen at UGA.

      The way I see it, no one should be off the table. Talk to everyone. The Georgia job is different now than four years ago when Grantham came in. We’re four years closer to the Head Coach position being open. Just sayin

      • Bright Idea

        John Skladany from North Texas. He’s 64 but fundamentals must be stressed over scheme. He stoned UGA in the Liberty Bowl at UCF.

      • Ellis Johnson “Completely Turned Around AU’s defense”?

        2012 Def PPG – 28.3
        2013 – 24.7

        2012 Def Rush Yards – 2371
        2013 – 2282

        2012 Def Pass Yards – 2675
        2013 – 3608

        2012 Def Yards-Per Play – 5.99
        2013 5.96

        Yeah, that’s not a complete turnaround. What DID improve dramatically was their turnover ratio…last year, they were -12. This year, dead even. But it was basically a 50/50 improvement between offense AND defense. Defense picked up 6 more turnovers. Offense gave 6 less away.

    • Brandon

      The fact that he is willingly going to join forces with Bobby Petrino should speak volumes.

  13. Patindc

    I don’t even know what think about this move. Do you think he is hoping to be bumped to HC when Petrino leaves in two years?

  14. mg4life0331

    I kinda wished he woulda played out his last year…

  15. I am so happy he is gone. A late Christmas gift. Time for a celebration.

    • Brandon

      This is the most excited I have been about Georgia football since after the Sugar Bowl beat down of Hawaii.

  16. DawgBiscuit

    I can’t blame Grantham one bit. If the defense were to be lackluster again in 2014 (and it would have been), I don’t think UGA would have renewed his contract after the season, so he beat us to the punch and bolted for guaranteed money, and a raise to boot. Easy decision for him.

    Also, boy Louisville is really throwing the cash around these days huh? They’re spending over 5 million/year just on the head coach and coordinators (Petrino at 3.5m, Grantham at 1m, and McGee at 650k)!

  17. Careful Brad

    What about the towel holder?

  18. Scorpio Jones, III

    We fans just don’t get it…many coaches have little or no interest in the part of the game that moves us…its a job, stupid…just a job…you offer me a third more money and I am gone…just like in the binness world.

    We fooled ourselves for so long…it ain’t rah, rah or who you got coming back, or winning the national championship…for most of them it is just a job.

    Momma can call but they won’t answer the phone unless the call is free.

    • The other Doug

      Than why are Richt and Bobo still in Athens? You know Richt could have bolted for more money, and Bobo is finally putting his name out there just to get a raise.

  19. joe

    If you aren’t excited about this, you are crazy. Grantham was the best richt could do last time due to the hot seat thing.

    Grantham clearly was terrible at dc and recruiting, as we do not currently have a 1st round pick on defense on our roster. For a program that has churned out defenders better than anyone outside of Miami for the last 20 years, our talent deficit is unacceptable.

    He Did Not Recruit Any Of The 8 Defenders Drafted Off Of last years team but coached them into mediocrity. This year was an abomination, and we simply never got better. Manger and Cory Moore are not sec talents, but we have them on the field instead of chaz elder and von bell.

    I am pumped to see what we do. I would not be upset if olivadotti gets the job.

  20. Where were you on this day of days?

  21. Puffdawg

    Some of the commenters’ heads here at GTP just exploded. Nobody ever wants anybody from Richt’s staff. Except Todd Grantham, who Richt didn’t have the balls enough to fire. Wait, what? Twilight zone haha.

    • Brandon

      I imagine the list of guys who wanted to sign up for the Petrino express a man known to have no loyalty whatsoever was not real long, I have been hearing for the last several years that CTG was a real dick that nobody got along with, birds of a feather, I doubt it will be a happy marriage.

  22. Puffdawg

    Also, I guess this perpetuates the theory that McGarity won’t compete financially for assistants. Or does it? My head is spinning!!!

  23. Biggus Rickus

    They probably won’t do any worse than Grantham with a new hire, and now they have chance to do considerably better. The timing could be better though.

  24. sUGArdaddy

    This is outstanding news for the bulldog nation. It’s clear this was an encouraged move. Call Kirby right now. Hard to say ‘no’ twice.

  25. Bright Idea

    This recruiting class was not lighting my fire but I doubt UGA loses any commits at this point but likely won’t close the deal on the last 2 big ones. Got to hire somebody who will develop players by letting them play at least a little bit, even in a tight game.

  26. Rex

    I wonder what Gene Chizic is doing?

  27. We don’t know, but I hope this is not a reactionary situation for Richt. That he’s been looking for a DC, or has otherwise been prepared for this situation. Hard to imagine not having a short list for some time, given the situation at Georgia, but somehow I doubt we were prepared.

    The main thing is to get somebody good, whether he has DC experience or not. The timing isn’t the greatest, and Richt can not afford a miss here. He needs a solid defense in the worst possible way.

    Certainly it’s a good move for Grantham. His system was dead-in-the-water at Georgia, a gas-guzzler going against the grain in a gas-shortage cycle.

    And to me it’s also clear this is good for Georgia, regardless of the timing, provided whoever takes over solidifies the defense.

    • Tlkdawg

      I would guess Richt was caught completely unaware and completely unprepared.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        If you’re right then CMR is asleep at the wheel – again. CTG was ready to leave last year at signing day. Add to that this year’s D struggles. Any competent HC interested in keeping his job should be prepared for this situation by keeping a list of preferred candidates.

      • Dawgfan Will

        After the season our defense had, I imagine you couldn’t be more wrong. Timr will tell.🙂

  28. John

    GUYS, what is Willie up to these days.

    • Jerry

      He had more wins then Gratham did over the same time frame. Bet he and Tennessee will win a SEC championship title before Georgia

  29. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is the best thing that could have happened.

  30. So do we stick with the 4-3? How much was the base scheme responsible for the overall problems with complexity?

    My wish: a coach focused 80% on fundamentally sound tackling, eliminating penalities and stupid mistakes. 20% on recruiting.

    And for a darkhorse: Mike Muschamp. Chad Morris and Malzhan have proven a coach that fits my profile exists in HS and can excel in college. These players need to be treated like HS players anyway, the mentally/attitudinally prepared among them has to be les than 1 in 10.

  31. Normaltown Mike

    I say we go for Saban!

  32. ‘Bama insiders are saying a run will be made at Smart with possibly a C-I-W designation.

    You don’t have to be an Orangeblood to know that makes sense.

  33. db

    If Coach Richt thinks “continuity is good for UGA” then does this mean he will be looking for a 3-4 coach? If so who are the best 3-4 coaches that are realistic possibilities?

  34. 3rdandGrantham

    Damn. Looks like I’ll need a new handle.

  35. Rebar

    Damn, just damn; what will this do to recruiting? And what does this say about Coach Richt stating publicly that we didn’t think any coaches were leaving, that Georgia prefers continuity? Since Coach Richt made that statement, Lakatos resigned and now Grantham is gone. Not saying we can’t make good hires, but what does this say about other coaches and their opinion of Coach Richt?

  36. Will Trane

    Not good. UGA fans just think coaches are waiting in line to come to Athens. Smart, Diaz, and etc. DC and DB coach in less than a week. You might as well throw in the LB coach. Bowl prep was a minor coaching assignment compared to this! Last time it took a while and a few “no”. Not good for recruits!!!

  37. edawg

    Looks like all the Richt apologists just found their main excuse for next year.

    “We have a new defensive staff and system. It takes time to adjust.”

  38. Will Trane

    Would suggest to the AD and Athletic Board be prepared to write some salary checks in the future. Most subpar program in the country lately.Louisville has a big name basektball coach and program, their football program is willing keep it up in the ACC, and their baseball programs is very good too.

  39. Castleberry

    What’s the Zooker up to? DC and special teams?

  40. Dawgaholic

    Should be noted that this will be the first major football decision post-Adams. Interesting to see if it appears to be handled differently.

  41. Hogbody Spradlin


    Nick Saban is Alabama’s defensive coordinator. Smart is a place holder.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Clipboard holder & placemat.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Kirby calls the D, brother. Bobby was once day’s OC, richt was once ours. Young coaches learn from masters. Kirby’s a top notch recruiter and a great coach. He’d be a grand slam hire, and it would hurt the team we seem to be going head to head with most on the recruiting trail.

    • Patrick

      One could say exact same thing about Narduzzi holding Dantonio’s clipboard, but they don’t.
      That only sticks to Kirby for some reason. Has to bug him.
      For some reason, people act that apprenticeship under Saban is a bad thing.

      • This perception that Saban is responsible for the Bama D is an anchor for Kirby. At many other schools he would have an opportunity to prove that he is a strong DC. At no school is this more true than Georgia.

    • billh1

      I agree. Smart didn’t look too smart against up tempo offenses this year or last. Actually, his expression on the sidelines was like a deer in headlights. He is a pretty good recruiter though but I really don’t want him as a DC.

  42. edawg

    It’s nice to have proof that the previous decision to keep Grantham was based on dollars.

  43. RocketDawg

    I am sure that all of you internet Defensive coordinators on here have already sent your resume to the Athletic Department. The position is publicly posted……come one what are you waiting for?

  44. Tyler

    We should poach Ellis Johnson. We can pay more than the Barn, yes?

  45. Grantham is in a dream job now. Making big bucks coaching defense for a boss who has never had a defense worth a crap so the bar will be extremely low. And it’s the ACC so there won’t be as many tough opponents that can outscore a decent Petrino offense.

  46. Russ

    Well hopefully this will cut down on the arm flapping before the snap. If we can get lined up before the snap, play aggressive and line our corners closer than 10 yards off the ball, I’ll be happy.

    NTexas coach, Randy Shannon, Mich St coach, maybe Diaz would be worth considering. Need someone from college ranks though. No point trying to teach a pro defense to kids that only have 20 hrs a week for learning it.

    • Diaz…? are you joking. he was terrible at Texas. He might be the only DC in NCAA actually worse than Grantham.

    • Lol. That arm flapping horse shit was driving me mad. Tough to think your defense is competent when half the squad is looking at the sidelines waving their arms around like lunatics when the ball is snapped.

  47. Awree79

    Talk about coming out of nowhere. Didn’t Grantham just say he was hoping to have a replacement for Lakatos within a week.

  48. Always Someone Else's Fault

    (wish I had a sarcasm font) Greg Schiano and Butch Davis are available.

    Hard to see McGarity having any interest in shopping the current job market. He’d be forced to pay top dollar for a questionable retread, and while it’s suddenly the fashionable thing to do, I wouldn’t blame him for declining. Internal promotion in 5, 4, 3, 2….

  49. Macallanlover

    Orgeron is rested…..and pissed.

  50. Reservoir Dawg

    Jim Leavitt. He’s used to working with next to nothing.

  51. AusDawg85

    The Senator is laying low on this since it’s breaking news, but I’d like to point out to the negative hammers that you are now on the clock. If UGA does not hire a DC that wins us the SEC and puts us into the playoffs with a D that yields less than 29 ppg, then there is the proof that firing Richt would not likely lead to a great outcome either.

    Or maybe you’ll just go back to blaming Bobo?

  52. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s been a tough year defensively. The replacement would have to be pretty poor to do worse than we did this year. I hope CMR’s done his homework and selects a good replacement.

  53. Don’t even think about Manny Diaz as a potential candidate. Just a reminder: he got fired mid-season after giving up 550 yards rushing to BYU, In 2012, the Longhorns gave up 30 points per game, allowing opponents to run for 4.62 yards per carry and score on 91.4 percent of red zone attempts.

  54. HVL Dawg

    Isn’t Manny Diaz a tennis coach.

  55. Scorpio Jones, III

    We will never know the full story here, that’s just the way Mark Richt rolls.

    But, despite my comment about all this being just about a raise, if Mark Richt was completely convinced he should go all out to keep Grantham, do you not really think this could happen?

    What I suspect is that Grantham got an offer, Georgia elected not to match or raise.

    I was on the fence about Grantham. Now I am not.

    I’d say the timing does not matter as much as the fact that it is a buyer’s market for experienced defensive coaches…

    As da Boss says, could be an interesting off-season, after all.

  56. TennesseeDawg

    Smart is hired. He has also brought in Kentucky DB coach Derrick Ansley as the new secondary coach

  57. Erskine

    What’s done is done let’s move on. P Narduzzi not likely to make lateral move. Most of the names mentioned would be equal to the same gamble as keeping TG another year. Minus the learning curve. My list
    1) Bud Foster,
    If not
    2) More money & Bud Foster
    If not
    3) still more money & Bud Foster

    • DawgPhan

      Would love to go get Bud Foster.

      I also like having 2 open spots and a big pile of money. The options are endless..

  58. Nashville West

    What about Clancy Pendergast from USC? Last I heard they weren’t going to keep him. When he was at Cal he managed to stop Oregon with a bunch of JC transfers and 3 stars. By the end of the season he had a patchwork defense at SC stopping some decent teams.

  59. A10Penny

    This made my day. We may not get a better DC but it sure is worth a try. Good coaches usually dont take 5 years to make a difference.

  60. Carolinadawg

    Lakatos and Grantham leaving reminds of the old joke about a bus load of lawyers going off a cliff and all are killed…it’s a good start!

  61. Midtown Dawg

    This is one case where losing someone presents a golden opportunity. GATA, McGarrity.